Curbside cannabis pick-up could stick around in Michigan even after pandemic subsides

Dec 14, 2020 at 2:29 pm
click to enlarge Curbside cannabis pick-up could stick around in Michigan even after pandemic subsides
Courtesy of New Standard

When the coronavirus pandemic hit Michigan, the state's cannabis market quickly pivoted to offering curbside pick-up service so the "essential" industry could continue to serve medical and recreational marijuana customers.

But the innovation could remain in place even after the pandemic subsides, according to statements from the state's Marijuana Regulatory Agency director Andrew Brisbo reported by The Social Revolution.

Brisbo made the comments during an interview on the Four20Post podcast on Wednesday while reflecting on what the agency learned from the pandemic.

When the virus came, the MRA authorized changes to state policy including expanded delivery services and curbside service. But Brisbo suggested those changes could remain as consumer habits have changed.

“In-person contact… it’s something that’s always going to be on our minds now,” Brisbo said, adding, “One thing we are going to look at in our administrative rules as we move ahead is allowing for drive thru service, allowing for curbside service but figuring out how we can engage in that and still have the same focus on safety and security that we have in in-person transactions within a facility.”

Beyond that, Brisbo said the Marijuana Regulatory Agency is “trying to think ahead to new technologies that might be utilized.”

“I’ve heard some interesting ideas about consumer authentication and limiting contact,” Brisbo said. “We want to be on the forefront of allowing businesses to engage in that so we can do it in the safest way possible and in a business-friendly way.”

You can listen to the podcast here.

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