Horoscopes (August 12 - 18)

Aug 12, 2015 at 1:00 am

This week's Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Cancer Moon with aspects that make it easy for me to say, "We don't need an astrologer to tell us things are messed up; it's blasting over the loudspeaker. You'd have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to see, feel, and sense that the prophets who keep shoving pictures of comets, and Second Comings, and financial meltdowns, and spiritual awakenings in our face might not be out of their minds, after all". If you take the time to talk to people about more than the weather you will soon find out that everyone is getting whacked with stuff that they never knew was there, and that they didn't see coming.

Looking at the chart for this week, let me give you a short list of aspects that stand out from all the rest:

1) URANUS SQUARES PANDORA; this is an aspect of total and complete turnarounds, things that are totally unexpected. Uranus is the planet that governs earthquakes and lightning, and volcanic activity; it is the most eccentric, unpredictable planet in the solar system. Pandora is, "Pandora's Box"; this asteroid is where all Hell breaks loose. I'm not sure what to make of it and I don't think anyone can - but putting 2 and 2 together it doesn't take much to see that the Gods are playing "52 Pick Up" with planet Earth and, at the moment, everything is up in the air. The sense of uncertainty, and not knowing hangs over all of us right now, for better or worse.

2) ASTRAEA CONJUNCTS SIVA: Oh, Brother - This is long, drawn out, brutal endings. It signifies total destruction. Siva is always connected to Patriarchal themes; Astraea is where we decide to end things. When you put these two asteroids together in the same room all they know how to do is fight to the death. This is where, whatever's going down, goes down hard. It produces situations where the destructive force that lives inside the desire to 'control', overpowers itself, and brings everything to ruin.

3) KRONOS: Kronos is involved with the conjunction between Astraea and Siva: This will be interesting to watch; because Kronos relates to the Powers that Be. It implies that it is the Powers that Be who are coming down. It covers the idea that the system is being destroyed, and that whoever holds power is about to be brought to their knees and destroyed - or redeemed - it is their choice. Since Kronos also governs air travel, I hate to say it but this planetary picture suggests that there could be a lot of air line disasters. From another perspective, this triple conjunction could be read as "Enlightened beings from outer space show up at the last minute to help us manage the Apocalypse and find our way through the "Eye of the Needle."

There is more to all of it than this, of course. On a global level things are shifting wildly, inside and out. On a personal level we are coming to terms with our deepest patterns and issues. With Hades nipping close enough to all of the above to be within orb of a conjunction to it, it translates as a final reckoning with what's left at the bottom of the barrel, one that will be particularly shameful to those who have been guilty of any abuse of Power. Lots of things crawl out from the shroud of secrecy and get brought to light when Hades shows up to draw the line.

The next few days are pivotal in the sense that, most of us are tired of having to stay on top of things and no one has time to reflect, or think about what's really going on because we're all on overwhelm. At the end of the day, none of that is real. If at all possible, drop as much of the external BS as you can and see if you can get back to what you would, or could be doing, if you knew it was safe to follow your bliss - and while you're at it, enjoy this week's 'scopes.

ARIES (March 21 – April 20):Oh Jesus! You guys are either on top of the world, or under more pressure than you need; it's hard to say. Either way, you're going full bore getting things off the ground, or figuring out how to bring them to closure. The potential for radical change is everywhere. And what you're trying to figure out is how all of it is going to come down on you. There is no way to predict the outcome. My sense is that if you keep moving easily along from one miracle to another, don't fight it. If there are obstacles at every turn, it's a sign that it's time to cut your losses and bail out

TAURUS (April 21 – May 20): All kinds of new developments have put you at the center of things. As you step into the limelight make sure your slip isn't showing. You're so hopped up about finally having a chance to shine that your ego could be going over the top. If the humility factor is nowhere in sight, be careful my friend. Pride comes before a fall. You will be golden if you know enough to see that none of this is about you. Keep it straight and simple. There are those who can read you like a book and they will be able to see right through any lack of integrity, or misplaced ambitions.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20): You have every reason to expect things to go exactly the way you want them to. On top of that you're smart enough to make it work no matter how they end up, so what's the problem? People, places, and things are always the problem with you guys. You get so wrapped up in everyone else's 'stuff' that it confuses the issue and makes it harder for you to bring things to completion. If you can curb the tendency to get distracted, and figure out how to say "no", even to those who always demand compliance, your plans will gel and the success factor will be totally guaranteed.

