Horoscopes (May 14 — 20)

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Horoscopes (May 14 — 20)
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ARIES (March 21-April 20): The worst thing that can happen to someone like you is to have anyone or anything come along and “put out your light.” With that in mind, at this point you need to align yourself with people and things that allow you to shine. Stepping out is a theme; so is stepping up. To be able to walk through the next few weeks, you’ll need to detach from your ego enough to let your life force be the thing that becomes strong enough to pull you through. You’ll succeed if you’re wise enough to walk softly, and let the big stick and your miraculous abilities speak for themselves.

TAURUS (April 21-May 20): The reunion of souls that has just taken place has left you not knowing what to make of it. That’s OK; some things are beyond words. Within the framework of this beautiful connection there is room for a lot of creativity. Give yourself two weeks to take things to the next level. Don’t get too lost in the fantasy. Too many things are impinging upon your situation for you to take anything lightly. Yes, it’s good to follow your instincts, but please be clear about your motives and realize before you enter into anything that the honeymoon is a precursor to a lot of work.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You’re back in the saddle, looking at the same old issue, wondering why it never goes away. No one told us what it means to perfect the imperfection. Your gift for being right, and for always being able to dance around your issues has met its match in a situation that won’t let you dance around yourself any longer. The trickster in you thinks you’ve got it all figured out: I would invite you to guess again, my friend. The truth about what’s going on right now might be the last thing you want to see — but your life depends on getting real enough to come to terms with it.

CANCER (June 21-July 20): Now that you have your bearings, it’s pretty clear what the next move needs to be. Before you jump, look around to make sure your ass is covered. Switching horses in midstream is what this looks like; either that or you’re laying a new foundation on a wing and a prayer. What matters at this point has less to do with outer things than it does with what’s going on inside you. It takes guts to trust your instincts. If yours are still alive and kicking, you know what this is about. Pull yourself together and figure out how to ground yourself in the middle of a lightning strike!

LEO (July 21-Aug. 20): You have so much coming to a head. Lots of big decisions need to be made and they can’t be made from an emotional place. In your shoes, I don’t know what I would do — but I do know that love is the operative word, and we can only evoke it in others when we embody it in ourselves. The whole concept of sharing and giving is always part of this. Nothing will come out of your current situation if you can’t give it all you’ve got and trust that others will rise to the occasion, or not. Higher frequencies displace lower frequencies; keep your light on and this will work.

VIRGO (Aug. 21-Sept. 20): The sense that something needs to be corrected has been coming up a lot lately. The bane of your existence rests in the need to constantly look at what’s wrong. Wherever this comes from, it might work better for you to go back and deal with what makes you keep making your nearest and dearest responsible for things that they’re clueless about. If your situation doesn’t look the way you want it to, seeing what’s there will be your first clue to what your spirit is calling you to examine within yourself. It’s all good. It’s your perfect pictures that keep screwing things up.

LIBRA (Sept. 21-Oct. 20): You are going deeper into things than you ever have before. It’s blowing you away to see how much you never knew about yourself. A lot of this is showing up in your work arena. Necessity and the Mother of Invention have combined to take you into new frontiers of expression. Other issues have combined with all of this to evoke a change that has been a long time coming, one that you set in motion about seven years ago. Whatever you’re facing at this point is totally surmountable, and will take you all the way home if you just summon up the courage to deal with it.

SCORPIO (Oct. 21-Nov. 20): You have seen more than you want to see, but at least you know for sure where people are coming from. What to do next is the issue. Sometimes there is nothing to do but sit and watch everyone hang themselves. In this situation it will do no good to point out people’s weaknesses. It might be better to stand back and keep observing things from afar while you plan your escape and/or decide what needs to happen now. There’s no doubt your life is undergoing its own form of major surgery. Give yourself time to see exactly how much more of it needs to be spent here.

SAGITTARIUS: (Nov. 21-Dec. 20): You’ve had more than enough time to pull things together. What you’re looking at right now isn’t measuring up, for one reason or another. But don’t be too quick to judge. If you can’t see the beauty in what you’ve created, it’s time to renovate your point of view and find the light here. Far be it from you to be this critical; it’s not your usual style. Some part of you must have expected more, or expected something different and, here you are, left with whatever you’ve got. Happiness is all about “loving what is.” Look for what’s perfect in your situation and learn to make the best of it.

CAPRICORN: (Dec. 21-Jan. 20): The need to keep things in perspective is essential right now. You’re going overboard with things that you’ve gotten stuck with, and a lot of it just isn’t working. As much as you wish you had more than half a reason to keep this up, you’d do better to call a time-out and start taking inventory. When what we create gets too big for its britches, life becomes a slave to whatever we’ve come to believe matters more than being human. Laying off the big plans and getting back to a place that knows how to be simple will remind you that the only way to “Do” is to “Be.”

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Feb. 20): Whatever’s happening at the moment is giving you a chance to feel good about how far you’ve come. You’ve been making waves and getting some recognition, all of which has strengthened your resolve and confirmed some of the decisions you made a few months ago. You don’t really need to do much right now but keep showing up and paying attention. External demands don’t take any more from you than what they need. The tendency to bring 300 percent to all of your endeavors needs to be cut back enough to allow you to give your best efforts to what you truly love.

PISCES (Feb. 21-March 20): You’ve gotten too involved to separate yourself from other people and their issues. If you had known from the get-go who you were dealing with, things would be different. Now here you are, wondering why your life and your issues seem to have disappeared in the wake of what others seem to need from you. Restoring anything to a state of integrity takes guts. Start being yourself and start taking better care of what needs to happen in your own world, my friend. If others are really here for this, they will shape up; and if they aren’t, it might be time for them to ship out! 

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