Is Your Partner Secretly Cheating? A Guide to Find Hidden Dating Profiles

Are you looking for hidden dating profiles? Whether you’re going on a first date or questioning a current relationship, it would be very helpful to gain access to someone’s hidden dating profiles. Unfortunately, they aren't always so easy to find.

Luckily, there are a variety of ways to find secret dating accounts and ultimately unlock whatever that person is trying to disguise. These tactics can be used to uncover whether a partner has been unfaithful, is pretending to be someone they're not, living a double life of some sort, and much more.

We've created a guide that outlines different ways and tools you can use to find hidden profiles, using a username, nickname, email address, picture, and more.

What's Needed to Find Secret Dating Profiles

• Ability to thoroughly search the internet and time to sort through those search engines
• Either an email address, photo, full name, location, username, nickname, or some other form of personal information about the individual in question.
• A people search and/or background check tool

A Step-by-Step Guide to Find Hidden Dating Profiles Manually

Feel free to use the following instructions as a guide to finding hidden dating profiles online using free resources that are widely available for everyone. These instructions will take a significant amount of time, sorting through search engine results and using various online tracking methods, to hopefully find a hidden dating profile that you’ve assumed is out there.

Search by Nickname or Full Name

You'd be surprised how often someone will use either their full name or even a nickname, on a hidden dating profile. Therefore, making it not as discreet as it may be intended to be.

This could be a good place to start. Enter their full name into the search engine and check out the results. If nothing comes up, try a nickname they commonly use. For example, if their name is Andrew, try typing "Andy" or "Drew" into the search bar. You never know, a secret dating profile might pop up.

Search by Username

Think of all the usernames the person has used before. Something that may be on any platform, including ones that may not be top-of-mind, like Spotify, gaming accounts, Facebook, other public social media accounts, or anything else you can think of.

If they’ve adopted a specific username for a particular site, they might use the same one on other platforms as well. Additionally, if you previously met your partner on a more public dating site, try searching for the username they picked when setting up that account. If you’re having trouble remembering it, often dating sites will send email notifications reminding you of an unread message. Sort through your email archives and see if anything comes up.

The fact of the matter is - the person may have never deactivated or deleted the account in the first place or could be using a similar username on other, more secretive dating sites.

Check Browser History

The next step is to check the person's browsing history. You should monitor this on all the devices they use, including a cell phone, tablet, desktop, work phone, etc.

A person's browser history is very personal and something most of us often forget to delete. If you believe your partner is hiding secret dating profiles, try to check their internet browsing history as often as possible. You may find the evidence needed to prove their online dating habits.

You can find a list of their previously visited websites by opening up the default internet browser. In the setting menu, there is typically a place to click on "history" and then "show full history". This will open up every site they have visited since they last deleted their browser history.

If nothing comes up, try looking for alternative web browsers they could be using, like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. This could be their secretive method to hide their browser history if they suspect you’re checking it.

Find Hidden Profiles Using Email Addresses

Think about it - most social media platforms will require users to set up profiles by email. Just as with any other platform, many dating apps will also require an email during the signup process. Google may be able to detect a connection between that specific email and where it's being used, ultimately cracking the code and helping to unlock some hidden dating profiles.

This method is usually hit or miss. Many sneaky partners will create a new email address when setting up their hidden dating profiles, so keep that in mind. Just because nothing pops up after a search like this, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re squeaky clean. Continue on your search…

Check Social Media Accounts

Go through their social media apps to see if there is a connection to specific dating sites. Certain dating apps give users the option to sign up through an existing social media profile.

For example, Tinder requires you to link your Facebook profile, which helps the platform avoid scammers from activating an account.

Social media can be a helpful tool to find linked dates sites, and therefore, hidden profiles.

Find Hidden Profiles Using a Phone Number

You can even find hidden dating accounts using someone's phone number. Just as many social media profiles require email addresses to sign up, a phone number may also be required.

Additionally, many social media platforms, including Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, allow users to search for people by number. If your partner has secondary social media profiles used solely for secretive dating, you could find those accounts using this method. Type their phone number into the Facebook search bar, or whichever social media account you’re checking at the time.

