Kasamba Review: Full Review Of The Top Online Psychics (2023)

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Is Kasamba a legitimate psychic website, or is it just a scam? In this article, we want to provide you with an in-depth Kasamba review. We’ll take a closer look at the real psychics on the site, the accuracy of readings, and much more.

We’ve got it all in this comprehensive guide, from customer psychic reviews to the prices you can expect! Finally, we also want to show off some alternatives to Kasamba so you can get a complete idea of what’s available.

Where to Find Top Online Psychics

Thanks to the power of the internet, more users turn to online psychic platforms now more than ever before.

The online world makes it easy to get a reading whenever and wherever you might need one. Compared to the traditional booking of an in-person appointment, using an online psychic site couldn’t be more convenient.

There are many psychic sites online, however. How do you determine which one is the best? We decided to find out by reviewing one of the most famous psychic reading services: Kasamba.

  • We set out to learn more about the site and the accuracy of its advisor’s readings during our review process.
  • We also uncovered how the site works and what we liked and didn’t like about it.

It can be tricky trying to figure out where to find top online psychics. Fortunately, we think we unlocked a gem with this one. Let’s dig into our full Kasamba review!

What is Kasamba?

They do things a little differently on Kasamba compared to many other psychic sites. It’s more of the in-between for those seeking psychic services and independent psychics.

Called an online psychic network, it’s like a social media site but for mystic advisors and their clients. In this case, one of those clients might one day be you! Not any advisor can qualify to be on the site, however.

  • The company qualifies and reviews all psychics, mediums, spiritual advisors, and other supernatural professionals.
  • They also keep things transparent so that you can see past user reviews of each advisor. You can see if the psychic is gift enough to deliver a reading that’s genuine, impactful, and useful.

It doesn’t matter why you’re looking for a psychic. Maybe you’re seeking a palm reading or a love forecast—maybe you’re trying to connect with a lost loved one. Using Kasamba’s search functions, you can find any type of desired reading. With dozens of specialties to choose from, it’s easy just to take your pick.

Once you’re ready to reach out to an advisor, it’s time to make an account. It’s as simple as clicking on “chat” on the advisor’s profile and following the instructions to sign up. You’ll need a username, password, and payment method. We’ll get into the cost and affordability of Kasamba later in this review.

First Look at Our Kasamba Review

Before we get too much further into detail, let’s go over a quick summary. When we used Kasamba for our review, these were some of our quick finds.

What We Like

  • Daily horoscopes!
  • Money-back guarantee—they care about your satisfaction with the reading, which is nice
  • Impressive variety of psychic advisors and reading types available
  • Multiple payment methods are available, including even PayPal.
  • Psychic advisors are rigorously vetted Kasamba.

What We Don’t Like

  • Video chat isn’t an option.
  • There could be better search functions.

Are There Any Deals?

  • You get a free 3-minute psychic reading with each new psychic.
  • As well as 50% off your first full reading

Cost of Psychic Readings or Sessions

Price plays a role in most psychic readings. Even though there are deals, it’s not reasonable to expect a complete reading for free. Otherwise, the experience wouldn’t feel as authentic.

  • Decide on your price range before you get started on Kasamba.
  • Prices per minute can range from $1.99 to $20+ after the initial offer.
  • Advisors can be sorted by price to find someone that fits your preferred budget.

Ways to Communicate on Kasamba

Finally, we checked all the methods of communication available for the site. When it comes to online psychics, the more ways to reach out to them, the better! Some sites specialize in video chats. You can contact Kasamba advisors through:

  • Calls
  • Live chats
  • Email responses

The method you choose will come down to preference. It’ll also help you narrow down further which advisor you want. Some psychics on Kasamba may only offer one or two of the three communication options.

Interested in signing up for Kasamba? Give it a try here

What to Consider Before Using Kasamba

There could be any number of reasons you want to find a reliable psychic reading platform. People use sites like Kasamba to get insight into a variety of aspects of their lives. From love life questions to queries about your career path, clairvoyants are there to answer your call.

You might be thinking,

  • “Should I take this new job offer?”
  • “Is X truly the right person for me?”
  • “Am I on the right path in my life?”
  • “What do finances look like for my future?”

Or any number of other reasonable questions. Your psychic can advise you on quite a plethora of issues. As you ask questions, they can tune into the situation’s energy, as well as your own doesn’t even come close to the extent of psychic reading types available across Kasamba.

