Here are the winners of the 2019 High Times Detroit Cannabis Cup

Sep 3, 2019 at 3:53 pm
click to enlarge Here are the winners of the 2019 High Times Detroit Cannabis Cup
Christopher Emrich

High Times
magazine returned to Detroit with its long-running Cannabis Cup event last month, bringing thousands of people through the Russell Industrial Center over the course of two days on Aug. 17 and Aug. 18 to try some of the best cannabis and cannabis products in the state. Here are the winners:

Indica Flower

1st Place: Mattybstackers — Peanut Butter Breath
2nd Place: Ript Genetics — Stank Breath
3rd Place: Exotic Genetix — Lip Smacker

Sativa Flower

1st Place: Oowee Farms — Tropicana Cookies
2nd Place: Covert Extracts X GhostBudsters X Midnight Roots
3rd Place: Canna Boys — Tropicana Cookies

Hybrid Flower

1st Place: Special Blend Gardens — Melonade No. 7
2nd Place: Mattybstackers — Cookies N’ Cream
3rd Place: Detroit Flower Co. x High Brix Growing — Larry Bird

CBD Flower

1st Place: ArborSide Compassion X 16th Street Botanicals — Thunderstruck
2nd Place: Light Sky Farms x ZILLA’s — Moose Cookie
3rd Place: Dabsmiths — Hurkle


1st Place: Kozmic Gardens X Vahalla Labs — Grease Monkey
2nd Place: Swish Dipz X Bless Farms — Live Resin Zkittlez
3rd Place: Special Blend Rolled up — Orange Zkittlez No. 6


1st Place: Higherinnovations — Blazed Cashews
2nd Place: Afternoon Delite — Cookies & Cream Cheese Cake
3rd Place: Kozmic Gardens — Coconut Mint Chocolate Chip Push Pop

CBD Edible

1st Place: Kozmic Gardens — Cookies & Coconut 1:1 Push Pop
2nd Place: Mary Palmer — Strawnana Iced Tea Lemonade
3rd Place: ZILLA’S — Feast of St. Valentine

Vape Pens and Cartridges

1st Place: ZILLA’s X LightSky Farms X Fresh Coast Seeds — Gorilla Butter Cartridge
2nd Place: Presto! X Pure Green — Watermelon Zkittles Cartridge
3rd Place: Afternoon Delite — Watermelon Cartridge

Indica Concentrate

1st Place: Michigan Extracts — Grape Valley Kush
2nd Place: Grateful Meds — GMO Live Resin HTFSE / HCFSE Sauce
3rd Place: Canna Boys — Mac 1 Batter

Sativa Concentrate

1st Place: Arborside Compassion X Fregrowli — Clementine Sauce
2nd Place: Canna Boys — Tropicana Cookies Batter
3rd Place: House of Dank X Tree Top Labs — Tropicana Cookies Live Resin Budder

Hybrid Concentrate

1st Place: Arborside Compassion X Fregrowli — Chem N’ Lemon Sauce
2nd Place: Smoky Mountain Medicine — Gorilla Cream Diamonds and Terps
3rd Place: OMG labs X Foreverjl3 — Mr. Nice Guy

CBD Concentrate

1st Place: DC Chronics x Tyson Johnson67 — Strawberry Banana Tonic
2nd Place: DabbeNPort Extracts X Great Lake Extracts x Hollistic CBD — CBD Live Action Gelato X Pennywise
3rd Place: Dabsmiths — Hurkle Live Resin

Non-Solvent Concentrate

1st Place: Special Blend Gardens X Stanky Roc — Banana Sherbert bred by 710 savant
2nd Place: Red Roc inc. X Stanky Roc — Banana Bread Solventless Diamonds and Sauce
3rd Place: Superior Solventless X Mattybstackers — Cookies N’ Cream Rosin


1st Place: Zilla’s — Organic Skin Vitality Cream
2nd Place: Ella Essentals X Magna Carta — Full Spectrum Body Butter
3rd Place: Urban Roots x Olympian Nectar — Full Spectrum Freeze Cream

Hemp-Derived CBD Product

1st Place: Ella Essentials — Calm Roll-On CBD Oil
2nd Place: Mary’s Methods — Dead Sea Mud Face Mask
3rd Place: The Hemp Candle — CBD Massage Candle

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