Find a Hidden Dating Profile Using a Background Checker

Searching for dating accounts, whether publicly available or hidden, can be very time-consuming, tiresome, and seemingly endless. Unfortunately at the end of a search, the results may prove to be insufficient or incorrect. This is when you should turn to a professional background check service.

A background checker search engine can sort through a ton of databases and other online resources in a matter of minutes. Many background check reports will show all found social media and dating app accounts. If there's something out there to find, an online background check will find it.

Here are our top recommended background check services to find hidden dating profiles.

Best Background Checkers For Secret Dating Accounts

Instant Checkmate

Truthfinder: Background Checks and Public Records Search

Truthfinder is a well-trusted and widely used background check service that can check for criminal records,F social media accounts, contact information, and much more. It can reveal any dating sites or dating profiles used by the searched person.

The site relies heavily on public records, which can prove to be a helpful tool when searching for something like a secret dating profile. Truthfinder will also go a step beyond public records and scan the dark web for other key indicators.

Basically, you can search for anyone you like. Then, Truthfinder will deliver results drawn from various data points. A typical report can include:

• Name
• Date of birth
• Contact information (phone numbers and email address)
• Job information and history
• Address history and other location information
• Criminal records
• Financial information, including assets and other investments
• Family members and possible relatives
• Old friends
• Sex offender status
• Social media profiles, including dating profiles
• Other available personal information
• Photographs and videos
• Liens and/or bankruptcies
• Birth certificate
• Death records
• Marriage records
• Divorce records


There are two payment options available on Truthfinder. You can purchase the service on a month-by-month basis for $28/month or you can buy a 3-month subscription for $78 paid upfront, which works out to $26/month.

Intelius: People Search, Background Checks, and Phone Lookups

Intelius is another good resource to use when searching for information on a person. The site will securely and discretely search for information on that person, without ever revealing your identity or notifying the searched individual.

They offer a variety of services, including background checks, reverse phone lookups, reverse address lookups, and more. From there, Intelius will provide you with an in-depth report, containing valuable and explanatory information.

Here's what a background check report could include:

• First and last name
• Known aliases
• Date of birth
• Past and current address history
• Phone numbers and other forms of contact information
• Education and employment background and history
• Possible relatives
• Social media profiles
• Financial information, i.e., liens, bankruptcies, and/or foreclosures


Intelius offers various plans and one-off purchases to users. Here's what their service will cost you:

• People Search: $0.95
• Background Check: $39.95
• Reverse Phone Lookup: $0.95
• Reverse Address Lookup: $4.95–$14.95
• Criminal Record: $14.95 statewide or $29.95 nationwide
• Premier Subscription: $19.95/month
• Premier Plus Subscription: $29.95/month

Instant Checkmate: Background Checks Instantly

Intelius is another good resource for background checks and people searches. The site sorts through over 20 billion online databases and records to provide you with quality and accurate information. Their background checks are done with proper research, checking every inch of the internet for valuable info on the searched person.

The report will check for details on the following:

• Full name
• Criminal records
• Marriage and divorce history
• Social media profiles
• Pending lawsuits
• Bankruptcies or liens
• Date of birth
• Address history
• Federal, state, and county public databases
• Crime records and other information from the FBI and local government agencies
• Phone directories
• Real estate deeds
• Social media
• Financial information
• Lawsuits


Instant CheckMate offers users a trial period. It costs around $1 for five days of use. However, the site will require you to pay for a membership once the trial period has ended.

A plan will cost you around $35/month if you decide to pay once per month. There is also an option to go with a quarterly membership, which lowers the monthly price to $28/month. Instant CheckMate does charge a flat fee for each reverse phone lookup done, costing around $5 for a search.

Key Takeaways

Performing an accurate and detailed hidden dating search can take up a lot of time and may end up giving you outdated information. This can leave you susceptible to incorrect information. An online background check service can bypass the inaccuracies and headaches, and provide you with a detailed report in a matter of minutes. The report will reveal any dating sites used or hidden dating habits. We recommend trying either Truthfinder, Intelius, or Instant CheckMate when looking for secret dating accounts. For a small membership fee, you can wind up saving time, effort, and the big headache!

Good luck and happy searching! We hope you are able to find what you are looking for.

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