Top 5 Best At-Home Drug Testing Kits

There are many scenarios in which you might need a home drug test kit. Maybe your kid has been acting off lately and you suspect drug use or maybe you yourself have a test coming up and want to know if you're clean.

Thanks to advancements in technology you don't have to run off to a lab to do a urine drug test anymore you can now do it in the privacy of your own home.

The accuracy of these tests can make or break many situations. You don't want to test your teen and have them show up positive when they are negative. If you've got a test coming up for work you definitely don't want to think your test will be negative and it turns out positive. All this to say not all test kits are created equal and accuracy is very important.

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We've created this guide to break down what options are out there and things you should consider when picking the best drug testing kits.

Best kit for testing for THC - PassYourTest - Single Panel THC Home Test Kit

Best kit for testing for multiple substances - PassUSA - 6 Panel Drug Tests

Best product to help you detox before a drug test - TestClear - Mega Clean Detox Drink

If you are looking to pass a drug test here are some of the best products available to help

Types of Drug Tests

Single Panel Drug Tests:

You can purchase a single panel drug test that will only test for one specific substance. This is usually a great option if you are a marijuana user or if that is something you'd like to test your child for. Single panel drug tests are much more affordable than multipanel tests and therefore you can test in bulk without needing a laboratory.

Multi-Panel Drug Tests:

As the name suggests with these types of tests you can test for multiple substances. These tests are not as affordable as single panel tests but will show results for several drugs in a system. Most employer drug tests are multi-panel tests so if you are trying to pretest for one you might get in a professional setting you might want to spend the extra money.

PassYourTest - Single Panel THC Home Test Kit

PassYourTest sells home kits to test for THC. They provide 99% accurate results in 5 minutes with the most sensitive home test kits on the market so you can know you are clean. Their test kits come with testing liquid, a color chart with instructions, and a multiple-use testing vial.

PassYourTest’s THC home kits produce reliable results. Simply remove the cap and immerse the strip into a cup of urine. Take the strip out after the “C” line appears, then put the cap back on and lay on a flat surface. Your results are ready in 5 minutes. (Do not interpret after 10 minutes).

Every product that PassYourTest carries is backed by a full money-back satisfaction guarantee. They also sell detox products on their site as well.


The single panel home testing kit for THC is $19.95 and detects THC above the level of 50 ng/mL. This test provides 99% accurate results within minutes. If you wish to buy multiple tests you can purchase a 5 pack of single panel home drug tests for $34.95. You also get free shipping with all test kits purchased.

PassYourTest - 5 Panel Test-O-Meter

The 5-panel Test-O-Meter from PassYourTest still only tests for marijuana. What makes this test different from the single panel test is that it tells you the amount of THC in your system at different levels. This means that this test tells you the presence of marijuana if it is 15, 100, 200, or even 300 ng/ML, unlike the above test which only tells you if the level is 50 ng/mL. This test is more sensitive than your average test and therefore more accurate.

The instructions for this test are basically the same as any urine sample home drug test kit but results will be more accurate. If you suspect your child might be involved in drug abuse you might want to use a test that tests for more than just THC.


The five-panel Test-O-Meter THC Home Test Kit costs $24.95 and offers the same results as the single panel test, along with additional 15, 100, 200, and 300 ng/ML THC test levels. You can also purchase a five-pack for $49.95. Free shipping on all US orders.

PassUSA - 6-Panel Drug Test

The 6-Panel Drug Test is from PassUSA is one of the best on the market. This test will detect the presence of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine/ amphetamines, opiates, and more. This test detects the presence of a substance it alerts you to which specific drug your sample is positive for.

Almost all of the substances this test checks for are illegal drugs so if an employer detects any of these you will likely be out of a job which is why it's so important to test using a multipanel test before you go for your real lab test.

This drug testing kit does not come with a sample up included but dixie cups or disposable cups can be purchased online to use with this test.


The 6-Panel Drug Test can be purchased online for just $13.95 which is more affordable than other tests out there. This home drug test really becomes a cost-effective option when you increase the number you purchase. If you buy 8 for $111.60 you will get 4 free tests added to your order.

PassUSA - 1-Panel Urine Drug Test

Drug testing yourself before you go in for a test is one of the best ways you can be sure you will pass. This 1-panel urine drug test is a great option because it tests for one specific type of drug.

A single panel test means only a single drug will be tested for. This can be a great option if you know you have only used one type of drug. However, if you are a parent a multipanel test will give you a much greater range when it comes to telling which drugs your child may be using.

With these tests you will select the one specific drug to test this can be everything from marijuana to cocaine. These tests are smaller than a USB so you can easily carry them in your pocket at test just moments before you take the lab test.


One single test that tests for one specific drug is $7.95. Every two tests you purchase after that you get one free so buy 6 get 3 free etc. If you spend over $135 you will get free shipping in the US.

Countrywide Testing - 10 Panel Quickscreen Cup

The Countrywide home drug test kit is FDA approved and can detect 10 drugs including cocaine, marijuana, MDMA, and 7 other drugs. With this test, you will collect the urine sample in the provided collection cup. This cup includes a temperature strip and a timer panel that turns red when your sample is ready.

You'd be surprised that not all tests are the same accuracy. The Quickscreen cup determines accuracy up to 99% which is extremely reliable test results. You can buy this product from their site directly or call in for commercial orders.


You can order these home drug tests in bulk only at 10 or more units. 10 drug tests will run you $37.50 and the price goes down the more tests you buy. There is free shipping over $75 and a money-back guarantee.

How To Use An At Home Drug Test:

Using an at-home drug test is pretty simple. To get an accurate result, you will first need to collect a urine sample. For this step, you will need a clean cup. Disposable cups work great. Some kits will come with a cup you use for the sample.

Next, you will want to wait for the collection to cool to room temperature. Some kits recommended you store the test strips in the fridge before use. You will want the kit itself to be room temperature as well so take it out of the fridge for a few hours before testing.

Remove the test strips and place them into the sample. Each test will tell you how long to leave it, but most quality home drug tests recommend about 10 seconds.

Finally, place your test strip flat on a paper towel as you don't want urine contaminating your surface and wait for the test to determine the results.

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