Feedback: MT readers say we're turning into FOX News, warn of the impending apocalypse, and more

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MT = FOX News?

A number of readers responded to a Sept. 1 blog post about the mess following an appearance by Vice President Biden and gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer at the site of old Tiger Stadium that the citizen group Navin Field Grounds Crew had to clean up.

Facebook user "Mary Francis" wrote:

Your so-called "piece" on Vice-President Biden visiting Detroit was biased and offensive. I had no idea your publication was nothing but a radical right-wing machine. I don't know what happened to your company, but years ago it used to be the leading publication in what is happening in Detroit. Now it is just trash — probably part of what was pictured in your photographs. I will never pick up another Metro Times again.

Reader "Angela (NFGC member)" said:

Many people were very courteous, and did their best not to litter. Many of the bottles you see on the ground were there as a result of the teardown crew. Many people had placed their empties on the tables where they got their bottles. The people tearing down were not prepared for dealing with trash. Poor choice, but they dumped it on the ground to retrieve their property; probably with the assumption that there would be a cleanup crew. Sadly, there is only the NFGC. We will clean it because the only alternative is to leave it, which is not a real alternative for our beloved park. We invite all, even when we're not there, to pick up garbage, weed whack, or mow. Every bit helps. We are there every Sunday, and throughout the week.

Drug Pushers

Regarding a Higher Ground column by Valerie Vande Panne about the benefits of medical marijuana over prescription painkillers, reader "Chad Turman" wrote this disturbing comment:

I love it. While the rest of the world tries to kill us, Metro Times pushes a drug that will make the entire country sheep and let their throats be cut willingly. Good call, idioten.

The Devil Inside

We received plenty of comments regarding a Sept. 5 blog post about the Satanic Temple's plans to build their first chapter house in Detroit. Reader "Mike" posted:

All religion is equally batshit crazy. However, they have every right as American citizens to build their temple.

Of course, I'm sure the ones who think they shouldn't be allowed to do this are the Christian teabagging righties who are the hypocrites who cry out "Constitution!" all day long.

Reader "Erik Kluiber" posted":

This is the first good thing I've heard about the city of Detroit in years. Congrats!

Reader "Amanda" posted::

This is truly the time of sorrows. I can't believe how many people are completely indifferent to this happening. I feel so unprepared to live in the time I was born into.

Rev 13:8: "And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world."

The poor people they are selling this to have no idea what they are getting themselves into because they've never cracked open a Bible. The poor people that are selling this also have no idea what they are getting themselves into.

Fake It 'til You Make It

We received a number of comments about our article about how to fake being a football fan from the Sept. 3 issue. Reader "Matt Patercsak" said:

No. There is nothing worse, or more obvious, than an imposter. I would accept someone more for being open about not knowing anything, than a hollow attempt at saying a cliché phrase that may or may not apply to the scenario. Don't encourage fan bluffing.

Reader "Stephen Goodfellow" posted:

Thank you, Michael Jackman. A veritable lexicon of survival strategies for the those of us who are SSI (Spectator Sports Impaired.)

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