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Meet Meredith Miotke, the artist who created the cover illustration for this week's MT

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click to enlarge Self portrait of the artist. - MEREDITH MIOTKE
  • Meredith Miotke
  • Self portrait of the artist.
We first learned about illustrator Meredith Miotke's work from the College for Creative Studies annual student exhibition a few years ago, when we saw her maps of Detroit project. We weren't the first publication to appreciate her work — since then, she's created illustrations for Crain's and Loveland Technologies. We spoke to Miotke, who now lives in Boston, by phone to learn more. 

Metro Times: Thanks again for your hard work on that illustration. You really went the extra mile!

Meredith Miotke: No problem. Sorry, I get really involved with things when I draw them! It was a lot of fun.

MT: How did you create that image?

Miotke: I drew it out in ink first, like all the streets and houses. Then I scanned it in, and colored it with a Wacom tablet in Photoshop.

MT: Is that how you typically work — pen and ink, and then finish it digitally?

Miotke: Yeah, always. I can't really go straight into it digitally. My lines are kind of shaky, and it doesn't get that texture to it. I like being able to move the paper around, and the surface of the paper is better than the surface of the tablet. 

MT: I remember seeing your Corktown stuff at the student show.

Miotke: It was for my senior thesis with Dave Chow. I was having a really hard time figuring out what I wanted to do for that. I like Detroit, and I like travelling, and I like history, and I like food. When I navigate places, it's always based on what places there is to get something to eat, or some kind of landmark like that! So I thought I'd make a map of that! (Laughs)

click to enlarge MEREDITH MIOTKE
  • Meredith Miotke

MT: Did you do a lot of other map stuff after that?

Miotke: Actually, I hated — well, I didn't hate, but I really didn't like perspective or the thought of buildings before I did that project. Since then I've done a Belle Isle map, Midtown, Eastern Market, and a couple for a couple other clients like the Skillman Foundation, Loveland, and Crain's. I know Detroit pretty well now. (Laughs)

MT: You live in Boston now, right? So you're like, vicariously living in Detroit through these maps.

Miotke: I miss Detroit a lot! So it's kind of nice to get these projects.

MT: Are you from the metro Detroit area originally?

Miotke: I grew up in Dearborn.

  • Meredith Miotke

MT: What other kinds of freelance work have you done?

Most of it is in Detroit, which kind of surprises me. I'm trying to get some stuff outside of Detroit. I like freelancing. 

MT: You have a day job working at Converse in Boston, right? What do you do there?

Miotke: Graphics. So I'm actually drawing pictures all day. We do patterns and things like that.

MT: We met your co-worker Victor "Marka27" Quiñonez painting a mural in Southwest Detroit last weekend.

Miotke: I'm so jealous that he got to go to Detroit for that! He was like, "Have you ever been to the Bronx bar?" I'm like, "Of course I have! I've drank, um, way too many soft drinks there!" 

Check out Miotke's work in this week's Metro Times, or see more on her website

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