Michigan has one of the lowest adult-use marijuana tax rates, study finds

New Jersey has the lowest tax rates, followed by the Great Lake State

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If you’re out shopping for last-minute gifts for the stoner in your life, just be grateful you don’t live in Alaska. Michigan has one of the lowest adult-use tax rates in the country, second only to New Jersey, a new study found.

A study by Richard Auxier and Nikhita Airi of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center titled “The Pros and Cons of Cannabis Taxes” shows that Michiganders pay less than $20 in taxes on an ounce of marijuana with an assumed price point of $100. The researchers acknowledged the retail price would actually be higher, but were trying to give round numbers, MJBizDaily — who first reported the study — wrote.

For comparison, Alaskans pay the most in taxes, reported at $57.50.

Michigan came in second to New Jersey; New Jerseyites (we Googled it, yeah, they’re really called that) pay about $14.32 in taxes for everyone $100, and Michiganders pay a flat $16.

“Michigan, with its higher retail prices and only a 10% excise tax and a 6% general sales tax, is a fairly accurate estimate,” the report reads.

So, when you get your receipt at the dispensary, say a silent thank you to the tax gods you’re not in Alaska.

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