Resurge Reviews: Is the Resurge Supplement Legitimate and Worth Your Money?

Resurge is a weight loss supplement designed to optimize your metabolism through better sleep.

Let’s face it: Losing weight is difficult. And it only gets harder the older you get. It is the reason that there are thousands of diet pills on the market. Regrettably, most of them do not work. In fact, the FDA warns that it receives more scam complaints about weight loss supplements than any other product.

It comes as little surprise then that when a new product generates as much buzz as Resurge, many consumers react with skepticism. We shared that cynicism, and it was what motivated us to conduct our own research, determine if Resurge is a legitimate product and publish our own Resurge review.

Resurge Review

First things first, authentic Resurge supplements are legitimate and absolutely not a scam. The product is only available through the official resurge website here.

Now, let’s explain the process through which we came to that conclusion. Our review process involved multiple phases. The first phase involved having the product tested at three independent labs. During the second phase, we researched professional and consumer Resurge reviews and vetted them. The third pool involved a test group of both men and women of various ages and degrees of obesity taking the supplement over a six-month period. We also tested some of the lookalike products available through nonofficial channels and found a number of unfortunate surprises, including sugar pills.

How Does Resurge Burn Fat and Help Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss?

Resurge is a dietary supplement designed to promote natural weight loss. It can be used by anyone 18 and up but has been optimized with people age 30 and older in mind. All of the ingredients in the formula are natural. You will not find fillers, chemicals, toxins and so forth.

The primary goal of Resurge is to optimize and enhance the metabolism. This is a goal that many weight loss supplements share, but Resurge approaches it from a unique angle: sleep. Your sleep cycles—and the deep sleep stage in particular—are integral to the function of your metabolism.

While your metabolism does slow down while you sleep, this is a recuperative period. If you are not getting enough sleep or your experience unsettled sleep that does not allow you to maintain deep sleep, your metabolism becomes lethargic throughout your waking hours. If the sleep dysfunction continues, your body is no longer able to process insulin optimally, which makes it easier to store fat.

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Other Benefits of Resurge

Resurge helps to achieve sustainable weight loss by maintaining your metabolism in peak condition.

A well-functioning metabolism burns fat more efficiently, makes you less prone to storing fat, results in less hunger and better nutritional intake and lets you sate your hunger faster.

There are many other health benefits that come with this. More energy makes it easier to stick with exercise and helps you get more from the effort you do put in. Better sleep also sharpens mental acuity. It helps you make better decisions, and you will be less likely to give in to your negative impulses.

Which Ingredients Are Used in the Resurge Formula?

The primary Resurge ingredients are:
- Ashwagandha (150mg)
- Griffonia simplicifolia seed extract (100mg)
- L-arginine (1200mg)
- L-lysine (1200mg)
- L-theanine (200mg)
- Magnesium (50mg)
- Melatonin (10mg)
- Zinc (15mg)

These and the other ingredients found in Resurge can be categorized into four core categories. A deeper look at these groups will provide better understanding of what Resurge does and how it does it.

- Adaptogenic Stress Support

Stress plays a tangible factor in weight gain and other negative health conditions. Unmanaged stress can disrupt the sleep sequence, which can lead to a nasty cycle since suboptimal sleep essentially puts the body into a constant state of duress. Ingredients like ashwagandha and L-theanine were chosen for their proven ability to help mitigate the response to both mental and physical stressors.

- Metabolic Regeneration Matrix

Two of the most important ingredients in the metabolic regeneration matrix are L-arginine and L-lysine. Both of these are naturally occurring amino acids that are often used in weight loss supplements. They are also found in bodybuilding supplements. Deep sleep is a regenerative phase for your body. The L-lysine included in this supplement is essentially fuel that enhances muscle growth and helps the body repair itself through the rebuilding of proteins. L-arginine, on the other hand, is a vasodilator. It enhances cell metabolism and increases blood flow by widening your blood vessels.

- Melatonin

Melatonin is arguably the most important factor in Resurge and the ingredient that distinguishes this product from many other weight loss solutions. Your body produces melatonin naturally as it prepares for sleep, which is an integral reason why a bedtime routine is so conducive to good sleep and overall health. The dose of melatonin included here is relatively strong. It kickstarts the process helping you to get to sleep faster and to make your sleep more soundly once you are there.

- Minerals

Resurge also includes the daily value of both magnesium and zinc. These minerals serve a wide range of purposes but are particularly crucial to melatonin creation, relaxation and sleep. Some people may take a multivitamin and are concerned that they are ingesting too much magnesium and zinc. The recommended upper limit for an adult is 40mg of zinc and 350mg of magnesium. You are unlikely to surpass these values with Resurge plus a multivitamin. If you are taking multiple supplements and therefore may surpass the limits, curb use of the other supplements until speaking with a doctor.

