Ask a Juggalo: Is there a preferred store to buy makeup, clothing, etc.?

Feb 25, 2015 at 1:00 am

Q: Is there a preferred store where Juggalos buy makeup, clothing, etc.?

A: As far as on the east side of Detroit, there were two main shops. One would be the legendary Hot Hits. In my opinion, that’s where all of the professional over-the-counter sales and the entry-level marketing really began. Hot Hits was definitely the spot to get your brand-new, used, free-giveaways-at-the-door, clothing, fliers, posters, hats, you name it. Unfortunately, that store is closed. Now, the other location that all of us ninjas would basically migrate to and shop at was a professional magic and costume shop here in Roseville called Lauer’s Magic. And unfortunately, that’s now closed too. Since then, fortunately the Clown’s marketing and merchandising is a thousand times greater than when, let’s say, Hot Hits was the spot. If you want clothing, you want media, you want CDs, whatever the case may be, you may be lucky enough to have a mom-and-pop shop that has some sort of distribution through Psychopathic, but there’s always Hatchet Gear. At, you get it printed, created, packaged, distributed, wholesale right out of their mothership, right at the Psychopathic Records compound. Without a doubt, that’s the route to go.

As far as makeup goes, since Lauer’s no longer exists — and I miss it, because that was the spot all the professional clowns and magicians in the area went to. So now, you know, if I’m gonna paint up like I’m going to this Saturday, I’m definitely going to be going to Walmart and checking their little aisle to see if there’s any of the black and white face paint available. But honest to God — I’m pretty stocked up now. Like, three or four Halloweens ago, I found a ridiculous excess of like $4 or $5 dollar packages of face makeup discounted down to like a quarter apiece. So when I say I stocked up, I stocked up. But, yeah, go to Walmart for the fucking face paint and catch those sales right after Halloween and stock up, like a good Juggalo should.

As far as the clothing and all that, we’re fortunate here in the metro Detroit area, or just here in Michigan, you can go to the Road Show, here in Roseville, and you can get anything you want under the sun. And I would be shocked if they actually didn’t have some sort of face paint along with the Hatcher Gear hookups. You could go down to a place in Garden City, Rock of Ages, and Rock of Ages has been a big supporter of Psychopathic Records going way back. Going way back.

Q: So you go to the Road Show to get your hair spray, to get the colors and dyes?

A: Definitely. Definitely go up to the Road Show for everything, my brother. You can buy anything you want from a two-headed snake to a tortoise, for God’s sake.