Skymint is giving away these giant joints on 4/20

click to enlarge Now that's what we call a joint. - Skymint
Now that's what we call a joint.

There's a really funny meme going around on Twitter right now where users pinpoint the various stages of getting high — and too high — on a photo of a joint.

They'll probably have a field day when they see this giant doobie from Skymint.

The local dispensary is giving away 30 of these bad boys to celebrate 4/20 on Tuesday.

According to Skymint, "each joint is packed with 10g of hand-crafted premium flower that has been sprinkled with 1g of high-quality THCA crystallized powder — making them more than 10x bigger than a typical joint."

The joints will be raffled off to any customers who make a purchase at Skymint's Hazel Park location Monday or Tuesday.

Skymint is located at 20949 John R Rd., Hazel Park,

If you win one, we suggest maybe finding nine other friends to share it with.

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Lee DeVito

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