House of Dank Joins Michigan Cannabis Industry Association (MICIA) Board

Jun 30, 2023 at 1:19 pm

Michigan, June 30th - House of Dank, a leading cannabis company in Michigan, is delighted to announce its official membership on the board of the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association (MICIA). The MICIA serves as the prominent representative of Michigan's legal cannabis businesses, advocating for responsible practices and fostering the success of the medical and adult-use cannabis industry through sensible laws, regulations, and best practices.

Being selected to join the prestigious MICIA board is a great honor for House of Dank. It reflects the company's commitment to excellence, compliance, and leadership within the evolving cannabis landscape. By aligning with the MICIA, House of Dank aims to contribute its expertise and collaborate with other industry pioneers to drive positive change, ensuring the growth and prosperity of Michigan's cannabis community.

The MICIA's dedication to promoting sensible laws and regulations has been instrumental in shaping the success of the legal cannabis industry in Michigan. As part of the board, House of Dank will actively participate in developing and implementing policies that prioritize the well-being of patients, consumers, and businesses while upholding the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

"We are extremely proud to join the board of the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association," said Marvin Jamo, Owner of House of Dank. "This opportunity allows us to contribute our knowledge and experience to advance the responsible growth of the cannabis industry in Michigan. We look forward to collaborating with fellow board members and industry stakeholders to champion best practices and create a sustainable and thriving cannabis ecosystem."

House of Dank has built a strong reputation for providing high-quality cannabis products and exceptional customer experiences. The company's dedication to product innovation, customer education, and community engagement has positioned it as a trusted and respected brand within Michigan's cannabis market.

As a member of the MICIA board, House of Dank will actively support the association's initiatives to ensure the responsible and successful development of the medical and adult-use cannabis industry in Michigan. By fostering collaboration and advocating for sensible regulations, House of Dank aims to contribute to a flourishing market that prioritizes consumer safety, social equity, and economic growth.

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About MICIA: The Michigan Cannabis Industry Association (MICIA) is a prominent organization representing legal cannabis businesses in Michigan. Through its advocacy efforts, the MICIA promotes sensible laws and regulations and advocates for industry best practices, fostering the success and responsible growth of Michigan's medical and adult-use cannabis industry. The association serves as a collective voice for businesses, patients, consumers, and other stakeholders in shaping the future of the cannabis market in Michigan.