2015 Michigan vs. Michigan State game immortalized with taxidermied chipmunks

Nov 18, 2015 at 3:39 pm
Some of us may never, ever want to re-live Oct. 17, 2015, but Spartan sportsmen may have different feelings on the matter. If that's you or someone you know, consider gifting them this unique, original, slightly strange re-creation made from taxidermied chipmunks.

The Lansing State Journal reported last month that taxidermist/artist Nick Saade created this masterpiece in the wake of Michigan's last-second loss to Michigan State. “After watching the game and seeing what happened, and we were so close to the prediction. We did win at the last second. I decided to re-enact the play itself and make it more realistic,” the MSU fan told LSJ's Judy Putnam.

Also of note is that Saade didn't kill any chipmunks for this project, rather he used road kill. We haven't decided if that makes it more or less appealing to us.

Anywho, this beaut is priced out at $1,500, so happy shopping if this is your thing.