ChillBox Portable AC Reviews (Scam or Legit) ChillBox Air Cooler Really Works?

Jun 21, 2021 at 12:29 am

ChillBox is one of the top trending personal air coolers in 2021, making its top position among all the available options. According to the official website, ChillBox Portable AC is a small but powerful device that can make your hot summer day pleasant.

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Summer is undoubtedly the best time of year when you can go out, soak the sun and plan your yearly vacation. But if you live in a tropical or temperate area where the sun shines with full-spectrum, making you think twice before planning any outdoor activity. The bad part is that avoiding the sun does not save you, and the summer heat can turn your house, apartment, or office into a burning hot oven.

While the automobile industry has worked on this issue and enriched the new models with highly efficient and small air conditioners, the traditional AC market still lacks handy and cost-effective options.

ChillBox Portable AC
is a top trending air conditioner that is created to bring down the temperature, making the heat manageable for the user. It is a small and cost-effective machine which is perfect for small rooms, offices, cubicles, and apartments. As per information shared on the official ChillBox website, it is a portable device, which means you can carry it anywhere you go. More importantly, customers love it because it does not add a significant amount to the monthly electricity bill, no matter how much you use it. 

As the temperature is increasing every day, there is a huge increase in ChillBox sales, showing people are looking for easy options to make their summer better. It is an all-in-one device working as an air cooler, humidifier, and air purifier. So if you invest in this portable AC, there is no need to spend more money on a humidifier or an air purifier. It is a one-time investment and does not have any monthly or yearly charges. All these things make ChillBox Portable AC an efficient and practical device for everyone. 

Let's start this ChillBox review to learn more about its features, specifications, and pricing details.

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ChillBox Portable AC Review

As mentioned before, this is a small, portable, and affordable AC that serves the purpose to its true meaning. ChillBox offers air cooling, humidification, and purifying at the same time, making it a good investment in health. According to the official website, it only takes 30 seconds to start taking these actions. It means you can switch it on as per instructions and get ready to experience the cool air in less than a minute. This small device is enough to cool a small-sized room, and if you want to experience the cool air directed to you, place it towards your face and indulge yourself in cool air. 


No matter how much the temperature of your surroundings increases, using ChillBox Portable AC is here to save the day. It works independently of the surrounding temperature, humidity, or dryness. The air coming out from this AC does not make your skin dry or irritate the mucosal lining that often initiates respiratory distress. The humification function adds moisture to the air and makes it more breathable for the user. 


Right now, the ChillBox air conditioner is back in stock and available for all the customers. If you are interested in trying it, click on the link mentioned below and reach the sales page. Provide your basic details and book your tiny AC to beat the summer heat.

It is wise to question why to spend your money on ChillBox when plenty of tried and tested air conditioners are available in the market. As much as this statement is true, it is a fact that conventional ac costs hefty money, needs professional installation, services, and maintenance. And even after that, it is not over; the burden keeps on adding in the form of monthly electricity bills that make air conditioners a luxury, whereas they are a basic necessity. 

Read the following reasons why you should spend your money on a portable AC. 

What Makes ChillBox Portable AC Better Than a Conventional AC?

ChillBox is smaller and more practical than regular air conditioners. Its weight and size make it easy to move, even when you are changing the house or traveling to a new place. It may look like an indoor device, but if you are to spend your time outdoors, it works perfectly as an air cooler or cooling fan that would save you from scorching heat. 


It makes the work easy for users by saving them from sweating, humidity, and breathing issues caused by hot weather. Within 30 seconds, they can relax their mind and use their abilities to concentrate on work. 


ChillBox Portable AC comes with five-speed settings that give a full command to the user to regulate the temperature as per his liking. It also has an additional mode called mist-cooling mode that produces misty air best for a time when the weather is exceptionally hot. 


Based on user complaints, it is clear that traditional AC removes the moisture from the air and the cool air coming out from them is extremely dry. That is not a problem when you are using a ChillBox Portable AC as it cools the air without extracting moisture from it. That’s why it is easy on the skin and breath and best for people with allergies. 


ChillBox AC has multiple filters inside that remove dust, allergens, animal hair, and moderate-sized microbes to be a part of the air. This way, it purifies the air, making it more respiration-friendly and refreshing for everyone. 


Click here to read ChillBox Portable AC customer reviews on the official website.


Noteworthy Product Features

  • Three working Modes- Cool mode, Fan mode (3 settings), Sleep mode
  • Battery information- Lithium-ion polymer battery
  • Complete charging time- Between 5 to 6 hours by using the original charger
  • Levels for windthrow- Four levels to select from
  • DC Jack Output- 12V/5A Max
  • Sound/Noise level- 52 dB(A) easy on ears
  • Voltage requirement- 24V DC
  • Water resistance- IPX4

How Does ChillBox Portable AC Work?

