Top 6 Best Testosterone Booster Supplements For Men

Testosterone levels determine many of the characteristics that often define a man, such as muscle mass, energy levels, and high libido. Unfortunately, testosterone levels peak pretty soon after men reach adulthood, as early as 18 or 19 years old. Testosterone then gradually drops for the rest of your life, no matter how healthy of a lifestyle you lead.

The good news is that there are testosterone booster supplements that can help restore your low testosterone levels to what they were in your early 20’s without needles or prescriptions. The top testosterone boosters for men offer an array of health benefits including:

• Increased strength and muscle mass
• Reduced body fat, especially in the belly area
• Greater motivation and confidence
• Increased libido and sexual desire
• Better concentration and focus
• Improved mood and sense of well-being

However, finding the best testosterone booster is not as easy as it sounds. With so many natural testosterone boosting supplements on the market, with each one claiming to be the best, how do you really know which products work and which ones are a waste of money?

Luckily, we have reviewed all of the best natural testosterone boosters on the market to help you decide. We’ve evaluated over 13 of the best-selling testosterone supplements based on their ingredients, customer reviews, side effects, price, and effectiveness.

If you’re ready to reinvigorate your masculinity and feel like the best you’ve had in years, here are the best supplements to increase testosterone levels naturally.

Top 6 Best Testosterone Booster Supplements of 2021

Testogen: Strongest Testosterone Booster
Prime Male: Best Supplement For Sex Drive
Testofuel: Best T-Booster For Muscle Gain
TestRx: Top Testosterone Booster For Men Over 50
Hunter Test: Best Value
Testo-Max: Best Natural Alternative To Sustanon

#1 TestoGen – Strongest Testosterone Booster

Testogen is one of the best supplements to increase testosterone levels naturally. Testogen is trusted by hundreds of thousands of men from around the world, thanks to its premium quality ingredients and amazing results. Just 4 capsules daily is all you need to enjoy health benefits such as:

• Increased muscle size, strength, and stamina
• Improved libido and performance in the bedroom
• Better mood, focus, and energy levels
• Reduced belly fat for an improved body composition

The way Testogen works is pretty simple. In a nutshell, it increases the amount of testosterone that is released by your own body. It doesn't contain any actual testosterone in it at all, making it equally safe as it is effective.

Testogen contains a select blend of 11 powerful ingredients that work to give you the strength and stamina you need to tackle each day with unbreakable motivation. Since the formulation is 100% natural, there are no side effects.

Here are the 11 ingredients found inside of Testogen:

• D-Aspartic Acid
• Magnesium
• Vitamin D3
• Nettle Leaf Extract
• Korean Red Ginseng Extract
• Fenugreek Extract
• Vitamin K1
• Vitamin B6
• Zinc
• Boron
• Bioperine

The manufacturer of Testogen offers an industry-leading 100 day money back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence. They also offer free worldwide shipping and huge savings if you buy more than a 1-month supply. According to user reviews, results can be seen in as little as two weeks.

Testogen is for any man over 18 that wants to improve their muscle mass, sex drive, energy, and motivation. It's also useful for anyone that wants to lose stubborn fat such as belly fat or man boobs.

• Increase Muscle Size, Strength, and Stamina
• Improve Athletic Performance and Body Composition
• One of The Most Trusted Brands With Hundreds of Thousands of Users
• Free Shipping Worldwide
• 100% Natural T-Booster With No Reported Side Effects

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#2 TestRx – Best Test Booster for Men Over 50

TestRX is one of the best testosterone boosters for men over 50. This product promises to give you more energy, more strength, more stamina, and improve your libido.

TestRx works by encouraging your body to produce more testosterone naturally. The TestRx formula is formulated with ZMA, a combination of zinc, magnesium aspartate, and vitamin B6. Each of these ingredients is critical for protein synthesis, which is essential for muscle growth.

A study at Western Washington University found that ZMA increased testosterone levels in men by 30% in just 8 weeks. ZMA may also help improve your immune system and energy levels as well.

