10th annual Raise the Flag fest celebrates Detroit’s awesome music scene

You can wish the Motor City a happy 322nd anniversary at five events across five venues

Jul 17, 2023 at 8:39 am
click to enlarge Respect for the Detroit flag and everything for which it stands. - Jim West / Alamy Stock Photo
Jim West / Alamy Stock Photo
Respect for the Detroit flag and everything for which it stands.

An apparently unpopular opinion: Detroit has the best city flag ever. We love how it incorporates imagery from the different nations it has passed hands through over the ages: fleur-de-lis for France, lions for Great Britain, and stars and stripes for the U.S.A. Plus, who else is tough enough to dare to depict their entire city burning to the ground, as Detroit did on June 11, 1805, on their flag? And the Latin phrases — “Speramus Meliora,” “Resurget Cineribus,” or “We Hope For Better Things,” “It Will Rise From The Ashes” — are words to live by.

The 10th annual Raise the Flag Fest celebrates the flag, the city’s 322nd anniversary, and our awesome music scene with events at five venues across five days. Things kick off with a pre-party on Thursday at Greektown’s Delux Bar & Lounge with vinyl-only DJs. Then, on Friday, there’s a charity fundraiser at McShane’s in Corktown with more DJs. On Saturday there’s a Detroit Hustles Harder-sponsored all-ages block party in Eastern Market with more DJs and hip-hop, including live band My Detroit Players with a surprise guest MC, Enema Squad, Nick Speed with Milfie, Phat Kat and Guilty Simpson, Supa Emcee, and many more, as well as more DJs at Northern Lights Lounge. Sunday sees even more DJs at Marble Bar; Monday has a Raise the Flag Volume 1 release party at Woodbridge Pub; and Tuesday’s finale has ever more DJs on the Magic Stick’s Alley Deck. Many of these events are free to attend.

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