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There are a variety of ways we can get what we need to fuel our bodies. Though most of our nutritional needs can come from a proper diet, supplements are a popular option for many reasons. Among these, food sensitivities, personal preference, and general convenience are perhaps the main reasons someone would reach for a supplement over a natural food source.

There are countless supplements on the market, meeting almost every physical need. In general, they are condensed forms of a vital nutrient, combined with a carrier. This allows you to get the needed dose of that vitamin or nutrient you may lack, or just need a little bit more help getting in. Depending on what you goal or need, what you choose will obviously vary.

For those who regularly go to the gym or work out, one of the most common supplements purchased is a protein powder.

The Importance of Protein

Protein participates in the general function of various aspects of our bodies such as communication of the cells, supporting the immune system, and transporting key nutrients throughout the body. Though there is a long list of benefits and reasons why protein is so important, it is most commonly used with a specific intention in mind: muscle repair.

In the fitness world especially, protein is highly noted for its function as a macronutrient that repairs and maintains the body. The wear and tear throughout the day placed on our body demands this repair. However, when you run, lift weights, swim, or do any sort of workout, you are creating significantly more tears in your muscles and this muscles need one thing: protein.

That is to simply say, our bodies really need protein. It should be one of the most consumed macronutrients of any given day, and that’s why having a supplement can be so helpful.

Why You Need a Supplement

Throughout the day our bodies demand consistent intake of protein. Most of this protein we of course get through eggs, meat, nuts, a variety of vegetables, and a number of other foods. Knowing we have the option to supply our bodies with protein without having to purchase a supplement presents the question: why do we need a protein supplement?

While you should be taking in most of your protein from the food you eat, it is important to understand some things about the nature of nutrient absorption into the body.

Our bodies have to work to break down the food we ingest, and this can take some time; even up to an hour. This means that it can take a long time before our body actually absorbs any of the nutrients. Our bodies, however, do not take as much time when it comes to absorbing nutrients from any sort of liquid supplement because the liquid form of a supplement results in the faster and more efficient use of nutrients.

With this in mind, protein powder, while it can be easily added to the foods we so choose to add it to, is often added to water or some form of milk. This means that the protein, and any other nutrients present in the supplement, when ingested, absorb into the body not only faster, but more efficiently as well. So you will be getting a whole lot more out of a supplement than you would food or a capsule.

After your workout, you want to give your muscles the protein they need. If you wait too long, you will lose proper repair of your muscles, and result in a loss of muscle tissue. This is why you ultimately need a protein powder supplement, especially as a lifter or regular gym-goer.

Why You Should Choose Whey Protein

Protein supplements are sourced from all over the world and from a number of foods. Chicken, beef, fish, and essentially all meat are prime sources for protein, but so are certain vegetables, seeds, and other foods. When it comes to deciding what type of protein powder you are wanting, there is one source that is the gold standard: whey.

Most everyone who regularly participates in some sort of physical exercise is familiar with whey protein. The whey itself usually comes from cow milk, but it has more recently started to be sourced from goat milk as well. It is the most popular source for protein supplements and for good reason, too. It is packed with amino acids and numerous studies have been supporting the benefit it has on our physical health and appearance.

Compared to other forms of protein, such as soy, whey stands out as the best option when it comes to getting the results we want. If you want to gain lean muscle mass, while losing fat, whey protein is what you want as it has been proven to provide just that.

When you are choosing where to get your protein from, it is important to consider the fact that this powerhouse macronutrient can do a lot more than rebuild muscle if it comes from whey. For example, whey protein has been shown to lower blood pressure and combat both type 2 diabetes and obesity. Beyond that, it has even been shown to help combat depression and improve our overall mood.

Whey protein has also been shown to protect our bodies from cancer and even reduce the symptoms of hepatitis. The benefits of whey go even beyond that, and so there’s good reason it has stood out as the main option for protein powder supplements.

There are a number of options on the market to choose from as far as what type of protein you are wanting to get. If you aren’t someone who has specific dietary restrictions for either health, religious, or personal reasons, whey protein is the best option. It stands above all other sources of protein and has had plenty of research done on its benefits to back it up.

What to Look For in a Supplement

We’ve established whey protein as the best option when it comes to looking for a protein supplement. However, just as not all protein sources are equal to whey, not all whey protein is equal. A number of things should be considered when making a choice on which brand to go with to get the most for your body, health, and money.

