Who Called Me? 7 Best Ways to Find out Whose Number Is This

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Are you tired of inquiring whose number is this calling me on your phone? Do you get multiple fake calls on your phone without any reason? From the past decade, the use of smartphones and phone numbers has increased. Where communication became easy, phone calls from unknown numbers did too. Many people inquire about the identity of people who called me from an unknown number.

Since numerous unknown calls received are a scam by nature, it is significant to protect ourselves from fraudulent activities. The article introduces 7 of the best solutions that can provide an answer to 'who called me' in detail, out of which we recommend the following 4 tools.

  • CocoFinder - Precise and Simple to Use Caller Identifier Lookup
  • Instant Checkmate - Get a Detailed Caller Report in Minimal Rates
  • Intelius - Efficient Tool for Connecting with your Old Friends
  • TruthFinder - Acquire the Real Identity of the Caller with Ease

1. CocoFinder

CocoFinder promises and features one of the best services of reverse phone lookup that provides users details of whose phone number is this. Its search engine has kept a very good repute in the market, which helps users obtain on-point information. CocoFinder helps its users discover the identity of the missed caller, look over an individual's location, and perform significant background checks with ease.

This can help them get to know about the scammer who is trying to trick them, connect them with a former partner, or catch a prankster. With a simple interface to work on, CocoFinder helps you locate all significant details of a person while complying with the law. It offers foolproof privacy to its user with a guarantee of anonymity and safety.

How to Find out Who Called Me? If you wish to find out the answer to the question of who called me, CocoFinder offers you an appropriate step-by-step guideline. It explains a proficient method for executing an efficient reverse phone lookup.

Step 1: Open CocoFinder’s homepage and access the ‘Who Called Me’ tool of CocoFinder.

Step 2: Add in the phone number that the user wishes to look up. Tap on the 'Start Search’ button to proceed.

Step 3: CocoFinder searches through its extensive databases and provides results in a couple of minutes.

Click Here to Check If the Person is Fake or Not through CocoFinder >>

2. Instant Checkmate

Users who are into discovering a breakthrough to find who is calling me should come across Instant Checkmate. This platform features a cognitive interface with the ability to look up across any phone number within a matter of minutes. Their legitimate platform provides users with guidelines for utilizing the information at suitable instances.

Obtain accurate information about people who called me from this phone number. Instant Checkmate retrieves extensive data, including criminal records and demographic data, in its information. It also helps recover smaller details from reverse phone lookups such as email addresses, social media profiles, online activities, photos, and much more.

How to Find Out Whose Number Is This Calling Me for Free?

The user needs to access the free reverse phone lookup tool at Instant Checkmate’s homepage. Add in the phone number that is to be looked through the available public databases. Start the search and receive the results within a few minutes in the form of a comprehensive report.

Click Here to Check Instant Checkmate quickly >>

3. Intelius

Intelius is another reverse phone lookup service that can come in quite handy in finding out who is calling me. Intelius offers quality services to its users where it features accurate results with data taken from federal, local, and governmental agencies.

The platform established itself in the market as one of the pioneers in background check services. Although the user needs to pay a price tag for accessing its complete phone lookup services, Intelius offers you quick results of who called you recently.

How to Use Intelius Online?

It is extremely simple to perform a reverse phone lookup across Intelius. The user needs to access the website of Intelius from their device. Proceeding with selecting ‘Phone’ from the options available on the top of the page, you need to add in your requested phone number. Tap on ‘Search’ to obtain extensive phone lookup results with details of the user who’s calling me from this number.

Get your Unknown Caller Identified within Seconds by using Intelius!

4. TruthFinder

People who wish to find extended details of a certain individual from their phone number should access TruthFinder for efficient results. The platform provides information about the user, such as billing details, credit card numbers, and other public records with ease. With the help of the information provided by TruthFinder, users can get to know more about the background of the target.

The user feels extreme convenience while working across the platform. It provides them with information that has been held confidential. With the prevention of accessing such data illegally, the user is provided with a list of self-monitoring tools to work with.

How to Identify Who Called Me?

Users will find it quite simple to perform a reverse phone lookup across TruthFinder. They need to access the original website of TruthFinder and lead towards its reverse phone lookup tool. Following this, add in the phone number and tap on ‘Search’ to obtain a detailed report. The report will include all the major details associated with the provided phone number.

Tap Here to Identify Who Called Me Precisely through TruthFinder >>

5. Numlooker

Numlooker provides the consumer market with a promising platform for performing effective reverse phone lookup. Users are accessed to personal details along with a very in-depth report, including criminal records, current cases, and other contact information. Everything that is featured across the report of Numlooker is kept under precision and accuracy.

The only major step that the users need to fulfill for successfully utilizing Numlooker is to add in a phone number that they wish to check. Numlooker does the rest and offers you a very exceptional interface helping you to catch scams.

6. PeopleFindFree

PeopleFindFree is a trusted source of obtaining information on who's calling me from this number. With an extensive reverse phone lookup service, you are offered variety in the information that is being retrieved from the databases.

PeopleFindFree helps look into details, including personal details, social media profiles, jobs, and education of the individual being searched on, and several other details. The user needs to simply add in the phone number to obtain unique information related to the number being searched.

7. FindPeopleFast

Do you wish to check who called me from this number? FindPeopleFast helps users discover the detailed analysis of the background check performed across the individual associated with the phone number. It includes unique information related to their lives such as alternate phone numbers, known aliases or residential addresses.

Since it is necessary to know who is calling across the other side of the phone, you need to have a fast service promising details in seconds. FindPeopleFast offers such a service by requiring the user to only add in their required phone number that is to be looked up.

More about “Who Called Me”

Whose number is calling me?

There are no specific reasons when it comes to answering who is calling me. Users can come across two different reasons that would lead to someone calling from an unknown number.

  • Might be a Cheater
The person that has been calling you would be spam and would be doing a clear fraud with you. To spam advertise their product or perform fraud, they use different phone numbers to access random users.
  • Telemarketers
Users may receive random calls of people promoting their products and services, which can be a big waste of time.

Why Should I Know Who Called Me?

It is important to know the person that is calling from the other side. This saves you from a lot of inconvenient instances. There are multiple reasons relating to who called me from this number.
  • Be Aware of Calling Back
They should always call back important calls received across their phone. Thus, being aware of who is calling is important for calling them back.
  • Genuine Mistakes
While writing down numbers across your device, there is a high probability that people might have accidentally mistyped a number. This would lead to a wrong call.

What Can I Do with a Reverse Phone Lookup?

You may now be aware of how to operate a reverse phone lookup. Then you can easily ignore various insurance companies, car sellers, and call center services call with the help of a reverse phone lookup tool.

You may receive a call from a hospital or a certain governmental department that should have been returned. After learning the identity of the caller who called me, you can return the phone call immediately.


There are hundreds of platforms that promise to offer unique and accurate services to their users. As there are several factors such as accuracy and precision that make a platform best in the market, this article featured such tools and sites as solutions to the problem.

This article guides users in adopting seven ways to find out who called me. This helps them set up a fine line between legit and scam calls. With the help of an effective reverse phone lookup to know who called me, people can also catch catfishes and unmask the identities of harassers.

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