Top 8 Dating Sites For Gamers & Nerds: Find Your Fandom Soul Mate

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It can be hard for the social outcasts among us to find love when we feel so withdrawn. Maybe you even feel awkward in social situations. On the bright side, there’s a place on the Internet for every type of person in the world.

For all the geeks, fandom freaks, nerds, gamers, and anyone else out there who shares like-minded interests with people online, there are dating sites for you. We want to look at the top 8 dating sites for gamers & nerds to help you find your soul mate; IRL or otherwise.

Top 8 Dating Sites for Gamers & Nerds

One of the oldest and most well-known in the industry, eHarmony isn’t exactly dedicated to gamers and geeks exclusively. It does, however, give you the right tools to find your fellow nerd. It offers many potentials as far as the more mainstream dating sites go, which makes it easier to connect with someone.

eHarmony is one of the most popular online dating platforms for a reason. We certainly recommend giving it a chance. It’s not the only site on our list, though.

To summarize, eHarmony offers nerds and gamers a potential dating opportunity with long-term potential. Your fellow geeks and freaks are out there, waiting for you. The platform also lets you sign up and look around for free, so that’s a pretty big plus.

Membership is required to message someone, though, plus the use of other premium features. The freebie account is a great way to dip your toes in the water to see if you want to dive in.


  • Potential to find a serious partner
  • Tons of success stories and fellow eHarmony members
  • Algorithm measures compatibility in a proven, calculated way
  • You can send pre-written questions to your matches


  • More conservative than other dating platforms
  • Can’t message or use certain other features with a free account

Another well-known platform, Zoosk has a pretty good reputation as far as dating sites go. It’s where people go to make friends, steamy partners, soulmates, and many more in between. With more than 40 million singles using Zoosk, it makes it easy for a gamer or nerd to find their match.

It’s not a platform that’s directly geared towards gamers. However, Zoosk offers one of the most popular options for the current dating generations.

Similar to eHarmony, the site has a matchmaking algorithm. This helps users find their true number one and connect with them. We should also note that this might be partially why it’s the #1 grossing app in the Apple App Store.

Overall, Zoosk has a massive user base with a much faster sign-up than a lot of other sites. It’s a pick we recommend trying. Plus, their automated messaging feature makes it easy to connect with others.


  • The automated messaging feature is a plus
  • Signup is much faster, easier, and convenient than many other serious platforms
  • A tremendous user base makes it easy to not feel alone


  • Dead profiles can sometimes clog up your matches

Educated and older geeks might find better use with EliteSingles. For those who are career-focused, this may be a more ideal dating platform than others.

The site also offers an advanced personality test at the beginning. This helps analyze you truly to find a complementing match. Each day, based on the answers from every users’ personality test, you’ll receive a handful of completely personalized matches.

While it can be a plus for dating sites to have an easy, quick signup process, EliteSingles does things differently. In contrast, they take their privacy and verification procedure very seriously.

Do be warned: the questionnaire at the beginning will take you some time. It’s comprehensive, and it’s the way the platform gives you matches. Go into it fully prepared to be there for a while. That way, you can give it your all so your answers come out as honestly as possible.

One downside is that there’s no search feature, because of the way they do matches. You can’t just look someone up. Instead, you can simply hope to match on the person that’s meant for you. It’s not the cheapest, either.

For singles that are serious about settling down and finding that nerd to spend your life with, Elite Single might be for you. You’re career-minded but ready to meet the love of your life. Ready to settle down without actually feeling like you’re settling down.

That’s exactly where this platform comes in handy.


  • Security, privacy, and verification are taken seriously
  • Personalized matches are based on the answers to your comprehensive questionnaire
  • While the questionnaire is long, it’s worth the payoff
  • Perfect for serious geeks and nerds ready to find their like-minded match


  • Premium plan can be pricey to some
  • No search feature - must go off the matches received

4: GamerDating - Best for Finding Your Player 2

A place where gamers can feel like themselves and be who they want to be, GamerDating is perfect for hardcore gamers. It’s also one of the best sites for gamers and nerds to find local connections. Plus, you get to have fun while doing it.

The platform is all about making the right connections — helping people find love. Signing up takes seconds, making it easier to get started than many other sites.

There are millions of gamers across the platform (and around the world) looking for something casual or long-term. Likewise, you can bond over games of all kinds. So, you could at least find some of your best gaming buddies here.

Created by gamers, for gamers, it stands up to everything a modern gamer might expect of a dating site. Premium membership isn’t free, but it offers a lot of promise for many gamers.


