Crystal Ball Readings: Guide to Free Readings and Psychic Predictions

Feb 16, 2024 at 2:52 pm
Crystal Ball Readings: Guide to Free Readings and Psychic Predictions

If I asked you to think of a fortune-teller what are some of the things you envision? What kind of environment? What kind of clothing? Personally, the image that comes to mind is a dimly lit room, filled with perfumes and candles. A woman dressed is in colorful shawls talking in a mystifying tone, sitting across from me with a crystal ball between the two of us.

When asked questions like these or similar ones, most mention the image of a crystal ball. Unsurprisingly, crystal balls are one of the most identifiable items linked with fortune-tellers or, more commonly referred to now, psychics. Furthermore, this iconic artifact serves a greater purpose other than just “decoration.”

It is believed that the ancient druids of the British Isles were the first ever to use crystal balls. Scrying is a form of divination in which the druids used polished balls of beryl, namely, The Crystal Ball, to decipher prophecies and obtain mystical knowledge.

So why don’t you sit with me for a spell while we peer into the past, present, and quite possibly even the future as I explain all you need to know about the divine craft? Let’s dive into our guide on free crystal ball readings, psychic predictions, and the best platforms to find them.

What Exactly is a Crystal Ball Reading?

Excellent question, you read my mind. Are you sure you’re not the psychic? By the end of this guide, you may find that calling to the unknown is one you just may need to answer.

Let us dive in, what exactly is a crystal ball reading? At the very core of it, crystal gazing, or more aptly, scrying, is the art of “seeing” images in the crystal ball that are interpreted as meaningful. And even more specifically, this particular crystal is popularly known for the users’ ability to see visions based on current or future events.

How to Determine What to Ask

Now that we know for sure what crystal ball readings are, I suppose the most appropriate foot forward would be determining what to ask your psychic. And of course, the more imperative ones come down to the specific individual.

The more information that is given to your reader the better, so first and foremost it’s important to focus on the types of questions or pieces of information you’re willing to provide. Some example questions would look like this:

• What does the future hold for me?
• What advice can you give me?
• What are some things my inner child would like me to work on?
• What do the next six months look like for me spiritually?

And if you’re willing to go even further, more direct questions can likely provide you with a more concise answer. Questions such as:

• When will I find true love?
• What should my next investment be?
• Who do I need to beware?

Top Recommended Sites for Crystal Ball Readings

I asked a psychic about love once and they said they couldn’t see a future with me. Was it me or the reader — who can say? Fortunately, your future is likely to be more “prophet-able” than mine. To help you even the odds, I’ve compiled a list of some of the most reputable sites out there when it comes to psychics and, more specifically, crystal ball readings. If chatting in your questions are more your speed you might want to explore psychics that offer chat services.

And of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a little foresight when pursuing assistance with reaching into the unknown. This list is meticulously hand-crafted to bring you the absolute top-tier quality customer service experience related to the fields of fortune.

Oranum - Get a One on One Video Chat Crystal Reading

Something worth mentioning when in regards to online readings of any nature is that more times than not, even believers of the craft have their doubts about the accuracy of such systems. Oranum stands out among the crowd by being a webcam-based site to lessen those doubts even further than most psychic platforms.

A purely webcam-based sit is such a tantalizing feature for those who enjoy the intimate personalization behind video chat. Did I also mention part of it’s free? That’s right, Oranum offers their users free credits after sign up. Other desirable features found on Oranum include:

• $9.99 in free credits and free video chats
• Convenient 24/7 access to customer support
• User-friendly design with painless navigation

Kasamba - Top Rated Crystal Ball Readings

Are you one of those who seek the best of the best? Not to worry, Kasamba has got your back and then some. With over 20 years in the business, they have more than earned their spot as the top-rated site for readings.

Them being at the top of their industry is no real shock when you learn that the site has a complete, comprehensive section dedicated to crystal ball readings alone. Kasamba is also equipped with over 40 advisors specialized in crystal gazing.

• Readily accessible information on crystal ball predictions
• Provides three free minutes as a trial for each new advisor
• Dedicated mobile app

Asknow - Quality Crystal Predictions over the Phone

We’ve covered the best of the face-to-face options, but what about those of us who prefer voice interactions over any other medium? You guessed it— Asknow could be the most promising site for you. Now for those of you who prefer complete anonymity, don’t let that discourage you — there’s a chat option as well.

