Ask a Juggalo: What initially attracted you to ICP and the Juggalo lifestyle?

Q: Dear Mr. Juggalo — What initially attracted you to ICP and the Juggalo lifestyle?

A: Honestly, I grew up around music. My parents made sure to introduce me to all genres of music. Starting from the late '80s, I had found rap music all on my own. Shortly after that, I just happened to be fortunate to find one of my friend's older brothers listening to some wild, wild music, OK? Very catchy, very hypnotic, very unique, very potent. And it happened to be the first full-length album of Insane Clown Posse, Carnival of Carnage. And that's all it took. After hearing it, I realized right off the rip, this is not for everyone, and I just absolutely fell head over heels in love with it. It was so different and interesting that it just grabbed ahold of me and has never let go. Now this is pre-Juggalo. This is when fans were called "ninjas." I listened to the album front to back, maybe 100 times; it just left a huge craving for more. Where they attracted a few, they offended many. And I felt very proud to be part of something that was unique and not for everyone. I was more or less the outcast or the different kid because I didn't walk with the main crowd. So at the age of say 13 or 14, my friends were trying to introduce me to the Doors, Led Zeppelin, so on and so forth, and I was already way past that. I had already found those groups due to my parents' assistance by 5 years old. It's just something that's not for everyone, and although way more have caught on to it than I ever thought possible, I still feel firm that it was the greatest encounter on an entertainment level that I could have ever hoped for. I've gotten way more out of being a Juggalo and out of being down with the clown than I could have ever thought possible. And to this day as we're having this conversation, it still goes on.

Q: My name is Brad from Hamilton, Ontario, and my homie just passed away. He was a die-hard ICP fan. Is there anything ICP would do for a fallen crazed fan's relatives? I'm not asking for donations, but maybe a letter directed to his family? They were all down with the clown.

A: We can forward that to the folks at Psychopathic Records for sure, and I know that ICP sometimes does some special things for fans like visits or fundraisers. I want to also say that our Juggalo prayers and thoughts are with you and yours. I am very sorry, and my thoughts are with you. We will all find each other again in Shangri-La. We've got a circus to attend in the afterlife.

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