  • Get to see a user’s list of favorite genres and games immediately
  • Gender-inclusive and pro-LGBTQ
  • Even gender ratio, 50/50 male/female users across the site
  • Used to make friends as often as a romantic partner


  • No app for the smartphone
  • The interface feels more outdated than others

5: LGFDating - Best for Finding Someone with Like-Minded Interests

Another platform dedicated to gamers by gamers is LFGDating. It was founded by a Marine Corps officer and high school English teacher. The goal? Help give the users what they want — if what they want is another awesome gamer around.

As the dating site itself puts it,

“Whether you're looking to meet a single gamer to join you on a grind through Azeroth, tear through a few hours in Fortnite, or one to spend the rest of your life with, then you've landed in the right place. LFGdating is the #1 gamer dating site on Earth, and the #1 social network for gamers, period.”

They also have an app for both Android and iOS, so that’s pretty cool.


  • Signup is free so you can look through your matches before you pay for premium
  • Billed as a “100% custom-built premium gamer dating site”
  • App available for both iOS and Android
  • Ideal for folks looking for like-minded matches


  • Premium account required to message users
  • Not as well-known as other platforms

6: KippoApp - Best for More Serious Gamers

For the more hardcore gamers, there’s always KippoApp. With a simple interface, it offers a solution for gamers to meet other gamers. Whether that means for friendships, relationships, dating, or something else entirely, that’s up to the users.

Available as an app for both Android and iOS, KippoApp is ranked among one of the top-grossing dating apps. The site makes it easy to set up your profile and browse other users’ profiles.

You get to choose the answers to your personality trait questions through a sliding scale. For the more indecisive of us, this is a blessing. Then, you can build a deck of profiles to explore from there. Plus, it’s free to browse, so it’s certainly one to add to your list of dating sites to try.

While it’s a dating platform for gamers, Kippo has been getting some serious attention. In 2020, it was voted #1 best dating app by Mashable and by Digital Trends. It’s also been downloaded over 500,000 times since its start.


  • Many free features, including the ability to browse profiles
  • App available for both iOS and Android
  • A simple interface makes it easier to find what you’re looking for


  • Fewer users than many of the more mainstream dating sites
  • Some features locked behind a paywall

7: SoulGeek - Best for the True Geeks at Heart

Now, this one’s definitely for the geeks and nerds of the world. SoulGeek is perfect for the geek looking for their soulmate. It was crafted at a Battlestar Galactica event while the creator stood in line. The creator saw a couple cosplaying together, and wanted that for himself. Thus, the dating site was born.

Considered a “geek’s paradise,” it’s meant to help you find your soul mate rather than just a casual fling. It also has a lot of fun touches that encourage users to keep going. While it may not look appealing to a normie, SoulGeek is perfect for gamers and nerds in the dating scene.


  • Search for matches by category, fandom, and much more
  • International users make it easy to connect with users across the world
  • Receive weekly emails of new members you may have missed
  • Free to use, so completely worth the effort


  • The interface could do with an update
  • There’s not a matching algorithm, so you have to find a match yourself

8: DragonFruitApp - Best for Gamer Dating Casually

Finally, there’s the DragonFruitApp. It has its very own “geekdom index” that helps users find other members of the same geeky type. Not every interest is going to mesh just because they’re both considered nerdy. Star Wars and Star Trek fans don’t always mix, for example.

Alternatively, you can use their search function to find users with opposing interests to you. After all, opposites attract. You never know what your type might be till you get to looking!

The dating site makes it a breeze to sign up and get started. There’s even a free trial period where you can try the premium, paid features before you buy. This is only thanks to the beta version they’re currently testing, though.

The DragonFruitApp lets you pick your type of geek. Then, you connect with people both around the world and locally. Over time, you’ll find your true match made in geek heaven, no matter what your interests might be.


  • Geekdom index lets you look up fellow nerds by their interests
  • The platform makes it easy to find people that fit your type rather than forcing you into a mold
  • Try out premium, paid features before you ever pay for an account
  • Connect with people locally and around the world


  • Still new, so some features may not work properly
  • Because it’s new, there may not be as many matches for you

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are multiple dating sites out there that could fit your interests. We hope our guide on the top 8 dating sites for gamers & nerds helped you sort through the best for you.

However, we would recommend trying out more than one. Test out some or even all of the dating sites we mention to see if one truly pops out at you. You never know when and where you’re going to find the geek that truly completes you. Try out some of these dating sites today to see which one you get the most promising matches with.

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