May 1-7, 2002

May 1, 2002 at 12:00 am
1 WED • MUSIC Broadzilla Now that drummer Angie Zilla is fully recovered from her bout with breast cancer, the feisty Zilla girls are back in full force with their patented brand of tits-in-your-face and foot-up-your-ass attitude. If the band’s Hamtramck Blowout performance is any indication, Angie's brush with mortality has breathed new life into the group, and it’s playing tighter, louder, faster and with more heart than ever before. Broadzilla will rock the Shelter (431 E. Congress, Detroit, below St. Andrew’s Hall. Call 313-961-MELT) in support of Undead.

2 THU • MUSIC For Stars Captaining For Stars’ sublime heartache is Carlos Forster, who just might be heir to San Francisco’s legacy of downtrodden pop troubadours such as Mark Eitzel and Red House Painters’ Mark Kozelek. And even though songs as tender and intelligent as Forster’s don’t roar around the world, have faith that the slow acknowledgement of For Stars’ beatific strains has spread across the consciousness of America like the slow fog off the bay. At times deliriously sentimental, if Forster can’t make you feel something, then you should check your pulse. For Stars is scheduled to open for Cranes at the Magic Stick (4120 Woodward, Detroit). Call 313-833-9700 for more information.

3 FRI • MUSIC Dave Douglas Trumpeter Dave Douglas works so many projects with so many different lineups that he must consult a spread sheet to figure who’s on what gig. For this one, it’s his new quintet, featuring nimble improvisers Uri Caine (piano), Chris Potter (sax), James Genus (bass) and Clarence Penn (drums). If you wonder why Douglas has been topping Down Beat critics and readers polls the last couple years, go hear the answer. At Kerrytown Concert House, 415 N. Fourth Ave., Ann Arbor. Reservations at 734-769-2999.

3 FRI • MUSIC Lincoln Street Jazz It’s a long-awaited reunion to say the least. The notable Lincoln Street Jazz ensemble became known around town in the ’80s for inspired performances. The outfit will reunite at the Detroit Art Space (101 E. Baltimore, Detroit. Call 313-598-4695) for a two-night stand (Friday, May 3 and Saturday, May 4) to rekindle old flames.

4 SAT • MUSIC Paul Westerberg When Paul Westerberg released the sloppily rollicking 5-song GrandpaBoy (cq) a short while back the name might have been all too telling. While fronting the Replacements, Westerberg’s boyish pop brilliance earned him a place in the American pop canon as well as legions of devotees that have made his career about as secure as that of a Supreme Court justice. But it doesn’t take much more than seeing Paul McCartney bust into song with football commentators to realize that age is no friend of the rock star’s cool factor. Is Westerberg on the slide? Has it been downhill since "Dyslexic Heart?" Say it ain’t so. Even though his signing with teen-emo label Vagrant Records and appearance at the Ann Arbor Borders (not exactly the hottest of rock venues as of press time) doesn’t help his case, its more than likely that GrandpaBoy has a trick or two left of his sleeve. The show is free. Borders is at 612 E. Liberty, Ann Arbor. Call 734-677-6948.

5 SUN • FUN FOR ALL Giants, Gryphons and other Monsters For the armchair paleontologist it’s a dream come true. The University of Michigan Exhibit Museum of Natural History offers an afternoon of exploration through the boneyards to unravel myths that predate paleontology. Geared toward children 8–10 years old, the capable staff of the museum will take examine bones and fossils as the source of colorful mythological creatures. Did the mastodon skull bring about the myth of the Cyclops? Did the myth of the winged gryphon arise from an ankylosaurus skeleton? After some scientific sleuthing participants will build their own creatures. The event will take place 12:30-2:30 p.m. and is just one of the many enlightening activities at the U of M Exhibit Museum of Natural History (1109 Geddes, Ann Arbor. Call 734-764-0478.) The more star savvy should look into the presentation on navigating the stars with Lewis and Clark the next day in the planetarium which promises to be as magical as it will be informative.

6 MON • MUSIC Mediæval Bæbes ingenious: adj. 1.) showing or calling for intelligence, aptitude, or discernment. 2.) Assembling a group of nine women, some of whom who have had former careers on slightly more unsavory stages, (think lots of mirrors and a pole and you’ll be in the ballpark) in a neo-Gothic a cappella group. Drape them all in various states of diaphanous dress and undress and have them lick their lips all naughty-like every few minutes while traversing back and forth and singing through a grab bag of Olde English and Latin ditties which sound kind of like Enya. Sure, its more than a little short on artistic credibility, but honestly, who the hell cares? Mediæval Bæbes will perform at the Magic Bag, 22920 Woodward, Ferndale. Call 248-544-3030 for more information.