Pop rocks

You may dismiss them as disposable pop musicians, but after skimming through Backstreet Boys: The Official Book ($14.95) and Christina Aguilera: Come on Over: The Unofficial Fan Guide ($9.95), I’m convinced these really are interesting people. The photo-to-text ratio is high for both books, but that’s good, because those Backstreet Boys are some pretty well-rounded cats. Who else gets their picture taken with Henry Winkler, James Hetfield of Metallica, Elton John, the Williams sisters, George Lucas, Hulk Hogan and the Spice Girls? And that Christina Aguilera, let me tell you a little something about her: She likes to wear her nails long, doesn’t like to be called “Chrissy,” loves Limp Bizkit and has performed in Transylvania. Her summer tour is sponsored by Sears and Levi’s, and her favorite brand of makeup is MAC.

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