A Toronto street artist's ode to Detroit

Aug 7, 2015 at 3:35 pm

We got a nice note from a Toronto street artist who goes by the name Birdo (or, as he renders it, birdO). He tells us he's painted all over the world, but he's "developed a serious serious crush on the city of Detroit." He enclosed a link to the video below, which was shot in our fair city this July. He calls the short feature "my little visual love letter to the city."

Before Old Man Duggan gets all upset, bear in mind that the masked artist assures us he received permission for all the work he has done in town. He says, "The walls are 100 percent sanctioned"

As for his crush on Detroit, he says, "To be honest, I'm actually crushing on the people of Detroit. I'm originally from a province called Saskatchewan. Up in Toronto we've adopted more of a quick pace New York, East Coast attitude.
Detroiters have completely surprised me with how friendly they are. I know the city has a tough reputation but it's very refreshing to visit a city and have complete strangers say, "Hello, how's your day?"

Well, how's that for a bit of Canadian niceness. Thanks, Birdo. Here's his quirky video, for our readers to enjoy.