A local romance specialist tells us how to pick the perfect sex toy

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Feb 10, 2016 at 1:00 am
Lelo Tiani 3
Lelo Tiani 3

Here we go again. It’s Valentine’s Day.

Maybe you’re in a relationship. Maybe you’re single. Either way, you don’t want to spend this holiday doing the same old thing. So, why not spice things up?

We recently chatted up romance specialist and Lover’s Lane regional manager Megan Satterfield for the lowdown on not only the best sex toys on the market, but how to know which one’s for you. Whether you’re new to sex toys or have your very own Red Room of Pain, Satterfield knows how to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Metro Times: What are some of the biggest selling toys you have in the store right now? Why are those toys so hot?

Megan Satterfield: Wands are very popular right now. The Magic Wand started the trend of plug-in powerful massagers that could be used anywhere on the body. Now with the rechargeable technology that a majority of manufacturers are using, wands can be cordless and waterproof with a variety of different vibrations and modes.

Rabbit-style vibrators (dual stimulators) have never gone out of style and now have so many awesome features that customers have numerous options. They can choose between different types of materials, vibration intensities and patterns, multiple motors, rechargeable capabilities, movement, and rotation between internal and external stimulators, and so on.

Couples vibrators are also popular. They are designed so they can be worn during intercourse as well as being versatile in other ways as well. They provide clitoral stimulation, external, at the same time as G-spot stimulation, which is internal. They can be used together or alone and even offer remote controls to take the fun even further! And the rechargeable feature makes it even more popular.

Pulsators offer something completely different. There are four styles to choose from which offer different textures and shapes. Instead of vibrating — although one style has a vibrating clitoral stimulator — it pulsates, so it provides a movement that would be compared to thrusting and can also be used hands free. Plus it's also rechargeable.

Bullets and G-spot toys will always be popular. We have them in all materials, all price points, rechargeable or battery operated.

The Eroscillator is also very popular. It's 10 toys in one. It plugs in and oscillates instead of vibrating. It's extremely powerful and gets wonderful reviews. It can be used alone or with a partner. Depending on the model you get, it comes with five or six attachments for different types of stimulation.

Toys made specifically for men are also very popular with lots of different styles depending on their need or want.

Basically, we offer toys for all types of stimulation and all areas of the body.

MT: What kind of toy would you suggest for someone who hasn't used one before?

Satterfield: There are so many great starter toys for all areas of the body, but I would ask the customer questions to find out what exactly they would need to have a wonderful first experience. Some customers would like to start with something small and unintimidating that's mostly just for clitoral stimulation, while other customers would like something realistic that would attempt to mimic real penetration. We also offer many smaller toys that can be used not only on intimate areas but all over the body for massaging and couples play as well, which might make the first-time user more comfortable.

MT: What kind would you recommend for someone with a little more experience?

Satterfield: Again, we would ask questions to really find out and understand what the customer's need is. What type of stimulation do you need or enjoy? Do you like continuous vibration, different pulsations, or no vibration at all? Are you using with a partner? What part of the body do you plan on using it? Every customer is different and will enjoy something different.

MT: What are some misconceptions about sex toys that you'd like to banish?

Satterfield: I would just like everyone to know that sex toys were created to bring pleasure. They can be really fun too!

MT: What's the No. 1 question that gets asked by people shopping for the sex toy, and what's the answer?

Satterfield: One of the questions we get frequently is: "What is the most popular?" And again we would then ask questions to know what products to actually start showing depending on their need. For example, rabbit-style stimulators are very popular so finding the right one by giving them options (movement, vibration, warranty, etc.) would answer their question.

MT: If someone's in the market for a new toy, why should they shop at Lover's Lane?

Satterfield: Our romance specialists give 100 percent customer service. We take pride in our extensive product knowledge and care about the customer's needs. We ask questions, explain products, and help the customer choose the product that will be right for them.

Lover's Lane is a Michigan-owned company that operates stores in Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana. For locations and online shopping check loverslane.com.