Best CBD Gummies: Pain & Anxiety Relief (2020)

Best CBD Gummies: Pain & Anxiety Relief (2020) (4)
Royal Purity

People all around the world are reaching for their bottle of CBD to help ease common complaints like anxiety, pain, sleeping difficulties, and much more.

While CBD oils remain the most popular form of CBD, the tide is gradually shifting towards CBD gummies instead.

Gummies infused with CBD offer the same benefits as CBD oils, but have much better flavor. CBD gummies also offer a lot more convenience when it comes to measuring the dose and taking your CBD while on the go.

However, it’s important to understand that not all CBD gummies are going to work.

There are a lot of companies making gummies with inconsistent doses of CBD per piece, or worse — contain little to no CBD at all.

In this guide, we’ll cover the three best CBD gummy brands to order from in 2020 if you want to avoid using ineffective gummy products.

All three of these brands offer independent testing on their gummies to prove the claims they’re making on the bottle and backup their products with a satisfaction guarantee.

Best CBD Gummies For 2020 (Pain & Anxiety)

1. Royal CBD Gummies - Editor’s Choice

Royal CBD was formed as a result of the disappointment the founder experienced when ordering CBD products to support his back pain. He found that about half the CBD products he tried simply didn’t work.

Instead of complaining about it, he decided to build his own brand where he could control the quality and consistency coming out of his facility himself. He wanted to create a brand people could rely on — and that’s exactly what he did.

After a few years in the business, Royal CBD is now one of the dominant brands on the market — offering a range of CBD products including CBD-infused gummy candies, CBD oil, CBD cream, and CBD capsule pills.

Royal CBD is popular because of its strong integrity for quality and competitive pricing. Every batch of gummies that leaves the facility have been assessed by an independent lab to prove the absence of harmful contaminants and confirm the cannabinoid levels are exactly as advertised on the bottle.

Additionally, the company uses a system that ensures every gummy has the exact same strength. This is in contrast to cheap CBD gummies that use low-tech methods of filling the gummies that can cause some gummies to lack CBD, while others contain double-doses.

Royal CBD gummies come in two potencies — 10 mg or 25 mg per gummy. Both packages contain 30 gummies per container and come in a mixture of delicious fruity flavors.

What We Love About Royal CBD Gummies
• Made from organically-grown hemp
• Each gummy contains consistent doses of CBD isolate
• All batches of Royal CBD gummies have been tested for quality and purity in a third-party lab
• Ranked best CBD gummy in 2020 by WeBeHigh, Observer, HMHB, CFAH, Daily CBD, and Weed News
• Available in two separate potencies, 10 mg and 25 mg per piece
• Your order is backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee
• Vegan-friendly formula

2. Gold Bee CBD Gummies - Runner Up

Gold Bee
is a lesser known CBD brand that’s started to become nationally-recognized over the last few months.

The company started in Delaware by selling limited batch runs of its CBD oil and CBD gummies to local Delaware shops.

The brand was an immediate hit after the company won an award for the extraction method the company was using. After being featured on few major publications, Gold Bee began receiving requests for orders outside its home state. It wasn’t uncommon for the waiting list to exceed 400 names long.

Teen Wire recently voted Gold Bee CBD oil as the “best up and coming CBD brand for 2020”, and We Be High called Gold Bee a “unicorn” for its exceptional quality and low-cost.

Gold Bee made the move to sell online at the start of 2020 and has been growing at an exponential rate ever since. The company opened two new extraction facilities and added four new products to their lineup since the start of the year.

What makes these 25 mg gummies so special is the quality of the extract that went into the formula.

Gold Bee starts by selecting only the best hemp they can find. It’s all grown using organic farming methods without the use of toxic pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals commonly used during harvesting, extraction, or storage of hemp.

Gold Bee charges the industry average for these gummies despite the excellent hemp used to make them (it’s expensive to grow organic crops like this). This means the Gold Bee CBD gummies are very high value for your money.

What We Love About Gold Bee
• Made from organic hemp grown in the state of California
• Gold Bee has won several awards for its CBD extracts
• The price of these gummies remains on-par with the rest of the industry despite having noticeably higher quality overall
• Independently tested to prove the claims made on the website
• Every bottle comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
• Vegan-friendly gummy mix

3. Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is a large CBD manufacturer offering products in all major categories — including CBD gummies.

These gummies come with a few different options to choose from, including the potency (15 or 25 mg per piece), package sizes (5, 30, and 60-count bottles), and formula (pure CBD or CBD and melatonin).

The lower potency gummies or smaller bottle sizes are perfect for people interested in trying CBD but are on a budget. However, the high-potency gummies and larger bottle sizes have the best value by far.

The Sleep Gummies from Hemp Bombs contain added melatonin — which is a naturally-occurring hormone that helps induce sleep in the evenings. Mixing this compound with CBD is a great formula for helping you get to sleep faster, and stay asleep throughout the night.

The only downside of ordering from Hemp Bombs is the hemp source.

Hemp Bombs sources its hemp from all around the United States and Europe and the quality can’t be proven like it can from the other two CBD brands on the list. This means it’s possible some of this hemp contains harmful chemical or biological contaminants. The company sends their gummies to an independent lab for testing, but the test results are incomplete — meaning that some batches don’t appear to be getting posted online.

What We Love About Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies
• Available in multiple strength, bottle size, and formula options
• Very cost-effective and available in budget-friendly package sizes
• Option to order CBD gummies with added melatonin

Summary: What CBD Gummies Should I Buy?

If you suffer from anxiety or pain, or simply want to promote general health and wellbeing, CBD gummies are worth your attention. They deliver pre measured doses of the active ingredient in a delicious gummy format.

However, not all CBD gummies work as well as you might hope. There are plenty of CBD brands out there selling gummies with much lower doses of CBD than what’s listed on the bottle.

In order to avoid this common issue, we recommend you check out one of the brands listed above. All three companies have an excellent track-record in the CBD space and have been acknowledged by experts in the industry for offering some of the highest-rated CBD gummies on the market.

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