Understanding how this small box can make your summertime better is necessary to understand its working. The idea to create ChillBox is very simple; the hot air is extracted by the device from one side, where it is processed, filtered, and added with moisture. And the cool, clean air with moisture in it comes out from the other end.

If you pay close attention, it has a small water tank attached, and this water is used to add moisture to the hot hair. It also has a water curtain inside that makes the air cool, and the multi-filter later extracts all unnecessary allergens and particles, leaving behind clean air. 


Unlike other devices that use one filter, ChillBox Portable AC has a whole system of filter layers that make sure no allergen is left behind. According to the company, this device is best suited for people with breathing difficulties and allergies because it cleans the air for them to breathe. It is like having three devices in the room, an air cooler or cooling fan, a humidifier, and an air purifier.

There are no complicated mechanisms involved, and it is more of an automatic machine. You simply have to fill the water tank and choose the fan and mode for it to start working. It comes as one unit with no spare parts or accessories to attach. The only thing that you will get is a charger that connects it to the power source. Use your ChillBox AC with its original power cable to charge it, and after it is charged, you may even use it without a charging source. 


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ChillBox Air Cooler Functions

ChillBox AC has four functions. Read the following description to know the details about them.

  • Air cooler: ChillBox AC is presented as an air cooler which is true because it helps to lower the temperature of a room, making it bearable. However, it only works well in small rooms and may not be able to cool a large room.
  • Fan: sometimes the weather is bearably hot, but you need something to ease the heat. This time, the purpose is not to cool the room but just to have some fresh air directed towards you. With three different fan modes, ChillBox works best as a fan as well as an air cooler. If you do not wish to have its cooling function, do not add water and use it as a fan. Without spending extra money, you will get to enjoy a portable fan that works best both indoors and outdoors.
  • Humidifier: many people complain that the air coming out of a regular air conditioner is dry, making their skin itchy and triggering sneezing. When the weather becomes dry, this dry air feels even worse, and people start looking for humidifiers to make it moist again. If you use ChillBox Ac, there is no need to buy a humidifier separately, as it is pre-loaded with a humidification function.
  • Air Purifier: cool air does not always mean clean air, and many times, the air coming out of an air cooler has dust, allergens, pathogens, and other irritants inside. The filter layers in ChillBox Portable AC remove all these particles making the air cleaner and healthier to breathe.

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Best About ChillBox Air Cooler

From the details mentioned on the official website, here are a few things that make ChillBox air cooler stand out among all portable air coolers available. Give them reading before making up your mind to buy it. 

  • Simplicity and easy application- the first thing that you may notice about ChillBox Portable AC is that it is a small, lightweight device that is super easy to use. There is no outside help needed to assemble or set up this AC. You can do it by yourself without even reading the instructions manual. Those who have never used a portable AC before can give a few minutes to understand the buttons and everything. All others who are trying it to compare it with other portable AC would automatically know about the controls and settings.
  • Aesthetic design- irrespective of the function, ChillBox has a distinctively attractive design that has an LED light too. The cool air with charming light coming out from it adds to the relaxing environment. You can even switch it on before sleeping, and the light will create the perfect sleeping atmosphere in your room.
  • Air purification- no need to spend your money on an air purifier that costs hundreds of dollars. The ChillBox Portable AC comes with a built-in air purification system that clears all irritants and compounds from the air making it pure and healthy.
  • Easy to move and travel- being a portable device, you can practically carry ChillBox everywhere. It is lightweight, and you can even hold it during trekking or hiking. The small size makes it fit into your bag or car without needing bigger space. Make sure that you remove the water from the tank during traveling, or else it may spill and make your car or bag wet.
  • Easy connectivity- you can charge your portable AC using a USB wire that comes with it. Although you can use any Type C wire, using the original wire is better. It takes a low voltage and can be charged or used inside your car or by attaching it to your laptop, in your office.
  • Noise-free machine- unlike other air conditioners that make a certain noise, ChillBox is noise-free. The innovative technology used cancels the noise making it a perfect part of every house, office, and even a library/ study where you need quietness to work.
  • No maintenance needed- conventional air conditioners do not have a one-time cost, and they continue charging you a huge sum of money every other month in the name of professional services and maintenance. On the other hand, ChillBox AC requires no professional services or maintenance; all you have to do is clean the water tank and not allow the water to sit for too long, or else it may develop mold. Also, you may have to change the water curtain after a few months; that is again a simple task that you can do without professional help.
  • Different fan settings- the company understands individual needs and tries to make sure that every user gets what he wants. It has three different fan settings from which you can choose anyone based on your preferences. Moreover, you can use ChillBox as AC and switch it to the fan mode or revert the setting as many times as you want.

