New Robocop trailer available to view now

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The trailer for the Robocop remake, due for theatrical release in 2014, is available to view now. See it


First impressions? There are a few good shots of Detroit in the trailer. We know that the film was partially shot here (as well as all over Ontario), so we can expect to see more ‘real Detroit’ within Robocop’s ‘movie Detroit’ than we did in the 1987 original.

Despite the whining of a few purists, the suit looks great, both in silver and black, and the trailer hints at great performances from Samuel L. Jackson (as media mogul Pat Novak), Michael Keaton (as the villainous Raymond Sellars), Gary Oldman (as Dr. Dennett Norton), Jackie Earle Haley (as Maddox), and Joel Kinnaman (as Alex Murphy/Robocop).

For the comic book geeks, that means Nick Fury, Batman, Commissioner Gordon and Rorschach in the same movie.

The trailer features a brief glimpse at fan-fave Ed 209, while Michael Keaton (a former Batman) utters the line “let’s go with black,” – pretty much the same line that Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne said to Morgan Freeman in Batman Begins when talking about the Batmobile. Coincidence? Probably.

Some people are already angry that Murphy knows that he is human from the start, as well as with the new suit, but the overriding reaction seems to be positive. What do you think?

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