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The Lazy Crazies - Photo / Trent Reeve
Photo / Trent Reeve
The Lazy Crazies
These three cool cats who met in the summer of 1997 stay true to a slick, traditional rockabilly sound that fares well with strict swing dancers and head-bobbing hipsters alike. The 1950s rock roots formula is the inspiration behind the Lazy Crazies, apparent by their echoey surf/rock/swing sound to their shiny pompadours to their nostalgic names -- Brian Holly on stand up drums, Daddy 'O Rocker Cash on lead guitar and Elvis Ash on upright fiddle bass. All contribute vocals to songs with titles such as "Rockabilly is Here to Stay" and "Cruisin." Although the Lazy Crazies have only been together for a few years, they're not just trend seekers, hopping on the crazy cat bandwagon. They've been part of the scene for years in Western, rockabilly, jazz, jump-swing and 1950s style bands. Jumping on instruments and even kicking them off stage, the Lazy Crazies continue to transport their live audiences back to a time of shiny chrome, saddle shoes and drag races.

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