Duggan to meet Obama, promises to shovel Detroit's snow

Feb 7, 2014 at 1:35 pm

President Obama is scheduled to meet Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan today in the Lansing area for lunch. Perhaps that's why Duggan held a press conference this morning promising to remove any snow in Detroit the city may have, um, neglected to shovel in the first place:

Residents are encouraged to first report their problems on the city’s website, www.detroitmi.gov. They also can call the ombudsman’s office at 313-224-6000 to give their addresses and ask for help.

“Sometimes some streets get missed,” Duggan said this morning at a news conference at the city’s maintenance garage on Russell Street. “We want to make it easy for citizens to let us know how our contractors did and if they missed a spot, these folks are going to get right back out there.”

Kinda sounds like, "Holy shit, the president's coming? Um, we're totally going to plow your streets, guys, call us!"

Duggan wouldn't say where he and the president were meeting, or what was on the agenda, but did offer the following:

“I’m not asking for a check. I’m not asking for a bailout. That’s not me,” Duggan said. “But there is a fundamental inequality of opportunity in this country. And too many residents in the city of Detroit are being left out of the economic recovery. I have some very specific ideas on things we can do to create opportunities for both business creation and jobs for Detroit residents.”