Lunchtime Links: Nelson Mandela quotes you'll never hear, war photographer robbed in Detroit, and more

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1) Seven Nelson Mandela quotes you probably won't see in the media: “If you look at those matters, you will come to the conclusion that the attitude of the United States of America is a threat to world peace.” (Buzzfeed)

2) Upworthy-style Headlines Are Suddenly Everywhere. Your Mind Will Literally Explode When You Click This Link To Find Out Why. (The Atlantic)

3) World-renowned war photographer robbed... twice... while shooting in Detroit. “Was robbed of all my gear today while shooting in Detroit,” Morris posted.” Chased them to an area witnesses helped me id the house. Just did the find iphone via icloud. shows exact house witnesses saw my gear taken into. Detroit police say can’t do anything without a warrant. Anyone know anybody in Detroit police to help.” Police raided the house this morning but did find the stolen equipment. (Motor City Muckracker)

4) Rand Paul visited Detroit: “Detroit’s future will not come from Washington. The magic of Motown is here in the city.” (Free Press)

5) Jon Stewart Hammers Fox's Stuart Varney: You Want to Lecture the Pope on Helping the Poor?!? ?

6) Another Georgia Republican forgot the camera was rolling, accidentally spoke his mind: "But say you’re going along and you have a wreck. And it’s your fault. Well, a pre-existing condition would be then you calling up your insurance agent and saying, ‘I would like to get collision insurance coverage on my car.'" (Huffington Post)

7) GOP now offering classes to staffers on how not to offend women: "'Let me put it this way, some of these guys have a lot to learn,' said a Republican staffer who attended the session in Boehner’s office." (I Acknowledge)

8) Insurance execs worry about pandemics, food shortage & cyber attacks: "The kinds of risks that could wipe out an insurance business do inevitably evolve over time, so we were very encouraged to see this degree of engagement form a broad sample of the industry." (Off The Grid News)

9) Millionaire to give $5 million toward protecting DIA and Detroit city pensions: who's next? (Freep Press)

10) World Bank president says Universal health coverage key for economic growth: "Universal health coverage is financially feasible and makes good economic sense."(Al Jazeera)

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