CANCER (June 21 – July 20): People are all over you. Who knows what form it takes but it's feeling bad or good, depending on your situation. Some of you are being asked to do the last thing you want to do. The pressure to say 'Yes' is enormous. Before you go that route, give it plenty of thought - because this will turn out to be more than you bargained for. Others are faced with lots of mini-decisions that don't leave you any time to feel out the big picture, or any room to breathe. No matter where you're at, slowing things down enough to stay in touch with where your energy needs to go is essential.

LEO (July 21 – August 20): It's so clear that something has to change because you're getting restless and you need to review where you're at in order to keep growing. That's all it comes down to right now. The past 2 years have taught you so much about what makes you tick. The things that have been in place are no longer relevant. In your conversations with others you keep getting lit up by the idea that none of this was ever meant to be permanent. And what's going on with you now is showing you that there's got to be more to life than this. You are right on the money. Keep up with your search.

VIRGO (August 21 – September 20): You have it made on a lot of levels - so much so that, the last thing one would expect is that you would ever want to blow this clam bake. As nuts as it sounds, you're actually thinking about taking off; not because there's anything 'wrong' with this picture, but because you have something new brewing. Whatever it is, it's too soon to be doing anything drastic. Soon enough, you'll have a chance to decide if you want to stick with showcase number one or go for what's behind the curtain. We get it and lose it in cycles: yes my dear - this is a huge turn around.

LIBRA (September 21 – October 20): You can't figure out which direction to go in because you're either waiting for someone else to make up their mind, or you have no clue. The sense of being in limbo is huge. For some of you it is your health that has you in a state of suspended animation. That's all about to change. Ready or not the need to be flexible enough to turn on a dime will require you to remain open. As you try to make sense of the last few years you realize that it's what you can't be accountable for that has created the sense that you're stuck. Close others are sympathetic, but this is about you, not them.

SCORPIO (October 21 – November 20): You can't get too worked up about things when they're this intense. For the next few weeks I see you sorting wildcats out by hand, one way or another. Recent epiphanies have shown you that it might work out better for you if you can find a way to drop all this nonsense and move on. As you do whatever it takes to finish what you've started the thought that there's more to you and your goals than you've ever been given credit for, has something to do with the fact that your true purpose is awakening. Rolling with the punches and letting your instincts run the show is crucial.

SAGITTARIUS (November 21 – December 20): You know you can do anything. You have proven it time and again. Your current affairs are overwhelming enough to make you wonder how you're going to pull this off. You're not quite sure what's up, because until now there's been a lot of love and support. Now all of a sudden there's the sense that no one's there, or no one's left, or no one cares. Whenever life gets like this, it's good to remind yourself that everything is a projection. The minute you begin to see that good or bad, all of it is happening for your benefit, the space opens for the solution to emerge.

CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 20): It's either going from bad to worse or it's getting better. Your attempts to resolve things have been totally heroic. Don't be surprised if your situation takes a dive, or turns around when you least expect it. Doing things your way is unrealistic. You may be the one who knows what needs to happen but you  can't tell people what to do. Finding ways to meet in the middle would be great if anyone was in the mood to compromise, but you aren't in the mood to give up any more than you already have had to sacrifice. Things are crazy. If you hold steady they won't get worse.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 20): Your concern for others is keeping many of you up at night. Beyond the way it makes you wonder how all of this is going to turn out, it's bringing up a TON of old, unresolved issues from the past. Little did you know, you had this much going on at the subconscious level. Working your way through it is where it's at right now. For at least one more month you will be dealing with everyday outer concerns and walking a more spiritual path at the same time. Huge shifts and changes are being birthed in the realm where your Higher Self decides which way to turn.

PISCES (February 21 – March 20): Sitting on the fence is what this looks like. You could go either way but you're in no position to make up your mind because there are too many variables making it hard to know what will work and what won't. The need to wait things out long enough for the truth to be revealed is something you're just coming to terms with. The thought that you messed up will only make things worse. If this was a mistake, you are that much wiser because this is how we learn. The next thing on your list should come with a note that says, be prepared for anything. You will know which way to go within a week.