Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dave Pounder's Book Panned

Posted By on Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 1:15 PM

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Upon reading Dave Pounders’ new book, Obscene Thoughts, it made me want to do just that — pound my head against the wall. Although he does make some interesting statements, with easy-to-understand analogies, this book pissed me off. When it comes to objectifying women, Pounder hasn’t just crossed a line, he’s ejaculated all over it. Pounder makes statements throughout the entire book that seem designed to wound women’s self-esteem, that is, unless you happen to look like a supermodel. But women are not his only target. He makes at least one comment that would alienate any and all asexual men. Pounder also suggests that the entire male population is completely sex-driven and cares about nothing else in a relationship. Hey, there very well may be a part of the male population that does just that; however, it is very hard to believe that everybody is “wired” this way.

Not only are his comments offensive, but the writing is subpar. While you may not expect it to read like a scholarly piece of writing, you might have hoped it wouldn’t be so repetitivene.  Pounder repeats the same statements over and over (and over) again, which makes the book, overall, dull. My words to you, Mr. Pounder? Stick to the pornography industry and leave the psyche of men and women to the professionals.

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"What? How did my book about banging broads and what guys REALLY want offend a female reviewer? I mean, I don't get it!"

Jackie Smith is a Metro Times editorial intern.

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