This site really goes the distance for its users to make sure all bases are covered, with every psychic reader screened meticulously beforehand and their overall advice back up by a heavy amount of reviews. I don’t know about you but I find that to be some comforting information, it’s good to know when sites like these are actively participating in making their platform as all-encompassing as possible.

And to top it all off, Asknow has a wide range of psychics that each specialize in one or more specific areas in the craft like career, love, success, past life, and energy/aura readings. With 15 years in the business, the company has faithfully delivered quality service to all manner of clientele.

• Start off with five free minutes
• Each crystal reader is screened carefully before admission
• Trusted readings and advice backed up by numerous reviews

MysticSense - Most Up to Date Reading Reviews

Here’s yet another site with free offers to draw in new users. After signing up with MysticSense you receive five free minutes of time with a reader! Not only do you get the free minutes, but this platform also allows you to apply filters to the search in order to help you really narrow down your desired reader.

Another unique feature MysticSense provides for all of its users is a “social” feed devoted to educational articles. These articles are a fun resource of information available to any curious seeker or for those that are a little more versed and just need a refresher, be sure to check them out.

• Multiple outlets for communication
• Recent reviews on psychic profiles
• Helpful community

Keen - Refined Prophecies with Guaranteed Satisfaction

The final site on our list here is Keen — and what a splendid site to help conclude the list. Its defining feature and assuredly my favorite feature of all the sites, Keen is known for its independent crystal readers.

Keen is so confident in its independent crystal readers, in fact, that they back them with a satisfaction guarantee. Before you run to your computer to check this site out, another notable fact is that most psychics at this site specialize in love/romantic advice. I think it’s safe to say that’s a common topic for most inquiries.

• Over 20 years in business
• Various filters for search use
• Three free minutes after sign up

Are Crystal Readings Real and Worth a Glimpse?

Well, we’re nearing the end of our time together, but no need to scry about it, we’ve prepped you with the tools and info you need to get the most out of your psychic crystal readings. And we’re wasting no time here by getting straight to the point, the most asked question: Is it worth it?

To be fair, answers to questions like these are always subjective, for the simple fact that the accuracy of the art is relative to any one or more person’s point of view. If you stumbled upon this guide, you just may be leaning towards seeking out your own fortune yourself, so take this as a sign.

All in all, once beliefs are set aside, what can it hurt if your interest is even the slightest bit peaked by this point? Even still, there’s something powerful in believing, so it’s as real as you make it.

“The Good” and “The Bad”

As it is with all things in life it’s important to contemplate “the good” and “the bad” when assessing the potential one particular decision may have. Here I have provided a detailed pro and cons list to help you weigh the risks and benefits of getting a psychic crystal ball reading online.


Ease of access: It’s as easy as it sounds, anyone with internet access has access to these sites and all their potential.

Numerous platforms available: There are countless sites similar to the ones I’ve mentioned here today. With so many outlets and resources, finding what you’re looking for is easier than ever.

A plethora of potential psychics: Each and every site is filled to the brim with readily accessible readers! And more often than not the psychics come with reputable reviews, certifications, and screenings.

Multiple forms of contact: Every site is usually equipped with its own unique features, but a common feature with most sites would be the many forms of correspondence available to each user.

Connections to a like-minded community: If you’re seeking outlets like these it is highly likely that you’re a believer or maybe even a participant of the craft. One of the best features about these platforms is the access to limitless knowledge, and even better yet for those who enjoy a sense of community, this is a good way to find like-minded individuals.


Lack of intimate interaction: It goes almost without saying how impersonal any reading can be without the direct face-to-face interaction with your psychic. And with good reason, for most who are versed in the art of divination, it is plain that for the aptest reading, it’s almost essential for an in-person experience.

Most free services come at a cost: Of course when in reference to just about anything, free is a solid bonus to any deal. Some may feel it’s not as authentic when a free reading is being offered, but that’s to an individual’s discretion.

To conclude our session...

There are many benefits to genuine crystal readings, especially ones from the internet in this day and age. With so many fun and creative ways to get in touch with your spiritual side, and ways to seek the unknown, the possibilities are nearly endless.

I was happy to provide you with a handful of credible sites to help further your mystic journey. We’ve learned so much together in such a short time and yet even I find myself yearning to learn more. With so many different outlets to these sites including downloadable app access, it just gives you all the more reason to try them out.

And hey, maybe this guide has inspired you to seek a different path. You might even want to invest in a crystal ball of your very own — I hear there is a future in it.