Here's the video from the Satanic Temple's state-sanctioned capitol ceremony

click to enlarge Here's the video from the Satanic Temple's state-sanctioned capitol ceremony
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On Saturday, Detroit's Satanic Temple chapter gathered on the Michigan capitol in Lansing to perform what they're calling the "nation's first state-sanctioned Satanic Ceremony in history." The event came one week after Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz supporters held a "live Nativity" display on the capitol grounds.

As with the group's previous public demonstrations, the Satanic Temple says their ceremony was not an anti-Christian protest but rather as a demonstration of religious plurality as well as a stance against the breach of the separation of church and state in the government. 

"To those who boldly propose that organizations of faith hold a leading role in guiding American policy and justice, I solemnly, and with great sincerity thank you," the TST Detroit director Jex Blackmore said in a speech. "Satanic America has heard your call to action."

Blackmore reiterated that the group does not have an atheist agenda. "It is time for us to put aside our differences and realize that we have a common problem. It matters not if you are a Baptist, a Methodist, a Muslim or the faithless," she said. "To be clear, we are not anti-Christian, and we are not anti-religion. We are anti-degradation. We are anti-oppression."

The ceremony ended with a call to "Hail Satan."

Additionally, the group once again displayed their "Snaketivity" holiday display on the capitol lawn alongside a traditional Nativity scene. Earlier this year, the group unveiled a controversial "Baphomet" monument in Detroit.

Watch the video of the ceremony below, or read the transcript of the speech here.

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