1. Type of Whey

There are three forms of whey protein you will find in a supplement. Those forms are whey concentrate, whey isolate, and whey hydrolysate. They each have their own benefits, but they are by no means equal.

Whey concentrate is perhaps the most commonly used and is generally cheaper. This is because it has a lower percentage of protein and a higher percentage of fats and lactose. Though it tastes better than other options and may have a larger number of additional nutrients in it, you are also adding more fat and sugar into your diet than you may prefer. But most importantly, as a protein supplement, it may not have quite as much protein as you would want.

Whey hydrolysate comes with the idea of being more easily digested, but there is currently no evidence that this is true. More research is needed to conclude anything about hydrolysate being a worthwhile option for whey protein. Additionally, it is quite possible that hydrolyzed whey, having an incredibly unpleasant flavor, requires the use of numerous artificial sweeteners and sugars when put into a supplement. Added sugar should be kept at a minimal level for general health.

That brings us to whey isolate. It is the most studied form of whey, and so is the most reliable. Beyond that, it has the highest concentration of protein, which means less fats and sugars, and is noted for being easy to digest. Whey protein isolate will give you the benefits of whey, while also providing you with more protein than the other options. The flavor is generally not as great as whey concentrate, but it has way more to offer. You could run into excessive artificial sweeteners, but that is where thoroughly looking through the ingredients list will come into play.

2. Where Did it Come From and What is Inside

While you are looking over the ingredients, it’s important to figure out if the company you are buying from tells you where they source their whey from. Not all countries have the same regulations on their produce, and with that in mind, there are some things you may want to avoid.

Because certain countries have few regulations on their food, you have to do some extra digging to figure out where your supplement came from to make sure it’s the best—unless the brand discloses it on their website. A number of countries operate as sources for whey protein powders, and for that reason, we have to be cautious in our food choices.

Such things as antibiotics, pesticides, and hormones are used in the food industry. When it comes to whey, hormones and antibiotics are one of the things you have to keep an eye out for.

Hormones and antibiotics have been shown to have a number of negative health effects not just on the consumers, but the cows giving us the whey protein as well.

Hormones are used on cows to stimulate the production of more milk. However, when the cows are injected with these hormones—known as rBGH—there are a number of issues that can come up regarding the cows' health. It can dramatically affect a cow's reproductive system, impacting the cow’s ovaries and uterus. But even more, it can increase the chances of the cow getting clinical mastitis. This is an infection that resides in the udder which essentially causes the production of pus and bacteria along with milk.

If that is not concerning enough, what’s more is that the use of antibiotics accompanies such infections. As we know, antibiotics are not exactly good for you, and depending on the condition, they can do a lot more bad than good.

Now imagine having both antibiotics as well as hormones, which have both already been shown to have negative effects on people, inside our whey protein. Ultimately you are getting a lower quality supplement when you purchase from a brand that sources from a minimally regulated dairy company.

In addition to making sure it is sourced from a good location, it is also important to know that the milk being produced is of the best quality. The general rule is that grass-fed cows produce the best milk, and therefore produce the best whey.

For healthier, more nutrient-rich protein, find some indication that the company’s source is both a reliable location where there are no hormones and the cows are grass-fed.

Which Is Best

There are so many amazing whey protein supplements out there, but as we’ve explained, they are not all equal, even if it seems so at a first glance. This is what makes Xwerks Grow whey isolate protein powder the best option. Aside from checking all the right boxes, they are also incredibly transparent about their products. They will go as far as to give you breakdowns of their ingredients and why they chose what they chose, as well as providing sources to prove or disprove claims.

Aside from stellar ethics as a company, the product itself is top-tier quality. The whey is sourced from New Zealand which means no hormones are being used. In addition to being hormone-free, they are grass-fed and pasture-raised.

XWERKS Grow provides all the benefits of a quality whey protein with a few added benefits. The supplement itself has no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or coloring. It is also gluten and soy free for those who are sensitive to either, and they use no bleach in processing.

Now that you know what to look for in quality whey protein powder, go ahead and get your hands on a few of them to try. Make sure that XWERKS Grow is one of them and find out why they have earned a solid five star rating.

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