Fit After 50 For Men Reviews – Mark Mcilyar Fitness Workout?

Oct 16, 2020 at 10:38 am

Fit After 50 For Men Reviews – Mark Mcilyar Fitness Workout?Fit After 50 by Mark Mcilyar is a fitness training program designed to help older men get in shape by boosting testosterone, burning belly fat and start feeling younger by the day.

The program is marketed to men over 50 who want to increase testosterone, build muscle, and recapture their youthful energy by following the ripped grandpa's home workout guide. By following the fitness over fifty program, you can purportedly enter a “testosterone time machine…reclaiming the body you had years ago.”

It doesn't matter how rusty those achy joints are, or the last time you did exercise, or even if you have over twenty pound of excess body fat – Mark Mcilyar's Fit After 50 fitness workout system is all about helping men in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond a real opportunity at living the healthiest, strongest and best years of your life. This fitness program for men over the ripe young age of 50 works based on a few key concepts including metabolic strength training, functional cardio and ab exercises and recovery focused workouts that allow men over fifty to tap into their natural anabolic advantage, all from the comfort of your own home.

But is Fit After 50 worth it? What will you learn in Fit After 50? Find out everything you need to know about Fit After 50 and how it works today in our review.

What is Fit After 50?

Fit After 50 is a package of eBooks and instructional guides explaining how to get in shape at any age. The program is marketed online through a 57-year old “ripped grandpa.” That man is in the best shape of his life at 57 – and now he wants to share his training program with the world.

By following the 57-year old man’s 12-week home workout system, you can purportedly boost testosterone, burn belly fat, and feel years younger – regardless of your age.

Fit After 50 is available through We’ve seen multiple versions of the program and multiple marketing campaigns over the years. The grandpa continues to get older and continues to stay in great shape – and Fit After 50 continues to be a successful workout program.

Why do men over 50 need a special workout program? Well, most workouts are designed for younger men. Few workout programs cater to older men.

Younger men have different needs than older men. They recover more quickly. They have higher testosterone levels. They have different health and fitness goals.

With that in mind, the Fit After 50 team wanted to create a workout program specifically for men over 50.

How Does Fit After 50 Work?

Fit After 50 is led by Mark Mcilyar, an ordinary guy who spent most of his life out of shape, then decided to get into the best shape of his life in his 50s. Since then, Mark has been featured on several men’s health websites and television broadcasts. He’s also an ISSA-certified personal trainer.

As the name suggests, Fit After 50 is marketed mostly to men over 50. Even if you’re over 50, you can purportedly get in the best shape of your life by following the Fit After 50 workout program. It is no secret that home workouts are on the rise given the 2020 pandemic as gyms around the world are shut down and closed for the time being.

It’s okay if you’re out of shape or if you’ve never worked out in your life. By following Fit After 50, you can purportedly recapture your youthful energy, boost testosterone, and enjoy other benefits. Even if you have sore joints, poor willpower, or feel you’re “too far gone,” you can purportedly get into great shape with Fit After 50.

With these goals in mind, Fit After 50 is a collection of instructional eBooks and guides that explain how men can achieve excellent workout results at any age. By following the 12-week program, you can purportedly enjoy powerful benefits.

Some of the specific advertised benefits of the program include:

• Boosts testosterone
• Burns belly fat
• Makes you feel years younger
• Ideal for those who haven’t exercised, have bad joints or feel too far gone to get into shape

Fit After 50 Workouts and Training System

Fit After 50 is based on the idea that traditional workouts are bad for older men. According to Mark Mcilyar's Fit After 50, most workouts increase estrogen, cause inflammation, and lower energy.

Fit After 50 has a solution: the program emphasizes functional workouts, full-body exercises, and movements proven to raise testosterone and provide other benefits.

Some of the key topics covered in Fit After 50 include:

Metabolic Strength Training: Fit After 50 describes metabolic strength training as “a breakthrough for guys our age.” Metabolic strength training keeps cortisol and estrogen away while eliminating stubborn fat, boosting testosterone, and gaining lean muscle mass. Much of the Fit After 50 program is based on the idea of using metabolic strength training to “maximize your master male hormone while building muscle and burning fat from home.”

Functional Cardio and Abs: Traditional workouts put stress on your joints and bones, which is not good for older men. Fit After 50 recommends a different approach, including functional cardio and abdominal workouts that improve blood flow, boost energy, and eliminate belly fat. Fit After 50 recommends performing short, functional cardio and abs routines two days per day to improve your heart health, increase metabolism, and burn belly fat, among other benefits.

Recovery Focused Workouts: Most workout programs focus on the exercises and ignore the recovery process. Younger men recover more easily than older men, and recovery becomes increasingly important with age. Fit After 50 recommends “recovery focused workouts.” Essentially, that means performing full-body, functional workouts that distribute blood throughout your body, aiding the recovery process.

