Ask a Juggalo: What is something a Juggalo would never do?

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Q: What is something a Juggalo would never do?

A: A Juggalo would never be a hound dog. Never literally harass and or be an asshole in any way shape or form. And to be irritating and to be weirdo in the sense of being just hound-dogging-ass motherfucker, that's just no good. You don't want anyone riding your nuts, you know. A real Juggalo, flat-out, to quote the song, "A real Juggalo don't want no picture. They just walk up, like, 'What up, Ninja!?'" Just be a total, cool, chill motherfucker. A Juggalo would never ever ever cover up their tattoos. But, you know, at the end of the day you just, you're not disloyal. A real Juggalo would never be disloyal. No Juggalo would ever turn their back on another homie.

Q: Is it true that there's an ICP board game?

A: Oh yes. Violent J's brother, Jumpsteady, he's produced a board game, and he's made games ever since they were kids I'm not kidding. I'm a playing piece in the "Wraith of Shangri-La" board game, and it ain't your average Monopoly. I mean it is fucking evolved and it is dope. It's basically Dungeons & Dragons-esque, but in the realm of Psychopathic. And no bullshit: Vinnie the ICP Kid is an actual playing piece in the board game, and I can send you back to the beginning if you play me unless you're at the last stages of the game, so I'm just kind of like a crucial card, like, a real off-the-hook card if you pull me. It's unreal. So any time someone's like "Why do you listen to those guys," I'm like, "Um, I don't mean to be arrogant, but are you in a board game? No? No? OK, alright."

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