The guy who filmed the cruel McDonald's prank is apparently giving out Gucci bags to Detroit's homeless

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The sleazeball McDonald's worker who pulled a cruel prank on a homeless man in Detroit has been getting his fair share of Internet scorn this week, but the guy who filmed — and laughed through — the whole thing has been slammed as well.

Turns out, he's a local rapper who goes by the name Skeez and puts out tracks like "Fuck New Friends" and "Wise Guys," all of which seems oddly appropriate given his behavior recently. Anyways, apparently Skeez is feeling bad about how things went down at the McDonald's drive-thru and has taken to giving out luxury handbags to Detroit's homeless instead.

CBS Detroit reports today that Skeez posted a video on his Facebook page in efforts to "redeem" himself and, um, "bless them with Gucci."

We look out for homeless people look what we just did for him #Redemption #Couldntfindwillie today so we blessed somebody else today and showed love bow watch this this for all yaw think we ain't got good hearts we just want yaw to know we not like that PLEASE WATCH

Posted by Ebhate Skeez on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

We have a couple of guesses as to what's actually in those bags — most of them starting with Jack and ending with Squat — and as one homeless advocate told CBS Detroit, "A Gucci bag isn’t food, water, toiletries, mental help, housing, a warm blanket. I think his action defines just out of touch he is with the homeless.”

Out of touch indeed.

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