Love Spells: Simple Spells For The Modern Witch

Have you found yourself infatuated with a special someone you think could be the one? Are you looking for a spell to provide them with a nudge in the right direction? Or maybe the spell you cast didn’t achieve the results you were hoping for?

Whether you’re new or versed in the ways of spell casting, we’re here to help. Today we’re going to provide you with a detailed guide on the types of love spells to cast.

Not only that but there’s something for those who wish to find outside advice from more advanced spell casters. We’re also going to provide you with the top sites available to help you with your dilemma. Let’s begin our journey by educating ourselves on love magic and what a real love caster looks like.

Love Magic and Love Casters

Love magic made its first appearance back in Ancient Egypt and has been an active practice since. This type of magic is a branch of traditional magic and can be practiced in various ways. Typically the more common use of love magic is through the work of spells, but other methods look like:

  • Charms
  • Rituals
  • Potions
  • Dolls and even Amulets

If you are interested in becoming a love caster, be prepared for what’s to come. A genuine love caster knows that the art of love casting is no easy feat and shouldn’t be done casually. You should know that not only does it require you to be gifted spiritually, but you must be ready to serve others.

Someone who is considered a real love caster has experience in all manner of spells, no matter the difficulty. Training yourself in attraction, commitment, and marriage spells is an excellent place to start. But this by no means will make you a professional. Practice your craft and expand your knowledge; understand that you will possess the ability to help others in time truly.

Types of Love Spells

What better way to start broadening your experiences with love spells than by learning more about them? These spells work like just about any other spell. Simply apply your intention, use a medium (sigils, mantras, candles, or charm bags), and top it off with establishing the belief that you will receive what you want.

So what kind of spells are available and which ones suit your needs the best? Let’s take a look at the many options you have at your disposal.

Attraction Spells

If you’re wishing to move forward with romance in your life by blocking out past experiences and encouraging new love, an attraction spell is just one of the ways for you. It is the most common love spell, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be tricky.

So here are some things to keep in mind when casting:

  • Make sure the type of attraction you’re looking for is specific, so the spell works as intended:
  • Short-term but lustful and passionate
  • Long-term with the intent of commitment
  • Casting out and forgetting an ex-lover for good

Crush Spells

Are you looking to catch the eye of your crush and sway them your way? A crush spell should be right up your alley. However, it is recommended by professionals to proceed with caution since:

  • Simple crush spells have no guarantee of success.
  • Have a removal plan in place if the spell backfires
  • Highly advised to seek help from advanced professionals to avoid negative drawbacks.

Commitment Spells

Are you currently in a relationship with someone you intend to spend the rest of your life with? But lately, you can’t help but notice a lack of dedication and devotion from their side? Commitment spells offer you the ability to bind your love to you and only you.

If used correctly, you can likely see the result of the potential outcomes:

  • A boyfriend/girlfriend will soon be looking to commit fully, maybe even marry you
  • A newfound spark from your husband/wife that will ensure loyalty and commitment

Marriage Spells

Have you found yourself in a long-term relationship that’s going nowhere? Is it like no matter how hard you try, there’s always something in the way? And now your partner seems to be pulling even further away from the idea of marriage altogether.

Marriage spells are advanced and a compelling form of magic. Their difficulty is astounding even with some of the most revered spell casters. So if you’re considering a marriage f spell, consider:

  • You are fully able and willing to create this level of commitment
  • The difficulty level may require someone with more experience as the drawbacks can be devastating to inexperienced crafters.

Obsession Spells

These spells are generally classified under dark magic and should be taken seriously as they are dangerous.

Maybe you’ve found yourself in a position where you feel it necessary to perform such magic. Take care to remember the risks that are highly likely to bring you harm. Once these spells are in place, the act of reversing them is near impossible.

  • Do not do this on your own; seek help from a skilled caster.
  • Understand the potential repercussions

7 Top Platforms that Provide Spell Casting Services

We’ve covered quite a bit when it comes to casting your love spells. However, if you noticed, many of these spells are marked on their difficulty and advisory on seeking help before casting.

