For years now the 313 e-mail list has been the only online source for intelligent discussions on the deeper side of Detroit techno, as well as such topics as the finer points of Derrick May's discography, the ever-popular "who is Drexciya-Maurizio," "Jeff Mills is-isn't God posts" and current topics such as UR vs. Sony (Sony Germany did an unlicensed cover of Rolando's jam "Knights of the Jaguar" and UR is fighting back). It's the real thing, often with actual artists talking about the music and culture of Detroit electronic music and its progeny (along with the occasional rave brat talking about IHOP). The list is for the heads. If you're interested in checking it out (and it is worth a visit) more information can be found on Hyperreal's Web site.

In celebration of the holidays and its opening, new club Detroit Science (at I-96 and Inkster in Redford) is throwing a 313 list party this Saturday, Dec. 18, featuring list members from around the nation and across the sea, including Matt MacQueen (Chicago), Sutkeh (San Francisco) and Otto Koppius (the Netherlands). It should be a night of deep music with the people who actually get it and a great sound system. More info at 313-438-4146. Another list party going on over the holidays is Sunday, Dec. 19 at "Current," this time with a Dutch theme. The 313 list party will feature TV-99 AD (Hans Veneman), Delsin and Otto, as well as "Current" resident Carlos Souffront. Be sure to check out Rob Hood, father of the Minimal Nation, on Dec. 26. "Current" happens every Sunday at IO Coffeehouse (1529 Broadway, Detroit). Call 313-963-9151 or visit the Current-Detroit Web site for more information.


You hear it everywhere you go — in DJ sets by the likes of Richie Hawtin, Dan Bell and Derek Plaslaiko, in mix show play on 89X and WJLB, even at Russell St Deli. It's selling like hotcakes at such local stores as Record Time (Roseville, Ferndale) and Tron (Ferndale). The international buzz has already begun, with DJs such as Laurent Garnier and DJ Hell playing it to huge crowds every weekend. The "it" track to which I'm referring, "Sandwiches," is a bona fide hit, taking its creators, Detroit Grand Pu Bahs to international recognition — and the world is hungry for new Detroit talent.

Just who are the Detroit Grand Pu Bahs? It would take about four months of columns to explain the whole lineage and mythology here, but you probably know them best as Andy Toth and Paris the Black Fu. Remember those Heckle & Jeckle tag-team sets back in the day? Remember the guy in the green dress? That was a different guy. You can catch Paris on Friday nights at Motor and this Friday at the Hunter House (next to Intermezzo in Harmonie Park), for Intuit Solar's Hanukka (sic) Party, along with Clark Warner, Carlos Souffront , Derek Plaslaiko and Rob Theakston. Bring a toy and get in free — doors open at midnight. Call 248-975-8773 or visit the Intuit-Solar Web site for info.


Having co-founded Le Car, Ian R. Clarke has been crucial in the development of the new wave and electro-influenced sound which Detroit is well known for around the globe. After four EPs, Le Car was junked and out of the ashes came Adam Miller and Nicola Kuperus' ADULT. and Clarke's Perspects. With tracks already released on Ersatz Audio and Sabotage, and other remixes forthcoming on Plug Research, Perspects finally sees its first full-length release this month. Released through Kuperus' Ersatz Audio, the "Desire & Efficiency" EP finds Ian on his quest for the perfect synth-pop tune. In the grooves he combines new wave, electro and IDM influences to conjure such gems as "Aggressive Trading" and "Cruel Shoes," as if Gary Numan met an all-analog Big Loada. You can check it out online at the Cognition Web site.

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