8 ways to 'treat yo self' if you're single on Valentine's Day in Detroit

As I sit at my desk, single as fuck, listening to a curated Valentine's Day playlist on Spotify, I can't help but think that even though I don't have a SO doesn't mean that I can't enjoy the splurges and indulgences of Valentine's Day, right? I love myself, dammit! Isn't that good enough to treat myself to chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, and sexy-time with me, myself and I?

So if you're like me and still want to indulge in everything Valentine's Day, here are 8 ways that you can treat yo self in Detroit, courtesy of Donna and Tom from Parks & Recreation.

1. Shop at Filson:
Sure, Filson is full of crazy-ass expensive ($420 for a pair of boots is bananas) but this is your self-indulging Valentine's Day. You know what we say to that?

2. Eat at The Whitney:
The Whitney has a ghost bar, so if you can't find another single flyer in the joint try to channel a ghost. A steak may cost you $79 but this is a once-a-year holiday. TREAT YO SELF.

3. Get a new watch from Shinola:
If you don't have a SO to splurge on a Shinola watch for you then it looks like you will be. They're expensive as hell, but you deserve it, boo.

4. Enjoy some fine-leather goods at Will Leather Goods:
Will Leather Goods is a store that ultimately begs the question, "Who can afford this shit?" An attache case will run you $900 and I don't even know what the fuck an attache case is. Only thing to do is treat yo self.
5. Go see Aaron Carter at the Loving Touch:
Your crush from 2001 Aaron Carter is back and is playing the Loving Touch tonight for a special V-Day show. Carter was totally your crush when he was on Lizzie McGuire (don't deny it, just accept it) so why not refuel those flames while you're single as fuck?

6. Get turnt at Bad Luck Bar:
This new bar in Capitol Park has an $80 cocktail so it's basically asking you to treat yo self. Maybe there will even be a rich businessman drinking his sorrows away, too? Take a shot and find some love!

7. Spend the night getting a massage at the MGM Grand Detroit:
If you feel that you're living your best life than a massage is the perfect reward for loving yourself. The time to get treated like the god dammed queen is NOW!

8. Eat atop Coach Insignia one last time.
Coach Insignia is closing this weekend so they may be full of reservations, but why not enjoy a drink at the bar and enjoy the 360 degree view of Detroit. You, my frivolous friend, have made it.

So no, Enrique Iglesias, I will not be your hero tonight. I will be my own hero this Valentine's Day because we all deserve to feel some type of love. So turn up "I Will Always Love You," look in the mirror, and sing that song to yourself because today is about YOU, BOO.
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