Overall, Fit After 50 emphasizes full-body movements, functional workouts, and core strength.

Instead of targeting single muscles with each workout, Fit After 50 recommends targeting multiple muscles with each workout.

Benefits of Fit After 50

Fit After 50 claims to offer many benefits for men over 50, ranging from higher testosterone levels to better functional strength:

Skyrocket Testosterone Levels: Testosterone levels naturally decline with age. Older men may have 90% less testosterone than they had at a younger age. Fit After 50 claims to “skyrocket” testosterone levels to burn fat, build muscle, increase energy, and boost your sex drive.

Boost Fat Loss: Fit After 50 claims to accelerate fat burning and eliminate even the most stubborn belly, chest, and back fat – even if you’ve been overweight for 20 or 30 years.

Build Functional Strength: Fit After 50 emphasizes functional strength instead of glamour muscles. The workouts will help you get more stuff done around the house. By focusing on core strength, abs, and cardio, Fit After 50 emphasizes workout programs that have a real benefit on your life.

Skyrocket Energy Levels: Fit After 50 emphasizes better energy levels for men over 50. Many men lose energy with age. Fit After 50 claims, their combination of metabolic strength training with functional cardio and abs increases energy levels and reduces fatigue by 65%.

Lubricate Joints: Many men experience joint pain, aches, and discomfort with age. Fit After 50 claims to lubricate your joints, making it easier for you to move around at any age.

Heart Health Benefits: Fit After 50 claims to reduce high blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels, and stimulate your cardiovascular system, among other heart benefits. Heart disease is the number one killer of men, and Fit After 50 claims to help.

Overall, Fit After 50 claims to offer many powerful benefits catered specifically to men over 50.

What’s Included with Fit After 50?

Fit After 50 consists of a package of eBooks and instructional videos. The program walks you through different movements and programs, explaining exactly how to get in shape after 50. Whether you’re totally new to working out or you have plenty of gym experience, Fit After 50 holds your hand throughout the process.

Your package includes:
Phase I: Burn: This eBook explains phase 1 of the Fit After 50 program, where you ease your body into a new anabolic environment. By performing functional cardio movements, you can increase fat burning, boost testosterone, and reverse aging, among other benefits. The phase lasts four weeks.

Phase II: Build: This eBook explains the 4-week second phase of the Fit After 50 program, which emphasizes lean muscle mass growth. During this phase, you can expect significant gains in lean muscle mass, testosterone, and overall strength.

Phase III: Sculpt:
This phase refines your new body. Now that you’re stronger and have higher testosterone, you burn away fat to look better than ever before. This phase lasts four weeks, rounding out the 12-week Fit After 50 training program.

Print & Go Training Logs: Fit After 50 includes printable training logs that let you track your progress over time.

Bonus #1: Fit After 50 Nutrition Plan:
This 12-week nutrition program explains what to eat during each phase of the Fit After 50 program. The diet is designed to melt fat, recharge energy, and skyrocket testosterone, among other benefits. The Fit After 50 team claims their diet is “scientifically proven” to help men “fight serious disease” like diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s while enjoying other benefits.

Bonus #2: Fit After 50 Exercise Execution Guide: This eBook visually explains how to perform each exercise in the Fit After 50. You get step-by-step images walking you through each workout, allowing you to see how Mark performs each movement.

Fit After 50 Pricing

Fit After 50 is priced at $37.

Since all products are digital, you receive them in your email inbox instantly after Clickbank processes your payment.

Fit After 50 Refund Policy

Fit After 50 comes with a 365-day refund policy. You can request a complete refund within 365 days with no questions asked.

About Mark Mcilyar

Mark Mcilyar is the face of the Fit After 50 program. The 57-year old “ripped grandpa” spent most of his life out of shape – before suddenly deciding to get into the best shape of his life.

As the images throughout the Fit After 50-page show, Mark is in better shape than men half his age. Now, he wants to share his success with the world.

Outside of Fit After 50, Mark is a personal trainer who competes in fitness competitions. He won the 2012 NPC Texas Shredder Classic.

Mark is an ISSA-certified trainer. He also runs, which offers similar workout advice to the Fit After 50 program.

Final Word

Fit After 50 is a training program designed for men over 50. If you are an older man seeking to get into great shape, then you can follow the 12-week Fit After 50 program to burn fat, gain muscle, and boost testosterone, among other benefits. It doesn't matter if you take a health supplements like Steel Bite Pro or weight loss supplement like NutraVesta ProVen or not, following a professional fitness trainer's exercise program is very smart to do to avoid injury and start focusing on recovery based workouts over ones that can potentially cause more harm than good.

Overall, Fit After 50 emphasizes functional workouts and full-body strength training. For $37, you get a package of eBooks walking you through the 12-week program and how it works, including the specific steps you can take to get into the best shape of your life over 50 – just like Mark Mcilyar.

To learn more about Fit After 50 and how it works, visit online today at