Meet Detroit rapper Milfie, the princess of bad bitch rap and ghettotech

Rapper Jasmine Campbell, aka Milfie, is the personification of her own lyrics.

If she tells you in a song she will punch you in your head, in real life she will punch you in your head. If she says in a song she will give you the best sex you ever had, know that in real life she's going to give you the best sex you ever had.

She's a bad bitch: she's nasty, cute, silly, adorable, and sexy — and she's the mother of two beautiful boys (which is how she got her name).

You can't separate the art from the artist because the 25-year-old rapper is the art, and the art is her.

"Put me and my art together, bury me with my shit," she says.

Since Milfie stepped on the scene, she's garnered support from heavy hitters like Sheefy and Nick Speed, and is now being managed by Bruiser Brigade's Triple Black. And while the "Milfshake" rapper dubs her current music as "bad bitch rap," she is currently in the studio cooking up new ghettotech tracks with her boyfriend Notheho, Nick Speed, and Sheefy.

"I danced and cheered my whole life, so if you were a dancer and you cheered in Detroit and you were on the PAL (Police Athletic League) team, you heard ghetto tech heavy," she says. "You didn't know what it was at that time because it was just club music. I just want to make music for the girls who were doing what I was doing when I was 12 and 16 with my friends, making up routines at home."

Also: girls like her who want to be cute, have sex, and get into fights when they're drunk.

Campbell has posted a taste of this new sound venture on her Instagram, @milfiebitch. She says the new ghettotech project will drop on March 23, her 26th birthday.

Previously she's worked with producers like GothFauthur and BlaaqGold (who both produced her EP Taste), Whyandotte, Pri$m, and others. Since the release of one of her hottest singles "OTB" — or "On The Block," produced by BlaaqGold almost a year ago — Milfie released four individual tracks true to her love of "simple" production and "a beat that knocks." "Big Chill," her most recent track produced by Whyandotte, serves up a bass kick drum like Kash Doll's "Ice Me Out," adorned with the classic arpeggiated trap high hats, hand claps, low-end kick, and a momentary eight-bar synth loop. The next thing you hear is the princess of bad bitch rap spitting bold lines like, "Say, I'm a bad bitch, nigga got a big dick/ All his petty-ass old hoes, big sick/ Taking trips, dogging ops drive bigs whips/ Baby, if it ain't about the money I don't hear shit."

Milfie says as a former poet, it only takes her about 5 to 10 minutes to write a song.

"If the beat makes me move, if, like, as soon as you turn it on I can't stop moving, I'm grabbing my pen and my paper and I'm going to write super quick," she says.

It also helps that Miflie is just always on.

"To be a bad bitch, you can't question if you are a bad bitch; you just know," she says. "It doesn't matter where you are, you have to be a bad bitch. When I'm in the interview, I'm a bad bitch. When I leave the interview, I'm not changing my clothes to go in the grocery store. The people in the grocery store are going to take this bad bitchery and they are going to enjoy it."

More importantly, Milfie is carving a sound and aesthetic for herself in a world that often sees black women as one-dimensional, taking words like "weird," "ghetto," and "bitch" and flipping them to make these perceived negatives work for her.

"There's such a wide array of black women, and the faces that we have and the bodies that we have," she says. "Don't put us in groups, don't put us in boxes; just accept all of us for every way that we come," she says.

Whether that be with tongue piercings and tattoos, or 36-inch weaves and butt implants, high tops or fades, cotton candy pink hair or sandy brown locs — black women can be whatever the hell they want, when they want, even with a baby on their hip. Milfie is proof.

Milfie will perform as part of an all-female showcase at 10 p.m. on Saturday, March 2 at the Hidden Gate Gallery, 1353 Division St., Detroit; 313-686-3433;; Cover is $10;

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