Ask a Juggalo: Can I get a hatchetman tattoo if I'm not a Juggalo?

Q: I've always considered getting a hatchetman tattoo, because I respect what it represents: loyalty and protection for the ones you love. I just don't want to disrespect any true Juggalos. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

A: I look at it like it's a compliment. You honestly could not possibly pay more respect to the clowns themselves or to the Juggalo world. Just flat-out, the more the merrier. I totally feel you should really put a lot of thought behind it because, literally, you could cover yourself in tats and be completely inked out, I mean top to bottom, and not even cover a full era of ICP. There is so much content. There are so many different designs in the 25 years that they have been running wild with this shit. Bottom line: There is in no way, shape, or form you can disrespect or offend anyone in the Juggalo world or community by getting yourself tatted up. I find it very cool, and my personal experience is that, at certain times in my life, somebody that you wouldn't even fathom would be down with the clown or a Juggalo may all of a sudden show you an ICP tat. I encourage it as long as you're not poking fun and as long as you're not intentionally putting something on yourself to show opposition or to start some shit. Put a lot of thought behind it. Make sure you ask somebody highly skilled and highly trained. In some instances less is more. Sometimes it's quality, not quantity. As long as it means something to you and as long as you're proud of it, it's all to the good.

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