How Long Does Acid Stay in Your System? Steps to Detox Your Body 2023 (Guide)

Acid, or lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), is a visual and auditory hallucinogenic drug that typically alters feelings, thoughts, and awareness of one's surroundings. It's mainly used for recreational purposes and is currently not accepted for medical use. Most drug tests can detect LSD use with a urine, blood, hair sample; however, it typically will not show up on a traditional saliva mouth swab test. Even though LSD does not appear to be addictive, the effects can be intense as the drug travels to your brain, bloodstream, and other organs.

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How Long Does LSD Take to Kick In?

LSD is commonly taken in capsule or liquid form. When you take the drug orally, it's absorbed by your gastrointestinal system and then travels to the bloodstream. From there, it'll make its way to your brain and other organs.

The effects begin around 20-90 minutes after ingestion, with the peak typically beginning after 2-4 hours and slowing down after 6-8 hours. Several factors affect how long it takes to feel the effects, including:

- Age
- Body mass index (BMI)
- Metabolism
- What dosage is taken

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Is LSD Addicting?

Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), or acid, is a highly potent hallucinogenic drug, made from lysergic acid that's derived from a fungus on rye and other grains. In recent years, it's been given different street names, including blotter acid, Mellow Yellow, Window Pane, Yellow Sunshine, dots, and more.

It will not cause uncontrollable urges to repeatedly use the drug, and therefore is not considered addictive and will not result in physical dependence (though cravings and psychological dependence may occur). Over time, however, you will build up a tolerance when taken frequently. This causes users to increase their dose to recreate the same level of effects previously experienced.

How Long Does LSD Last?

LSD will result in both mood and sensory effects. An acid "trip" can last anywhere from 6-12 hours, with some lingering effects post that 12-hour mark. This comedown is commonly referred to as "afterglow" and can last an additional 6 hours. In total, you're looking at 24 hours before your system completely returns to a normal state.

LSD use may result in some mental health effects, including:

- Delusions/hallucinations
- Paranoia (a common indicator of a bad trip)
- Euphoria (a common indicator of a good trip)
- Intense mood swings
- Sensory distortion
- Dry mouth
- Rapid heart rate and increased blood pressure
- Nausea
- Loss of appetite
- Increased body temperature and sweating
- Dizziness and/or drowsiness

The same factors that influence how long it takes LSD to kick in will also affect how long LSD effects last. In terms of avoiding a bad trip, this will all depend on how your body responds to the drug and the corresponding dosage.

How Long Can a Drug Test Detect LSD?

LSD is one of those drugs that are unstable and broken down fairly quickly in the liver. Typically within a few days, your body will metabolize and excrete it. This has presented some challenges when attempting to detect LSD use in a drug test.

The specifics as to how long it will stay in your system, and therefore be traceable, depends on the type of drug test administered. Fortunately these days you can pass almost any drug test.

Urine Tests

LSD acid quickly will convert into inactive compounds by the liver. This will leave around 1% of untransformed LSD in your urine. Most routine urine tests will have difficulty with LSD detection. Still, that 1% could be traced in some urine drug tests. To air on the side of caution, consider this - it's generally noticeable in urine after 8 hours and will remain noticeable about 2-4 days after use.

Blood Tests

LCD has a longer detection time in blood tests. Researchers have medically reviewed how long LSD stays in the blood. A 2017 Clinical Pharmacokinetics study found that LSD can be detected in blood samples 16 hours after taking the drug, with an average dose of 200 micrograms. With a lighter dose, that timeframe decreases. Additionally, the level of LSD in your body will decrease significantly over time. Most blood tests will not be able to detect the drug after that 16-hour mark.

Hair Tests

LSD will remain detectable in your hair for the longest period of time. Similar to other drugs, like marijuana, LSD can be traced in hair follicles for up to 90 days after use. Essentially, you simply have to wait for your hair to grow out. However, hair testing is pretty rare and it can even be difficult to detect the LSD when taken at a low dose. Overall, the results have been unreliable in both research and forensic settings.

For the most part, blood/hair tests are relatively uncommon. Most administrators stick to urine tests. They're convenient, quick, and don't cost a lot.

How to Detox Your Body From LSD

Even though LSD is excreted from your body fairly quickly, you may still want to speed up the detoxification process just in case. Here are ways to influence how long LSD stays in your system and accelerate the overall process:


Since LSD and its lingering metabolites are eliminated via your urine, drinking lots of fluids will help it pass through your body faster. Keep yourself hydrated before, during, and after consumption.


After taking LSD, exercising and boosting your metabolism can affect how long it stays in your system. This is not a guaranteed fix, but it could help with an upcoming drug test.

Take a Low Dose and Discontinue Use

If you're wondering how long LSD stays in your system - the amount you ingest will have a direct effect. Higher doses will take longer to break down in the liver and vice versa. If you have an upcoming drug test, stick to a lower dosage. For additional assurance, pay attention to the timing and stop taking acid as soon as possible. Give your body a sufficient amount of time to recover, break it down, and excrete it. In this case, give it days rather than hours to ensure the drug has fully been flushed from your body.

Use a Same Day Cleanse

The possibility of testing positive on an upcoming test can be quite stressful. Relying solely on exercise and fluids is an imperfect system. Luckily, there are detox kits available to purchase that are professionally formulated to help ensure you pass the test. For example, offers some great same-day detoxification products to cleanse your body of certain toxins, like LSD.

PassyourTest Detox Products (Most Popular)

For Single Day Use: The Clean Capsules

Price: $49.95

The Clean Caps are best for light to moderate exposure. It works best on those with low body fat, weighing less than 130 lbs. This is a moderate option for those who are unsure if they even have any toxins in their system.

For a Single Day Cleanse: The Clean Shot

Price: $59.95

The Clean-Shot can be used by those who have had moderate to heavy exposure and need to cleanse the body in one day. If you need a product that gets the job done, without the overkill, this fast-acting detox drink and capsule combo is a good choice.

For Extreme Exposure: The Fail-Safe Kit

Price: $89.95

The full kit is designed for heavy to extreme exposure. It provides a strong, fast-acting solution for daily users who have high toxins levels. The Fail-Safe kit includes Pre-Cleanse Formula Capsules, a Body Cleanser, and multiple Clean Capsules.

How It Works

Whichever same-day cleanse products you’re taking, it’s important to avoid all types of toxins before starting your detox. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the process and be sure to urinate within 90 minutes after ingestion. Remember - the product will take effect in 90 minutes and can last for up to 6 hours. Plan accordingly.

Mega Clean Detox Drink

Detox drinks are another great option to ensure you completely rid your urinary, circulatory, and digestive systems of the LSD. Detox drinks are formulated with ingredients that are designed to flush maximum levels of toxins from the body, while also replenishing any natural nutrients that are depleted during the process.

The Detoxify Mega Clean drink is one of the best liquid herbal supplements on the market. It’s able to minimize toxin levels in one hour, with peak effects occurring at hour three post-consumption, though it will remain effective for up to 5 hours. The drink comes with a one-liter bottle filled with detoxifying ingredients and 6 Detoxify PreCleanse supplements, which you're supposed to take 12-24 hours before your test.

Do The Products Really Work?

Each product is developed to effectively support the body with the natural cleansing process to detoxify your system of toxins. It’s important to keep in mind that results will vary depending on the person. All products come with a full money-back satisfaction guarantee if you are unhappy with the results. To help the cleanse products work to the best of their ability, you must stay away from all toxins and toxic environments, drink the recommended amount of fluid, and follow a healthy diet before, during, after detoxing. Following these instructions will help to fully flush your body of the toxins and ultimately help you pass the drug test.

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