In addition to ZMA, TestRx also includes other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that have shown to increase testosterone production and athletic performance. The full list of TestRx ingredients include:

• Fenugreek Seed Extract
• Vitamin D3
• Vitamin K2
• Vitamin B6
• Magnesium
• Zinc
• D-Aspartic Acid

Most men start noticing higher energy levels and stamina within the first month of using TestRx, with physical changes seen between 1-3 months. TestRx comes with a 67-day money back guarantee, so you can return it in the unlikely event you don't love the product.

TestRx is for older men that want to revive their t-levels to what they once were and enjoy more strength, energy, and libido.

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#3 Prime Male – Top Testosterone Pills For Sex Drive

Prime Male is the top testosterone booster on the market for increasing sex drive. This award-winning, UK-based brand’s name says it all: Prime Male promises to restore your hormone levels to their youthful glory. The brand actually claims that it increases testosterone by up to 42 percent in as soon as 12 days, lending you maximum strength and stamina.

Tell Alexa to play "Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye because you’ll be ready to woo your partner into bed before you know it.

Prime Male increases testosterone levels by combining sexual response-inducing vasodilators and the following 12 testosterone-boosting ingredients:

• D-aspartic acid
• Boron
• Magnesium
• Zinc
• BioPerine
• Red ginseng extract
• Mucuna pruriens seed extract
• Nettle root
• Luteolin
• Vitamin K2
• Vitamin D
• Vitamin B6

D-aspartic acid in particular should give your libido a boost because it has been proven to increase sperm count by at least 60 percent.

Unlike other supplements, Prime Male recommends taking its dose of four pills gradually throughout the day for best results: one with breakfast, another with a mid-morning snack, a third at lunchtime, and the last one with dinner.

While Prime Male will help any man reclaim his vigor, this supplement excels at increasing testosterone levels in men who want to rekindle their sex drive.

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#4 TestoFuel – Best for Muscle Gain

TestoFuel is the highest rated testosterone booster for muscle gain. The philosophy is simple: More testosterone, more muscle. By blocking estrogen production, TestoFuel helps boost testosterone. In turn, testosterone speeds up the rate of protein synthesis, which helps increase muscle mass.

As another bonus for your physique, TestoFuel accelerates your metabolism for optimal weight loss, helping you burn fat that your body has been storing for years. All that will be left behind is lean muscle.

TestoFuel’s formula contains nine ingredients that function as natural testosterone boosters:

• D-aspartic acid
• Magnesium
• Zinc
• Vitamin K2
• Vitamin B6
• Vitamin D3
• Asian red panax ginseng
• Fenugreek seed
• Oyster extract

The zinc in TestoFuel will especially help you sculpt your body because it speeds up the time it takes to repair the tiny micro-tears in muscular tissue after a vigorous workout, meaning you can get back in the gym daily without worrying about getting debilitatingly sore—even if you push yourself past your usual limits.

For the best muscle growth you’ve seen in years, take four capsules of TestoFuel daily. You will need to practice patience, though, since it might take about two months before you start to see serious increases in muscle mass.

You should also know that the supplement will cause you to feel extra hungry—which actually isn’t a bad thing! Just make sure that you fill up on proteins that will help you get the most out of the pills.

If low levels of testosterone have put a cap on the results you can earn from your grueling workout routine, TestoFuel can help you smash that annoying plateau.

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#5 Hunter Test – Best Value

Hunter Test prides itself on delivering the effects of pricier testosterone boosters, but at a much lower cost of approximately four cents per pill. The brand asserts that the booster will change your life by amplifying muscle mass, increasing your energy levels, and heightening your performance—particularly in the bedroom.

Hunter Test combines nine science-backed ingredients in its clean formula:

• D-aspartic acid
• Vitamin K2
• Vitamin D
• Asian ginseng
• Ashwagandha
• Boron chelate
• Zinc
• Indole-3-carbinol
• Magnesium

To increase testosterone, ingest a six-capsule serving of Hunter Test daily. You should probably down the pills quickly—and maybe even plug your nose—since customers have reported a funky smell.

