Detroit in the running to be one of the 'Best Towns in America'

May 4, 2015 at 2:14 pm

Lists! Detroit is on another one — this time from OUTSIDE Magazine, which focuses on, you guessed it, the outdoors. The magazine announced Monday that it's asking readers to pick the Best Towns in America, which it says would include "top-notch restaurants, vibrant farmers’ markets, friendly neighborhoods, and unparalleled access to hiking and biking trails."

Readers can vote for one of 64 towns selected over the next six weeks, with one vote per round in the six total rounds for the contest. OUTSIDE says the winners will move along to the next round until the final two face off in the Super Bowl of towns — or whatever sports analogy you prefer. 

Michigan was well-represented in the Midwest region of towns picked for the contest: the city of Saugatuck also is on the list. 

You can cast your ballot on OUTSIDE's website here