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Is Resurge Safe and Legal?

Yes. Resurge is both legal and safe. It is a completely safe supplement that is made from natural ingredients. The Resurge formula does not include fillers, toxins, chemicals, allergens or GMOs—genetically modified organisms. The product is manufactured in a facility that is both approved by the FDA and GMP certified. In addition, this supplement has undergone substantial clinical testing in order to ensure effectiveness and confirm that there are no side effects for the general public. There has also been extensive research performed on all of the ingredients that make up the supplement.

There are some notable exceptions. Resurge is not recommended for people under age 18 because all research thus far has focused on adults. Furthermore, it may not be suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. It also not recommended for anyone with a chronic disease. In all of these cases, you should discuss the Resurge supplement with your doctor and pharmacist prior to use.

Is Resurge Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians?

Yes. None of the ingredients used in the formula are derived from animal products. We encountered some reviews and consumer concerns about gelatin, which is often used for pill capsules and is generally an animal-based product. However, Resurge is manufactured using a non-gelatin capsule.

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Is Resurge Worth Buying?

Yes. We are delighted to be able to recommend Resurge. Our entire test group was satisfied with the experience at the end of the six months and never had any Resurge side effects. We had one test group member who was experiencing some minor sleep issues prior and actually had those cured through use. Even the others who did not have noticeable sleep issues were impressed with the ease at which they went to sleep and how they felt in the morning. Of course, what you are likely most interested in is the weight loss, and to a person, the measured increase in weight loss was tangible.


- 100% natural
- Sold with a moneyback guarantee
- Promotes and helps maintain deep sleep
- Boosts metabolic rate
- Increases energy levels throughout the day
- Reduces mental and physical stress levels
- Improves mood and mental acuity


- Not suitable for people under 18 years old
- Not suitable for people with chronic diseases
- Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women
- A small percentage of people do not respond to a melatonin supplement 

Can Resurge Be Used in Conjunction With Other Weight Loss Efforts?

It is important to stress that the Resurge supplement for weight loss works without any assistance from exercise, dieting and other dietary supplements. In other words, if you take Resurge and do not change your lifestyle in any other way, you are still likely to experience significant weight loss results.

That said, people with ambitious weight loss goals absolutely can use Resurge as part of a multipronged approach to burning fat. We recommend a balanced diet to traditional dieting. Regular cardio helps, but you also want to mix in muscle gain. You should also consider vitamins, prebiotics and probiotics.

As for other dietary supplements, Resurge can work with them. After all, Resurge is unique in how it helps you burn fat. Nevertheless, we highly recommend consulting with a pharmacist or a physician in order to ensure that there will be no negative interactions between supplements and/or medications.

Further information about interactions can be found by clicking here!

How to Purchase Resurge

It is important to note that you can only purchase Resurge through its official website. Most of the products found on other sites are knockoffs and potentially dangerous. It is also not possible for Resurge to be resold at a discount because you have direct access to the best bulk discount available anywhere.

Resurge is sold through ClickBank, which is a trusted and secure online platform. You can purchase one bottle, three bottles or six bottles at a time. The $9.95 shipping and handling fee is the same regardless of the bottle count, so a bulk purchase offsets some of the shipping cost. Buying in bulk also reduces the per-bottle price, which starts at $49 and is reduced to $34 with three bottles and $29 with six bottles.

The company ships to the United States and Canada via UPS and FedEx. All orders to North American addresses are shipped within five to seven business days and generally arrive within two days of shipping. International orders vary. Expect eight to 15 business days plus any required customs time.

Resurge: Customer Reviews and Results

When researching consumer reviews, we had to organize them in to two groups: those who purchased the product through the official website and those that purchased elsewhere. As you may expect, there is a stark difference between the two. We were pleased to find that if you limit reviews to verified buyers of the official product, then the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The majority of users were thrilled with the effect Resurge had on their sleep and experienced real and sustainable weight loss.

Are There Any Customer Complaints?

We did not come across any scam complaints from customers who used the actual Resurge fat burner. The first phase of our review process was vetting any such complaints, and our experience with Resurge is that it is a legitimate weight loss supplement. The Resurge complaints we did find were from consumers who had purchased their bottles from Amazon, eBay and other third-party sellers. But those products were knockoffs from China that were often nothing other than sugar pills.

The official website and a wealth of scientific research supporting Resurge can be found here!

Resurge Reviews: Final Verdict

Resurge is an intriguing supplement that takes a unique approach to weight loss and can help you sleep better in the process. Based on the experiences that our team had, we absolutely recommend Resurge to any adult who is curious whether the product will help them sleep better and lose weight too. We do not, however, want to sell you on the notion that this is some magic weight loss formula. It is not. While it can make a difference among those people not taking other steps to lose weight, the greatest effects are experienced by those that are balancing their diet, exercising, gaining muscle and so forth.