If you would rather wade than dive into the world of testosterone boosters, Hunter Test could serve as an ideal stepping stone to higher-grade testosterone boosters. When you see how much a supplement can help you boost testosterone levels, your confidence in the product will grow—and so will your confidence in yourself as a man.

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#6 Testo-Max – Legal Testosterone Pill (Alternative to Sustanon)

is one of the best testosterone boosters for developing lean, ripped muscle in a short time. The brand actually promises results in just one to two weeks! If you want to add bulk amounts of muscle mass without the side effects of steroids like Sustanon, this booster deserves a spot in your medicine cabinet.

TestoMax is able to provide such quick gains in muscle mass because of its massive dose—more than any other brand at 2352 milligrams—of the amino acid D-aspartic acid.

Other natural ingredients that comprise the Testo-Max formula include:

• Vitamin D3
• Vitamin K1
• Vitamin B6
• Magnesium
• Zinc
• Nettle leaf extract
• Ginseng red powder
• Fenugreek extract
• Boron
• BioPerine

Testo-Max recommends using its testosterone booster in cycles, alternating two months on with 10 days off. During the “on” period, take four capsules per day, roughly 20 minutes before breakfast. In order to see substantial muscle growth, you will still need to do the work of lifting heavy weights, but Testo-Max will expedite the muscle-building process.

Plus, you will soon be able to lift more than you ever thought possible because when you boost t-levels, oxygen flow throughout the body improves, granting you greater endurance.

If you want to increase testosterone using a safe, legal alternative to steroids, Testo-Max is the supplement for you. Bodybuilders will especially love the effects of this booster on their body.

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What Are Testosterone Boosters and How Do They Work?

In short, a testosterone booster is a supplement that men can take to increase testosterone levels. You can obtain them from your doctor, but many are available without a prescription, either online or over the counter.

As you can probably tell from our reviews of six testosterone-boosting supplements, boosters work by nourishing your body with natural ingredients that help increase testosterone production in some way.

Some ingredients limit how well the body is able to produce estrogen, which, in excess, hinders testosterone production in men. Others block the stress-causing hormone cortisol, since stress can contribute to low testosterone levels.

A few ingredients suppress the production of a compound called globulin, which binds to testosterone so that it becomes inactive. This can reduce the amount of free testosterone in the body by as much as 60 percent, so it’s important to keep globulin levels to a minimum if you want to boost t-levels.

Most importantly, many of these ingredients trigger the production of luteinizing hormones in the pituitary gland. The luteinizing hormone spurs the production of testosterone by the Leydig cells in the testes, thus increasing testosterone levels in men.

It’s important to note that while they do work, testosterone-boosting supplements aren’t some magic overnight fix. You may have to stick with one for days, weeks, or even months before your low testosterone levels begin to replenish. Just keep at it!

Things to Consider When Buying The Best Testosterone Supplements

Dosage of Key Ingredients

Because most ingredients are only effective when you ingest a high enough amount, it’s wise to carefully read the nutrition label on a testosterone-boosting supplement to make sure that the quantities listed meet the threshold.

For example, D-aspartic acid is a major player in testosterone production, but most supplements require over 2,000 milligrams of it in order to work.

Clean Labels (No Proprietary Formulas)

If you ever see the word “proprietary” on a testosterone supplement label, put that bottle back on the shelf. Proprietary formulas enable manufacturers to stretch the truth regarding the exact contents of their product. Instead of listing the precise amounts of each ingredient, they merely list the ingredients in weight order.

These laundry lists might appear impressive, but many of the ingredients therein are provided in amounts so marginal that they won’t have any impact. Some of the components may not even be essential to begin with.

All of this enables the manufacturer to get away with using less of the most expensive (i.e., effective) ingredients, which means you may end up getting duped.

Don’t fall for these dishonest tactics; only purchase testosterone supplements with straightforward, clean labels.

