Lunchtime Links: Portland hipsters invade Detroit, Walmart organizes food drive for own employees, Zimmerman charged again, and more.

Nov 19, 2013 at 12:05 pm
1) The hipsters are coming, the hipsters are coming! Portland Craigslist ad calls on Portlanders to migrate to Detroit and start a commune:

"Are you fascinated by Detroit? Are you, like me, a young person (or young person at heart), who does not want to get stuck with some lame position working for table scraps for the rest of your life? Have you, ever played the computer game Oregon Trail as a youngster?"

In response, one Metro Times staffer offered this comment: "Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ". (Detroit Jalopnik)

2) Proof that Walmart doesn't pay its own employees enough? Employees at a Walmart organized a food drive for their fellow employees. (Yahoo!) 3) GM says self-driving car won't be ready for foreseeable future. (Freep) 4) George Zimmerman – recently acquitted in the slaying of Trayvon Martin – is now charged with aggravated assault against his girlfriend. (Yahoo!) 5) German babies don't need to be born as a boy or girl now. (VICE) 6) New ligament discovered in human knee. (Science Daily) 7) Hurricane Sandy: one year later. (Rolling Stone) 8) Giant eel-like monster washes up on shore in Vietnam (just kidding... it's just a whale). (FEARnet) 9) The latest on the Packard Plant sale. (Crain's Detroit) 10) Should charitable foundations help rescue Detroit pensions? (Freep)