For best results, we highly recommend establishing a bedtime ritual. Use of your bedroom should be limited to sleep, lovemaking and other forms of relaxation. If you fight against the effects of the melatonin or undermine it in other ways—such as a tablet in bed—you will not benefit as much.

Frequently Asked Questions About Resurge

During our research of the Resurge weight loss supplement, we came across eight questions that were common among people considering the product. Join us as we answer those here in a concise format.

1. Is Resurge Ideal for You?

Questions concerning who Resurge is ideal for are by far the most common, and the answer is that the product is well suited to anyone who wants to lose weight. It is effective for the person struggling to shed pounds but can also help the person who is already having some success but wants to lose more weight faster. People age 35 and up tend to experience the best results because younger people generally sleep better, but Resurge can be very effective for the 18-34 group as well. Anyone who is under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding or has a chronic disease should first consult with a physician.

2. Does Resurge Have Any Side Effects?

No. Resurge has been developed using only natural ingredients. The formula also went through extensive clinical testing prior to being sold to the general public. Such testing ensured that there were no adverse effects. Since the product has been available for widespread consumption, there have been no reported adverse effects. The quality control measures that are in place safeguard against there being any deviations in the product that could cause side effects. It is noteworthy that if you are taking any medications or have any health conditions beyond obesity, then you should discuss the use of Resurge with your doctors and pharmacist to verify that there will be no adverse interactions.

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3. Is Resurge Available on Amazon?

No. Resurge is only sold through the official website for the supplement. Bulk purchase discounts are passed directly onto customers rather than wholesalers. Restricting it to the official site also allows for better control of the supply chain and thus a safer product. While this may change in the future, the manufacturer currently has no plans to make its supplements available through retailers.

We know that this will confuse some consumers because they look on Amazon and see products that look a lot like Resurge. These products, however, are counterfeits sold by spurious Chinese companies. They are unsafe and do not work as is reflected by the many Resurge customer reviews on Amazon. Amazon is doing a poor job regulating these Chinese sellers, and combating them through legal channels has proved difficult since these companies will just fold and new ones will crop up in their place.

4. Can You Get a Refund?

Yes! In fact, this is one of the reasons we are so bullish on recommending this product. Outside of the $9.95 shipping fee and any shipping cost to return the bottles, there really is no risk in seeing if the Resurge pills will be effective for you. To request a refund, you just need to contact the company via email. They will provide you an address to send all used and unused bottles. Once those bottles have been received, the company will refund you the full cost of all bottles within 48 hours.

5. Should You Purchase Resurge in Bulk?

Yes. We recommend purchasing in bulk for several reasons. The positive effects from Resurge are cumulative, and it is advised that you use the product for around two months before judging the results. Another reason is savings. You save $15 per bottle when you buy three bottles and $20 per bottle when your purchase six, and shipping is the same regardless of bottle count. The third reason is the refund guarantee. You can use the products for almost two months and still have time to complete a return.

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6. How Long Does a Single Bottle Last?

A single bottle lasts 30 days. Each bottle of Resurge contains 120 capsules, and the instructions advise you to take four capsules once a day. The manufacturer opted for smaller capsule sizes in order to avoid a large pill that could give some people problems. The instructions also say that you can start with two capsules a day—a half dose—and then work up to four if you prefer. In that case, a bottle can last 60 days, but over the long run, you will experience the best results by taking four capsules a day.

7. How Should You Take Resurge?

The manufacturer recommends taking four capsules with 8 ounces of water 30-60 minutes prior to bed. However, some of the people in our test group preferred not to drink water so close to bed and instead took the four capsules 120 minutes prior to bed. This is fine since melatonin supplements prescribed by doctor often recommend ingestion two hours prior to your bedtime.

8. What Is the Connection Between Deep Sleep and Weight Loss?

Proper sleep is required to optimize your metabolism, and numerous research has shown that people getting proper sleep can lose more than 50 percent more weight than those that are not. A notable study conducted at the University of Chicago found that just one night of insufficient sleep can transition your metabolism into a lethargic state. At four consecutive days, your ability to process insulin is disrupted. Fat in the bloodstream cannot be broken down as well and thus winds up as stored fat.

Getting your eight hours of rest is important, but not all sleep is equal. The deep sleep stage is imperative for a wide range of health-related reasons. An issue many people face is that their obesity and the other health conditions that come with that disrupt their sleep. They are never able to maintain the deep sleep stage. Their metabolism is in a lethargic mode, and this is compounded due to fatigue, reduced inhibitions and chemical imbalances that result in an increased appetite.

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