If you find yourself at this point questioning your abilities, then it may be worth considering searching for some help. It is perfectly natural and, in fact, commendable to understand the limits of your knowledge.

Getting advice or having a more advanced spell caster help you until you’re ready is a good thing. Below is a list of sites that provide the public with a plethora of spell casters. We are confident they will give you the proper assistance and guidance you need.


Best For

🔮 Kasamba

Professional spell casting advisors

🔮 AskNow

Multilingual love spell casters

🔮 Oranum

Live spell casters

🔮 MysticSense

Magic spells

🔮 Psychic Source

Instant love spells

🔮 California Psychics

Affordable spell casters

🔮 Keen

Genuine spell casters


Whether you’re looking for a psychic to provide you with a love spell or just to learn more about the craft, Kasamba is a renowned and dependable source for anyone.

Each psychic comes with a description of their expertise, so it will be easy to find the right spell caster. You’re provided with three forms of contact such as email, calling, and chat. So getting in touch with your chosen caster will be a breeze.

  • Psychics with high ratings and reviews
  • Detailed information on the caster and the spells provided\
  • 3 minutes free for every new spell caster you contact


Asknow is a community-based site that has so much to offer its users. And if you’re looking for legitimate crafters who specialize in casting love spells, then look no further.

The psychics you find on this site offer their users phenomenal results on top of top-tier service. To find the one best for you, just view their comprehensive profiles, see their specialties, and contact them if you’re interested.

  • All psychics have various abilities
  • Affordable prices
  • 5 free minutes with every new customer


Oranum is a comprehensive platform that has a wide range of services to offer anyone. Finding a love spell caster is easy to achieve with their user-friendly database. There are thousands of available psychics read to help.

Get yourself acquainted by taking a look at their profiles and learning about their abilities. By using their free chat option before committing to a service, you’re guaranteed to find the right one for you.

  • Easy to use platform
  • Wide range of experts available 24/7
  • Get 10 free minutes after signing up

Mystic Sense

Mystic Sense is another excellent choice for anyone looking for help with love spells. This site offers three options for chat depending on the user’s preference. Simply use their comprehensive filter tools to help you navigate through their experienced spiritual advisors.

Once you’ve found the caster for you, you can choose to connect with them through phone, webchat, and even live video chat.

  • Advanced filter options
  • Receive a 5-minute free trial
  • Access to various trending articles to further your knowledge

Psychic Source

Psychic Source is a well-known and reputable site known for its affordability and accurate readings. And though they may not specifically offer psychics versed in spell work, they have numerous professionals who specialize in love readings. Their advisors are ready to help guide you on the correct path that will bring you closer to true love.

  • Quality services with outstanding reviews
  • Wide range of advisors and psychics available 24/7
  • Readings as low as $1 per minute

California Psychics

California Psychics is one of the leading platforms in the industry, their services provided are immense and astonishing. Their psychic topic list covers much, from love and relationship readings to life paths and past lives.

And to sweeten the deal even more, you can choose the style of reading you wish to receive. With options like inspirational, compassionate, and straightforward, they cater to all of their users every step of the way.

  • Well known for their stellar customer service
  • Affordable rates for users
  • Wide range of psychics, readings, and reading methods


If you wish to know the most about a potential love spell caster to service you, KEEN is the site for you. Here this site goes above and beyond with its filtering options to help you locate just the one for you. KEEN seems to be the go-to platform for those interested in advice on spell work and/or providing authentic spells. The spiritual advisors here are trusted in their talents by the many who have received genuine service. Just take a look at their reviews, and you’ll be happy to see all the fantastic reviews from their users.

  • Spiritual, Psychic, and Spell work is available.
  • Accurate and genuine spell casters
  • Not satisfied? Money-back guarantee

Wrapping up Love Spells for the Modern Witch

Love spells can be intriguing, but they come with a lot of weight behind them, as we learned today. Any witch knows that spell casting is not for the faint of heart and takes years to perfect.

This is why we took the time to provide you with some knowledge about love spells and the complexity behind them. As excited as you may be to delve into the art of spell work, keep in mind what you’ve learned here today. And remember, it never hurts to seek advice from an experienced caster.


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