South Lyon's Shimmy Shack food truck named in PETA's top five vegan food trucks in the U.S.

Apr 23, 2015 at 1:53 pm

On Monday PETA released a list of five vegan food trucks in the U.S. that meet their standards when it comes to providing 100 percent plant-based meals to customers.

That list included Seed on the Go from California, V-Grits from Kentucky, GMonkey from Connecticut, BBQ Revolution in Texas, and Michigan's own Shimmy Shack, a food truck based in South Lyon.

Of the mint green, retro restaurant PETA had this to say: "Like a ’50s diner on wheels, Shimmy Shack rolls with “Veg-American” food, serving classics such as burgers, fries, shakes, chili, nachos, and cookies. Its grub is also gluten-free. Truck-grilled burgers include black bean, falafel, and lentil. The Elvis shake comes with chocolate, banana, and peanut butter, the King’s fave. Shimmy’s goal is to franchise trucks around the U.S. and 'to spread the shimmy love.'"

Earlier this year Shimmy Shack gained some notoriety by putting out its 2015 Sexist Vegetarians in Michigan calendar. The effort featured local amateur pin-up models who also happen to be vegetarians. You can see the calendar here. 

Shimmy Shack, which is owned by Debra Levantrosser, is the only all-vegan and gluten-free food truck in Michigan. They serve metro Detroit and mid-Michigan. For more info about Shimmy Shack click here