Directions to Use ChillBox Air Cooler

As the name may indicate, ChillBox Portable AC is super easy to set up and use. When you receive ChillBox, take it out from the box and remove the plastic cover and packaging. Next, locate the water tank and fill it with water. Then use the original power cable to connect it to a nearby power inlet and turn it on. Within 30 seconds, you will start enjoying cool air with no installation or fixing needed, as claimed by the manufacturer. If you don’t wish to use the humidifier function, you can choose not to fill the water tank, but it is better for the device’s health if you use its full benefits as per its design. 

Where To Buy ChillBox AC? Official Price and Refund Policy

ChillBox is an exclusive product that is only available at its online store


Here is the Link to Confirm Your ChillBox Portable AC Order


All those interested in ChillBox air cooler can confirm their order through the official website. You may see similar products at local shops and e-commerce websites. But remember that not every portable Ac is ChillBox and is good value for money like it. The company is offering discounted bundle deals for a limited time. If you are interested in buying it, the right time to confirm your order is right now when you can save some dollars on its original price.


Here are the pricing details. 

  • Get One ChillBox Portable AC for $89.00 instead of Its Real Price of $178 (50% Off) Plus $8.99 Shipping Charges.
  • Get Two ChillBox Portable AC for $79.00 each Instead of Its Real Price $356 (55% Off) Plus $8.99 Shipping Charges.
  • Get Three ChillBox Portable AC for $69.00 each Instead of Its Real Price $534 (60% Off) Plus Free Shipping.
  • Get Four ChillBox Portable AC for $59.00 each Instead of Its Real Price $712 (65% Off) Plus Free Shipping.

All orders are protected with a 30-day reimbursement policy. During this time, the company will refund all unhappy and unsatisfied customers after getting their product returned. Write your concern and email it to the company at [email protected]. A representative from the company will get back to you within 24 hours and help you. 

The customers may also choose to buy a lifetime guarantee with ChillBox AC by paying $19.9 extra on their order value. These extra charges will give you a lifetime option to get a refund. Here is the address to return the ac to the company. 


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105 Serra Way #264 Milpitas, CA 95035


A Quick Summary of ChillBox Air Cooler 

ChillBox air conditioner has turned out to be an affordable and effective device. If you do not like reading long reviews, simply go through the following list of its pros and cons and make a decision.

Pros of Buying ChillBox Air Cooler

  • ChillBox has a multi-layer functional system that combines fan, air cooler, humidifier, and air purifier as one unit. You do not have to spend your money on four products when you have an option to buy ChillBox AC.
  • It has a compact design that fits into every interior, lightweight, and easy to carry. It is more practical than buying a huge and heavy air conditioning unit that is fixed on a wall and is impossible to move without removing it.
  • It is free from noise and clears the dust from the air. These properties make it perfect for people with various sensitivities and allergies. Besides, you can continue working on your files or assignments without expecting it to make noise that affects your concentration.
  • It has a water tank with a capacity of nearly 380 ml. People are fearful of using water-based cooling machines because they get moldy and are harder to clean. However, ChillBox has its water tank on the right side, making it easy to clean, fill, and empty.
  • Portable air coolers sound like a complicated device because the conventional AC and their settings are indeed complicated. In the case of ChillBox, there is no technical knowledge needed, and even a person with no experience in handling AC can use it.

Cons of Buying ChillBox Air Cooler

  • It does not work like a conventional air conditioner, and comparing the two is an impractical analysis. It is only suitable for one person usage, and for two or more people, it may not be as effective.
  • It has a limited range and only works best if you place it right next to you. Therefore it is not suitable for a huge family or house.
  • The only way to buy it is through the official website, and there is no way you can get this device from local stores or other online sources, i.e., Amazon, eBay, etc.

ChillBox Reviews Final Verdict - Is It Worth Buying?

ChillBox Portable AC is a smart device that uses the hot air from the surroundings and turns it into moist, clean, and cool air. It comes in handy, with a simple configuration, easy to set up, and plug and play mode. Simply connect it to a power source and switch it on to enjoy cool air right away. 


Unlike other portable AC, ChillBox one has a rechargeable battery that allows you to use it even without a power source around. It is a one-time investment, and there is no installation or maintenance cost. It uses less electricity; therefore, you would not see any drastic increase in your monthly bill.

Originally, ChillBox was priced at nearly $200 per device, but due to the high demand, the company is running a discount offer, where you can get it by paying 50% off the original price. For more details on pricing, deals, and deliveries, head to the official website today. 


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