General Psychic Readings

If you don’t have something specific, a general psychic reading session can still vary wildly. From crystal readings and life readings to fortune-telling and aura readings, there are many options. If you settle on an advisor, they can guide you into discovering your query. Then, they can tune into your energy as well as the energy from the question. From there, insights emerge about any situation you could be having.

Dream Analysis

Have you had a recurring dream? Maybe you’ve just had one dream, but it left you feeling quite unsettled. Regardless of the dream situation, an expert can help you analyze it. Get down deep into your psyche and discover what your dream world is honestly saying to you.

Love/Relationship Readings

Of course, love readings are a classic for psychics. Kasamba’s professional experts include specialists versed in relationship issues and queries on romance. Each advisor uses different tools to gain insight, from tarot to clairvoyance. Strap in for an informative ride.

Tarot Card Reports

Possibly just as much of a classic as love readings are tarot card readings. A qualified psychic professional will use the traditional 78-card deck to answer your most innate questions.

Using this deck, they’ll pull a spread of cards that the Universe picks for them. Though it will vary by query and advisor, the answers may help spread light on something from the past, present, or future.

Career Forecasts

There are hundreds of Kasamba psychics that specialize in questions about your career. They can help you answer questions to determine if it’s time to change jobs if you’re on the right career path, and so much more. It depends on the advisor you choose through angel cards, astrology, or a different tool entirely.

Astrology Readings

By analyzing the position of the planets on your date of birth, now and in the future, a psychic can give you a reliable astrological reading. They may even stumble upon an asteroid or other sensitive point in your star chart.

An advisor can help explain the significance of each movement. Even further, they can help you take advantage of these movements. Rule each day with confidence, grace, and the power of the universe on your side!

And More

Across Kasamba, there are hundreds of psychic advisors, each equipped with different tools and specialties. No matter your query, issue, or concern, there’s an expert on the site who can help. Maybe you want to know why you keep seeing angel numbers like 222.

We were more than impressed by the accuracy and authenticity of the readings we were delivered. Furthermore, we’re excited about our following readings! Overall, we trust the professionals on the platform.

FAQs for Kasamba Online Psychic Reviews

We’ve touched on our experience with Kasamba, but you may still have lingering questions. Fortunately, we’ve got all the answers in stock. Let’s go over the most frequently asked questions about the online psychic network.

How is Kasamba different from other online psychic services?

Allow us to count the ways.

  1. One of the only popular psychic sites to offer email readings
  2. In-depth articles help newbies get info before they dive in
  3. 24/7 customer service, plus a satisfaction guarantee on your first reading
  4. Detailed horoscope readings are sent to you daily.
  5. Finally, their introductory offer seems to be one of the best in the industry—the first 3 minutes are free with each new psychic!

What should I expect from an online psychic reading from Kasamba?

When you start your session, the mystic advisor will ask you to share your issue or question. We recommend going in with one question or issue at a time. You may not have a specific question to ask, and that’s fine, too. The reader will tune into your energy field to understand the situation better. Using their innate gifts, they’ll call on specific tools to assist them.

Kasamba Alternatives

We’ve narrowed it down to the three best across the industry.


What to Like

  • Community forum lets you get questions answered and get other help.
  • Multiple communication methods available to connect with an advisor
  • Blog on the site that covers interesting spiritual topics
  • Psychics range in a variety of categories and reading types

What We Didn’t Like

  • No free horoscopes
  • No app is available, so you can’t access MysticSense as easily when you’re on the move.


  • The first five minutes with a psychic are free


What to Like

  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Free horoscope readings are emailed daily.
  • Chat and phone readings

What We Didn’t Like

  • AskNow’s psychic advisors can be pricy for some users’ budgets.
  • No video chat readings
  • Sometimes an advisor may not be available, so you have to wait in line


  • First-time users can spend $20 for 20 minutes or $30 for 30 minutes.
  • Each of these first-time packages also unlocks five free minutes with a master or elite advisor.


What to Like

  • Free consultation with a psychic
  • Live video chat readings!
  • Wide range of specialties
  • Variety of languages spoken by advisors
  • Psychic profile pages are in-depth, so you can get to know the advisor ahead of time.

What We Didn’t Like

  • No communication methods than video chat, which doesn’t work well for those uncomfortable with appearing on camera
  • No satisfaction guarantee


  • You get $9.99 in free credits upon joining Oranum

Wrapping Up Our Kasamba Psychics Review

There are things to enjoy and not like about every online psychic platform. When it comes to Kasamba, though, the good comes out on top. We loved getting to try out Kasamba for this review.

With this guide, we hope you’re able to come to your conclusions about the site. Maybe now, you’ll be confident about giving the online psychic network a try for yourself.

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