'Family Guy' made a pretty awful joke about Flint's water in latest episode

Feb 21, 2017 at 10:26 am

Just when you thought that Seth MacFarlane and his writers at Family Guy reached the bottom of the barrel of tasteless jokes, we find out that the Flint water crisis is apparently not off-limits for the long-running cartoon.

In Sunday's night episode, Brian the dog and Stewie are seen trying to sabatoge Stewie's grandfather by blinding him in the eyes with a liquid in a spray bottle.

When Brian asks Stewie what's in the bottle, he deadpans "Oh, it's just tap water from Flint, Michigan." And cue collective groan here.

After the joke, there is a quick cut to Stewie punching a sign that reads "Things Stewie Can't Say" noting how awful the joke is.

We suppose that the only funny thing in this scene is that Stewie's grandfather resembles Rick Snyder, so it is kind of fun to see a Rick Snyder lookalike blinded by Flint water. But still, you're better than this Family Guy.