Lunchtime Links: Celtics fan loses his shit, CNN's list of things to know about travelling to Detroit, and more.

Nov 18, 2013 at 11:10 am

1) This Boston Celtics fan dancing to Bon Jovi "Livin' On A Prayer" will make your day.

2) As a response to Anthony Bourdain's Detroit episode of "Parts Unknown", CNN published a list of things to know about visiting Detroit. It begins: "Know that you haven't left civilization. Relax. You're in Detroit. It's a city, an American city. It's going through a tough time, sure. Detroit's problems show themselves more than other cities. But assess: Why are you in Detroit? For business? For pleasure? For curiosity? Regardless of why you're here, there will be something here you'll never forget. Welcome, and open your mind." (CNN)

3) "In the summer and fall of 2009 in a little town in Montana, I was "lucky" enough to peer through a window at the world of chronic homelessness while experiencing some temporary homelessness of my own. Here's what I hope you never find out ..." 7 Things No One Tells You About Being Homeless. (Cracked)

4) MIT invents a a shapeshifting display. Think of it as a 3D computer screen made not of pixels, but atoms. Futuristic! (Fast Co.DESIGN)

5) Scholarly rap lyrics website Rap Genius was recently branded one of the worst offenders in terms of copyright infringement, but it turns out a licensing deal with Sony was already in the works. The site makes big bucks in advertising, money the music industry could sure use. (Billboard)

6) 27 surreal places to visit before you die: the Tunnel of Love, glowing beaches, ice caves and more. (Buzzfeed)

7) A school in Michigan banned students from wearing shirts honoring their dead friend. (VICE)

8) NASA releases new photos of Saturn and Earth. (CNN)

9) Poachers are still getting duped into shooting robot deer. (VICE)

10) ...and man buys house next to ex-wife, builds giant middle-finger statue on premises. (Gawker)

Thanks to intern Yara Beydoun for her help screwing around on the Internet.