Clawson’s Leon and Lulu transforms an old roller skating rink into a one-stop shop

Dec 3, 2014 at 1:00 am

If ever there was a place to get something unique for everyone on your list, it's Clawson's Leon & Lulu. This enormous store is found inside an old roller skating rink, and much of its decor reflects the space's original purpose. In fact, some of the store's staff still cruise around on old-fashioned skates.

Of course, this store's unique past (and present) wouldn't matter much if what it stocked was the same old-same old. And what Leon & Lulu specializes in is carrying an array of weird and wonderful things, things you can't find just anywhere.

Named after the owners' pets, a white cat named Leon and a rottweiler named Lulu, the store has all kinds of familial appeal. Oh, and don't be surprised if you find that a couple of furry friends greet you at the door. Two welcoming canines, Spot and Bertie, "work" at the store, making this place all the more charming and cozy. Once past the pups, inside you'll find plenty of home decor in the form of funny pillows, sassy coffee mugs, cool knick-knacks, nifty books, and even a few kitschy kitchen utensils. There's also a kids section where you'll find fun stuffed animals, games, and other amazing toys.

Now that the holidays are here, Leon & Lulu also has a fun selection of Christmas decor. We especially like the colorful crushed felt garland and their house line of siberian fir candles.

Though this place sounds mighty feminine (they also carry women's clothing, tons of jewelry, purses, and more) there are also fun things for the macho men in your life. A book entitled How Do You Light a Fart seems like a perfect stocking stuffer for him, if you ask us.