Money-back Guarantee

A satisfaction guarantee is something that all testosterone boosters should have. A money-back guarantee is essentially a display of confidence in the product. Manufacturers would never make such a gamble if they thought that their products might not work.

Several testosterone booster manufacturers pledge full refunds if you end up less than satisfied with the product. TestoGen in particular leads the industry with a lengthy 100-day period for returns. Prime Male and Hunter Test give you 90 days to figure out whether you like it, and more abide by various other terms. For instance, TestRx boasts a 67-day, no-questions-asked return policy.

The promise of getting your money back should give you some peace of mind as you decide whether to take a chance on a supplement.

Customer Reviews

Of course, you want to learn what other consumers who already took the plunge have to say about the testosterone booster. A brand can reassure you all it wants, but emphatic praise (or criticism) from verified buyers speaks volumes. Reading customer reviews will likely give you an accurate sense of how well a testosterone-boosting supplement works.

List of the Top Natural Testosterone Booster Ingredients

D-Aspartic Acid

Present in eggs, dairy, and barley, D-aspartic acid is an amino acid that is known to help increase testosterone levels, sometimes by as much as 60 percent after just 90 days of continued use.

This ambitious amino acid achieves its goal in three ways: stimulating the release of the crucial luteinizing hormone, encouraging Leydig cells in the testes to produce more testosterone, and accelerating the conversion of cholesterol into testosterone.

This all leads to an increase in health benefits both physical and mental, including higher sperm count, leaner muscles, and unbridled confidence.


DHEA is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, as well as by the testes in small amounts. Because DHEA kills two birds with one stone as a testosterone producer and estrogen blocker, it’s included in many boosters on the market.

Tribulus Terrestris

This fruit-bearing Mediterranean plant has recently shown potential as a natural testosterone-boosting agent for men with low hormone levels. Tribulus Terrestris is particularly associated with improvements in athletic and sexual performance.


The second most common trace element in our bodies, zinc contributes to a plethora of bodily processes such as forming the testosterone-producing luteinizing hormone. You can find zinc in red meat, poultry, and oysters—it’s no wonder that oyster extract is a common aphrodisiac.

Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek is a Mediterranean herb, the seeds of which can be turned into an extract known as Testofen. The extract earned its name due to the way it helps the body produce and release free testosterone. It also limits aromatization, the process of converting testosterone into estrogen.

Nettle Leaf Extract

The extract from stinging nettle root and leaves increases the amount of free testosterone in the body by binding to SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), which would normally bind to testosterone and render it inactive.

Vitamin B6

Found in fish, fruit, and starchy vegetables, this B vitamin appears to participate in the formation of hormones like testosterone, possibly by recycling the receptors. In any event, vitamin B6 is known for boosting energy levels.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency has long been associated with low testosterone levels. We get this vitamin from milk (including plant-based milks) and sunlight, so if you have spent your entire career indoors at a desk, your body may be crying out for vitamin D.

Vitamin K1

K1 is the primary form of vitamin K that we encounter in our diet, found in leafy greens and other vegetables. Vitamin K mitigates inflammation in the testes that reduces the formation of testosterone.

Vitamin K2

When you eat animal products including meats, cheeses, and eggs, the bacteria in your body synthesizes the nutrients to create vitamin K2, also known as menaquinone. Vitamin K2 helps prevent calcium from building up in your arteries, which would impede the flow of testosterone-boosting D3.

Signs of Low Testosterone in Men

Stubborn Belly Fat

Are you struggling with weight loss no matter what you do? If rigorous workouts and a healthy diet are not doing enough to zap the body fat in your midsection, abnormally low testosterone levels may be the culprit.

Reduced Muscle Mass

Even if we hit the gym religiously, the body gradually loses muscle mass as we get older. This is due in large part to the decrease in testosterone and HGH levels. If you have lost tone where there used to be firmness, you should consider a testosterone booster..

Decreased Sex Drive

The correlation between low t-levels and low sex drive is well known. While your libido will naturally decline as you age, there may be an issue if you’ve lost all interest in intimacy whatsoever, especially if you’re only in your thirties or forties.

Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone prompts the brain to produce nitric oxide, the primary compound that jumpstarts the erection process. Therefore, a lack of testosterone will contribute to erectile dysfunction, making it more difficult for you to get it up, let alone keep going until orgasm. However, penis extenders can help with erectile dysfunction.

Mood Swings

If your mood has become wildly unpredictable in recent years, low testosterone could be to blame. This change may manifest itself as a lack of motivation, out-of-the-blue sadness, or a short temper. An increase in levels of testosterone can help restore your previously pleasant demeanor.

Lack of Energy

Does completing tasks feel like it takes a lot more effort than it used to? You may need to boost your testosterone levels if you regularly find yourself fighting fatigue or struggling to focus. You will be amazed at how much more your body is able to handle.

Health Benefits of Taking Testosterone Boosters

In addition to the intended results we’ve already described, testosterone-boosting supplements come with some perks for your overall health.

Some of the main health benefits of an increased testosterone level revolves around the cardiovascular system. Low levels of testosterone can increase your risk of developing problems such as heart disease. Plus, testosterone helps produce red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout the body.

Testosterone supplements will also strengthen your bones. Along with testosterone, bone density decreases as we age, which can lead to osteoporosis or at least leave you more prone to injuries. The vitamin D present in testosterone boosters alleviates these issues.

Mental health is another crucial aspect of overall health, and increasing your body’s testosterone can do wonders for your mind. Because low-testosterone symptoms like irritability and low energy are also hallmarks of depression, taking boosters should keep the blues at bay.

Do Testosterone Boosters Have Any Side Effects?

If you take all-natural supplements like the ones we’ve reviewed, it’s highly unlikely that you will experience any side effects. That being said, there are a few things that you should keep an eye out for, especially depending on your medical conditions.

While testosterone’s role in red blood cell production is usually a positive thing, an excessive increase in testosterone levels can cause dead red blood cells to pile up, creating blood clots. If you have a history of blood clots or are at risk for them, you should proceed with caution when it comes to test-boosters.

Some studies also show that boosting testosterone may enlarge the prostate gland. If your prostate is healthy, the enlargement should be benign and hardly affect the quality of your life. However, men already suffering from ailments like prostate cancer should steer clear of testosterone supplements.

And remember teen acne? Since you are aiming to return your testosterone levels to what they were in your youth, your skin may start to reflect that. Even if you never experienced breakouts back then, you may develop some pimples now. And if you still get zits on a regular basis as an adult, you should expect to see even more of them, though hopefully not as many as you did during puberty.

Otherwise, testosterone booster users have reported a handful of mild side effects like worsening sleep apnea or gas, but research on such topics is currently inconclusive.

Can You Buy Testosterone Boosters Over the Counter at GNC?

While you can buy some affordable test-boosters like Hunter Test over the counter, the strongest testosterone booster supplements you can get without a prescription are typically only sold directly from the manufacturer.

Sadly, most testosterone boosters you will find at stores like GNC contain such low doses of key ingredients that they don’t do much. For the best results, we recommend purchasing products for lower testosterone directly from the manufacturers’ websites.

Final Thoughts – Are Natural Testosterone Boosters Right for You?

It sounds obvious, but if you want to boost t-levels in your body, you should get your hands on a proper booster. Younger men and older men alike—really, any guy over the age of 25—can benefit from an increase in testosterone. Users that suffer from a testosterone deficiency can benefit greatly from products that can boost testosterone.

Of course, you should always consult your doctor before adding a new substance to your regimen, even though these supplements can help increase testosterone levels with minimal health risks. Unless you suffer from medical conditions like heart disease or certain types of cancer, you can increase testosterone levels at virtually no detriment to your health.

On the contrary, introducing a testosterone supplement to your body may even improve your overall health.

So, what do you have to lose? If you want to perform better on the basketball court, in the boardroom, and in the bedroom, a testosterone booster supplement is your best bet.

What are you waiting for? Recover your testosterone levels today by purchasing the best testosterone booster for you.
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