Comparing THC Beverages and Alcohol

Oct 12, 2022 at 2:19 pm

Every now and then, a booze break is needed. After a few too many margaritas at happy hour, hangovers, dehydration, and loss of motor control are too familiar. So, if you decide to trade your gin and tonic or IPA for a THC drink, how do you figure out the dosage? Don’t be intimidated by this form factor, instead, let us help you find the right cannabis drink and explain how it compares to traditional types of alcohol.

What Is a THC Beverage?

THC beverages are infused drinks containing varying doses of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. It’s often seen as an alternative to eating cannabis edibles because THC drinks offer different effects. Edibles tend to take a long time to kick in; when they do, the high is strong and long-lasting. THC drinks, on the other hand, come on quickly and offer a shorter high. This is ideal for drinking in a social setting where you want to get a buzz but without ending up drooling on the couch after too much of a THC gummy.

Instead, THC drink makers like Wynk set out to create a beverage that could quickly become your new favorite way to get high. Not only that, but Wynk is poised to disrupt the way we consume alcohol in social settings in favor of their sparkling seltzer THC drinks.

The THC and CBD in Wynk drinks are blended into the beverages through a process called nanoemulsion. This means that the cannabinoids are evenly mixed into the liquid, so no one sip contains more than the last. Within about 15 minutes, you’ll feel the effects, but they wear off after an hour to 90 minutes. In a social setting, this is an ideal window to choose to have another drink or wait a while until the first one wears off.

Catch a Buzz, Skip the Hangover

The makers of Wynk wanted to offer people a way to relax and unwind, but without alcohol. Let’s face it - we all tend to overindulge in booze from time to time. As we prepare to enter the holiday season, consider what it might be like to swap out a beer for a Wynk. Their microdose drink is perfect for anyone wanting to find the right mellow vibe but still be able to engage with friends and family during a backyard barbeque.

A can of Wynk is something you can crack open at the end of the day while you kick your feet up and feel the delightful release of tension in your shoulders as the THC and CBD melt away your stress. Sure, a beer or glass of wine might offer the same effects, but at what cost? Surely the hangover and anxiety aren’t appealing. So, let’s take a look at how cannabis beverages compare to alcohol.

THC Drinks vs Alcohol

A microdose of THC is about 2-5 milligrams per single serving. Although cannabis affects everyone differently, this is about the equivalent of a light beer with 3-5% alcohol. Think Corona, Miller High Life, or Bud Light.

If you normally drink two to three light beers in a single session or event, then you will probably be comfortable with two to three cans of Wynk. However, we’re not suggesting you chug them as fast as possible. We are talking about a casual hangout over drinks.

As you increase the type and potency of alcohol, the ratio changes. For example, an IPA equals about 6-10 mg THC. When you work up to wine and spirits, the percent of alcohol and the milligrams of THC adjust as well.

Consider an infused drink with 25 mg THC. That’s about equal to a bottle of wine containing 15% alcohol. Just like you probably wouldn’t drink an entire bottle of wine in a single session, you probably wouldn’t drink that much THC all in one go unless you’re an experienced consumer.

On the highest end, a bottle of vodka or spirits containing 40% alcohol is equal to about 100 mg THC. Now, of course, you aren’t going to drink a whole bottle of vodka after work (we hope), and we offer an equal warning against taking in 100 mg of THC right away. Both of which can lead to some pretty uncomfortable side effects.

The important thing to remember is that you can always have more, but you can’t have less. Sip on a can of Wynk and see how you feel in 30 minutes. Then see how you feel in an hour. If you are feeling mellow and having a good time, grab another can if you’d like. Or, if you want to take it slower, use Wynk as a mixer in a THC mocktail.

Where to Find Wynk Sparkling THC Seltzers

Wynk is available in 10 states across the nation. They offer three different flavors of sparkling seltzers in Lime Twist, Juicy Mango, and Black Cherry Fizz. Instead of using only THC to infuse their drinks, they level them out with equal doses of CBD for a balanced buzz. With 2.5mg THC and CBD, an 8 oz. can is a great way to try out cannabis beverages. Medical marijuana cardholders can find Wynk with 5 mg THC and 5 mg CBD in select states.

Are you ready to give up the next-day anxiety and hangover from alcohol? Whether you’re done with booze or just want to shake things up a bit, Wynk is worth a try. You can find their retail partners by checking out their Store Locator on their website.